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January 2022 News

Longtime Contributors, New Chapter

This month we welcomed the Sacajawea Audubon Society (Bozeman, MT) as our newest NestWatch Chapter. Coordinated by Lou Ann Harris, this nest box monitoring effort is not new to NestWatch; in fact, it has been gathering data since the 1960s. This monumental nest box trail has a rich history which has been previously reported on by our sister project, Nest Quest Go! Read on to learn more about their sizeable contributions to Montana’s cavity-nesting bird community.

Last Call for January Photo Roundup

Got a photo of birds during the breeding season, or maybe of nests and eggs? Submit to our participant photos gallery and we’ll send one of our Eggs of North America posters to 10 random people that submit before January 31, 2022. You can submit more than one photo, but additional photos do not increase your chances of getting a poster. All photos have a chance to be featured in the upcoming NestWatch Digest!

Free Webinar: The Science of Seduction

Think you know everything about the birds and the bees? Think again! Join NestWatch staff and other researchers in a webinar to hear the latest buzz on “The Science of Seduction: How Songs, Dances, and Displays Help Animals Win Their Mates.” Learn how smart is the new sexy (at least for chickadees), listen to sounds that make crickets swoon, and see how fairywrens use flowers to romance new partners. You’ll discover the diverse array of animal courtship strategies—all of which will be infused with natural history and first-hand accounts from the field. 

Register here.
Date: Wednesday, Feb 9, 7-8 pm ET

Exceedingly Rare Finds

This month we were surprised when two NestWatchers reported Eastern Bluebird nests with four eggs each already. January nests make up less than 0.02% of all Eastern Bluebird nests in our database. Read more about these exceptionally early nests, and find out why some birds get started well before their peers on this month’s blog post.

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