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January 2015 News

2014 Year-End Recap

Happy New Year, NestWatchers! Now that 2014 is under our belts, it’s time to look back and celebrate all that we accomplished last year. In total, 16,981 nest attempts were monitored by 1,524 NestWatchers! Data were also received from Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia last year.

A total of 163 species were monitored, which collectively laid 55,172 eggs. Of those that hatched, NestWatchers counted 37,681 fledglings last year. Eastern Bluebird continues to lead the top 20 list, but this year, there was a surprise as Herring Gull crept into the top 20 for the first time ever (thanks to some ambitious Cornell students at Shoals Marine Lab).

There were also 11 new species monitored for the first time last year, including some birds from Down Under you may not recognize. Below are the newest additions to the database.

New Species2014

We thank everyone who participated in 2014 for your diligence, time, and contributions to science. We couldn’t do what we do without your help!

How to Install a Nest Box Camera

Whether you are a long-time citizen scientist or brand new to birds, nest cams can enhance your enjoyment of bird watching. With nest box cameras, you can witness interesting behaviors that cannot be seen outside of the nest box, while learning about the cycle of life unfolding in your backyard.

But for many, the thought of installing a nest cam can seem daunting. That’s why we put together a helpful slideshow to get you started. Check out some of our insights before you get started on your project, for the best chance of success.

Fun, friendly illustrations by Bartels Science Illustration Intern Anna Rettberg will walk you through the considerations involved when Installing a Nest Box Camera.

New NestWatch Lesson Plans

Students Discover, a project of, has launched an ambitious initiative to recruit 10,000 teachers worldwide to participate in a five-year citizen-science initiative. Students Discover is bringing teachers and their students together to do original scientific research and make their own discoveries. But they need your help.

If you are a teacher, check out their new NestWatch course packet. The free digital packet contains three science lessons about nesting birds, all aligned to Next Generation Science Standards. The lessons encourage authentic discovery through citizen-science participation in NestWatch.

Share this link with any teachers you know and, together, let’s introduce more kids to NestWatch. These resources are designed to help you and your students learn about nesting birds, so no prior knowledge or experience is necessary. Get your free course packet now.

Never Too Late to Participate

Didn’t enter your data for 2014 yet? No worries, you can enter data any time for any year. But don’t wait too long—we’ll start analyzing nesting success data very soon. Head over to and finish submitting now!

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