Flying Fish Food Service

A parent landing with its catch at its nesting area with a highly animated hungry sibling and the other parent squawking its homecoming excitement. These Terns nest on the roof of an abandoned warehouse near the Port of Everett harbor.

Another Cute Baby Carolina Wren.

I saw this cute baby Carolina Wren on top of a pile of more baby Carolina Wrens (his brothers and sisters). By the time I got my camera they were everywhere! He flew next to me and I took some cute pics of him.

I am home!

These majestic Bald Eagles build a nest in an urban environment – next to Curtner Elementary School in Milpitas, California. What a treat for locals following their nesting cycle!

Cute Baby Carolina Wren.

I saw this cute baby Carolina Wren playing hide and seek with his six other brothers and sisters, but he never knew where to hide!

Cute baby mallard explores lake wallenpaupack.

When I went out on lake wallenpaupack for a while, I met 4 female mallards and one had five little ones with her so I took lots of pics of the cuties!

cutest baby

This family of Eastern Bluebirds nested in my terra cotta birdhouse this spring. I never expected bluebirds to choose it and I am thrilled they did! They were a mated pair and another female that I assume is from a clutch from last year. They all three took turns feeding and watching over the nestlings until they fledged a week later.

Eastern Bluebirds waking up From Roosting

I never saw in my life all of the baby bluebirds together. This is the first clutch. Also all 5 are there too. Normally after fledging one disappears.

Eat first! Groom later.

Juvenile Great Blue Heron out fishing on his own.

Mom is Here

Mom comes to bring food to her hungry babies.

Hungry Mouths

Four hungry baby American Robins call out for one of their parents to feed them.

Four Young Finches

These are the same four finches that were begging for food in my other picture. When I checked on them on this day, they were all huddled closely together and all looking at me as I whistled and welcomed them into the world.

House Finch Nest

This little family built a nest right inside one of my ferns on our porch!

Mockingbird Nest

Mockingbird Babies

“Singing” Mockingbird Babies

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology