Snoozing Blue Babies

Nearly naked Western Bluebird chicks. The first two were hatched July 5, with another in progress. Note the uppermost chick in the photo, with its chin resting on an unhatched blue egg.

cute chicks

American Robin built its nest in the rose trellis. I used to climb up the ladder almost every day fro m day one to the day they flew away.

Feeeding the babies

Season after Season violet green swallows build their nest in this vent 30 feet above the ground level. I do not get to see the nest or the eggs. However, I get to see the fledglings a couple of weeks before they take of.I see their little heads peeping out of the vent. I hear them chirp, see their hungry mouths wide open. the parents check on them frequently and feed them, This is one such ocassion

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology