A Deer Fawn being Delivered to the Nest

A parent bald eagle delivers a fawn to its nest where there are 3 juvenile eagles. This nest is located along the Yakima River Canyon Road …. a spectacular drive south of Ellensburg. I have followed it for several years … and this was the third consecutive year that the pair had nested there. Over the years watching and photographing the adults bring food to the nest, with exception of this delivery, all were fish.

Parent Feeding its

Caspian Terns nest on the top of an abandoned 4 story old building near the Everett Harbor. This parent caught a fish and then landed where this fledging was sitting in shallow water to transfer the fish to its sibling.

House Wren

My turn, my turn!

Papa Pileated is feeding his female nestling while her brother squawks impatiently for his turn.
This Pileated Woodpecker nest was in one of many dead trees in the middle of a beaver pond. I took the photo from my pack boat.

Mommy’s Here

While my mom was sitting outside, she realized that there was a female hummingbird building a nest in our backyard, up in a tree. The hummingbird started sitting in the nest and eventually, the eggs hatched. The baby hummingbirds continued to grow and the mother came to feed them. One day, while my mom and I were watching the hummingbirds, the mother came to feed them. At that moment, I realized that it was the perfect moment to get a photo of the mother feeding her babies. So I grabbed the camera and took a picture while the mother was still feeding and it turned out better then I thought it would!
Elly Drazic
12 years old

Cedar Waxwing Food Lesson

When the serviceberries get ripe Cedar Waxwing, along with a host of other birds, come to dine. I have noted adult Cedar Waxwings feeding their young serviceberries on a number of occasions. I conjecture that they may be teaching these newly fledged birds what berries are edible, as I don’t witness this behavior later in the summer.

Dutiful Dad

Every year, the House Finches are the first birds to fledge in our yard. In the space of a day, the yard and trees are filled with the strident sounds of begging fledglings. Interestingly, I usually only see the males feeding the nestlings – I wonder if the female is still tending nestlings?

All Day Long

Eat first! Groom later.

Juvenile Great Blue Heron out fishing on his own.

Feeding Time!

American Robin with a mouthful of worms ready to feed the little ones.

Lizard for Lunch

Up Up and Away

Here swallow babies sit and wait as their mother is out gathering food. When she arrives they are very impatient to be fed. Both struggle to get to mother first. As the little one feeds, it’s older sibling flies over with mouth open to get fed

I’m Hungry Mom

Here a nest was constructed on the fence of our next door neighbors. I could see her fly in and out feeding her young. One day I was able to get my camera at the perfect time to set up and start snapping shots. She brought in several insects to feed her young. It was a very special moment for this bird watcher.

Finch Babies Asking for Food

Baby Finches beg for food from their nest, located on our front door. We monitored the actions and safety of our guests from start to finish. We are still greeted by them every day in our bird bath and feeders in our backyard.

Female Grouse

This female grouse was being guarded by her mate so she could hunt and eat.

Feeeding the babies

Season after Season violet green swallows build their nest in this vent 30 feet above the ground level. I do not get to see the nest or the eggs. However, I get to see the fledglings a couple of weeks before they take of.I see their little heads peeping out of the vent. I hear them chirp, see their hungry mouths wide open. the parents check on them frequently and feed them, This is one such ocassion

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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