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March 2022 News

Watch Out for Spring Wreath Nests

Spring has arrived, and for many people it’s the time of year to put out a spring wreath on the front door. But be warned, wreaths can be an attractant for birds looking to build a nest. If you don’t want a bird’s nest clinging to your front door, consider placing your wreath off to the side where it won’t be in motion every time the door opens. As much as we love to have a bird’s-eye-view of nests, it’s easier for everyone if your daily movements aren’t a concern.

Amazing Arkansas Effort

This month we were happy to upload 706 nest records from the Bella Vista Bluebird Society (Arkansas), courtesy of Laura Claggett. The dataset from 2021 contained nest records for seven species: Eastern Bluebirds, Tree Swallows, House Wrens, Carolina Wrens, Carolina Chickadees, House Sparrows, and Tufted Titmice. Thank you to the Bella Vista Bluebird Society and all the volunteers who collected data!

Do you have a large dataset that you’d like to upload to the NestWatch database? Contact us to learn more about our bulk upload process.

Nest Box Plan Upgrade

We’ve recently updated the nest box plan for five species that can use the same size box. This new design is courtesy of Art Gingert, who primarily works with American Kestrels. However, his plan is suitable for birds with a comparable body size: American Kestrels, Boreal Owls, Eastern and Western Screech-Owls, and Northern Saw-whet Owls. Be sure to check out each species’ page on the Right Bird, Right House tool to learn about the nesting preferences for each species as well as tips for box placement. Download the plan today!

Our Annual Report is Here

The yearly NestWatch Digest is now available! Our annual report is a review of the 2021 nesting data and includes research highlights, data summaries, and some of our favorite participant photos. We hope you enjoy reviewing our findings from the previous nesting season; you can download the report here.

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