Big Birds Big Nest

I’m fortunate to have an active Bald Eagle nest near our property. It has been in constant use since 2010, and this year we were blessed to have three eaglets hatch and fledge. The adult eagles are quite used to my presence, and I have a very large/long lens that I used for this photo, so I wasn’t as close as it appears from the image. I also never spend more than a few minutes in any location, so the birds do not get disturbed in any way. In fact, they often seem interested in what I’m doing!

We’re hungry!

A pair of young eagles (who haven’t yet learned to fly), wait for mom or dad to return with a nice, tasty fish.

Hello world!

A mother eagle looks on while one of her new babies peeks over the edge of the nest and into a new, larger world.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology