Papa Red-Bellied Woodpecker feeding his chick!

cutest baby

This family of Eastern Bluebirds nested in my terra cotta birdhouse this spring. I never expected bluebirds to choose it and I am thrilled they did! They were a mated pair and another female that I assume is from a clutch from last year. They all three took turns feeding and watching over the nestlings until they fledged a week later.

Blue Jay Fledgling and Parent

We have had many blue jay youngsters in our yard this year. I kept hearing the fledglings begging for food from the parents, yet had been unable to get a shot of this until this pair landed on our squirrel feeder platform.

Supper Time!

Got this photo this spring. The baby loon is just a few weeks old.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology