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July 2020 News

A Look Back Into The Archives

This month’s blog post is brought to you by Cornell student Jewel Alston, an Environmental and Sustainability Communication fellow with our Nest Quest Go! project. Jewel is working to uncover the human history of the North American Nest-Record Card collection’s most prolific contributors. Check out the story of Daniel Smiley, a curious student of nature, and stay tuned for future stories from the archives.

Free Webinar on Nest Quest Go!

Nest Quest Go! is a NestWatch-affiliated program dedicated to digitizing and transcribing more than 300,000 nest record cards that span four decades of data. These records will one day be merged into our NestWatch database. Join us for a free webinar, Uncovering Historical Nesting Bird Data, on July 30 at 12:00 p.m. EDT as the Cornell Lab’s visitor center team conducts a live interview with project leader Becca Rodomsky-Bish and three Cornell students—Sophia Matthews, Jewel Alston, and Nick Thomas. Register here and/or join the Facebook event, and learn how Nest Quest Go! engages thousands of volunteers to transcribe these cards. You’ll hear about historical nest finding, and you’ll get to know more about the people behind the observations.

Raptor Data Upload

This month we are pleased to upload 626 raptor nest records courtesy of the Irvine Ranch Conservancy in Irvine, California. We thank Nathan Gregory and Yi-Chin Fang for coordinating the transfer and donating the data to NestWatch! We also thank the volunteers who collected these data on behalf of Irvine Ranch Conservancy; without you, this ongoing data set would not be possible. The data set includes 14 diverse species ranging from Barn Owls to Golden Eagles to White-tailed Kites, and range from the years 2011–2019.

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