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February 2022 News

Free Online Course For Farmers

Registration has opened for a free, online short course hosted by Wild Farm Alliance designed to help farmers and agricultural professionals support more beneficial birds on farms. Participants can take part in a single class or register for all 10. NestWatch staff are supporting this effort by co-hosting a class on farm-friendly nest boxes. There will be an emphasis on western farming systems, but all are welcome. See the course outline and register here. Classes start March 14.

Other Winged Friends

NestWatcher Jorge Buening got a surprise this month when a nest box was opened to reveal six bats resting inside! The lands surrounding the Welaka National Fish Hatchery (Florida) support diverse wildlife species, so much so that the bats were not all the same species. One is a Mexican free-tailed bat, and the other five are a species of myotis. Jorge’s observation is a good reminder that all kinds of animals take refuge in nest boxes (and other kinds of birds’ nests), so you never know what you might find!

Share This Short Video

Excited for the upcoming NestWatch season? Share your excitement by watching and sharing our new, short video that highlights the basics of participation in NestWatch. We invite you to share the video far and wide to spread the word and encourage your friends and family to participate. Thank you for your support!

From Pest To Guest

When Pygmy Nuthatches were creating a nuisance in a Colorado community, one woman stepped in to advocate for a peaceful solution. That act of peace eventually changed the arc of her life—taking her from occasional birder to self-taught citizen scientist and community activist. Read more about how NestWatcher Gina Gerken transformed the tiny “pests” into welcomed guests in this month’s blog post.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology