Parent Feeding its

Caspian Terns nest on the top of an abandoned 4 story old building near the Everett Harbor. This parent caught a fish and then landed where this fledging was sitting in shallow water to transfer the fish to its sibling.

Another Cute Baby Carolina Wren.

I saw this cute baby Carolina Wren on top of a pile of more baby Carolina Wrens (his brothers and sisters). By the time I got my camera they were everywhere! He flew next to me and I took some cute pics of him.

Cute Baby Carolina Wren.

I saw this cute baby Carolina Wren playing hide and seek with his six other brothers and sisters, but he never knew where to hide!

Sunbathing Lesson

This adult Black-capped Chickadee was either sunbathing or anting on this old snag. The young Black-capped Chickadee seemed to be observing this behavior. After the adult finished, the young bird assumed the same position on the snag, and replicated the adult’s behavior for a period of at least five minutes.

It’s a Big World Out There

A young Great Crested Flycatcher gets a first look at the big world outside the nesting box.

Fledging makes me hungry!

Feeding time on fledging day.

Grumpy Baby Blue

The Little Runt

Several Carolina Chickadees fledged the nest and all but this one flew away. This little guy reminded me of the little train that could. He tried and tried and tried to learn to fly. It wasn’t until the next morning that he was able to lift his body off the ground a few inches. By afternoon (when this photo was taken) he was able to leap up about ten inches to the top of a flagstone. He wasn’t able to leave my backyard until the third day when he took to the skies right behind his parent!

Eye-rolling Mama

This baby House Finch followed her Mama relentlessly for several days. The parents had about five chicks but this one would not learn to fins her own food and constantly demanded to be fed. I think the Mama gor fed up and just rolled her eyes. The whole scene was comical and I’m happy I was there to document it.

Handsome Little Fellow

We are lucky enough to have several species of woodpeckers in our area. This year, I spotted a young red-bellied and captured this photo. Such a fine looking bird!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology