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August 2022 News

Extending Warm Welcomes

This month we welcome our newest NestWatch Chapter, Tucson Audubon Society. Led by Olya Weekley, their goal is to encourage responsible nest monitoring and citizen science data collection through an ongoing nest box program. Tucson Audubon Society has also tested and refined an innovative nest box plan for Lucy’s Warbler, which you can download here. Welcome Olya and team!

More Historical Data Uploaded

Our effort to digitize the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s historical collection of nest record cards continues. This month we have uploaded data for three additional species: Purple Martin, Northern Cardinal, and Pyrrhuloxia. Together these collections add 4,461 nest records to the NestWatch database spanning the years 1917–2009.

There are many species remaining to be digitized through our Nest Quest Go! project. Want to help out? Visit our project page here, and join in!

A Different Kind of Back-to-School Story

In 2012, Chrisula Stone began her journey as a nest box monitor while volunteering with Kenton County Parks and Recreation (Kentucky). Little did she know that it would soon spark her curiosity and desire to dig deeper. We’re inspired by her decision to enroll in college at 38 as a working mom and pursue her passion of studying cavity-nesting birds. Chrisula recently presented her first scientific poster at the Wilson Ornithological Society’s annual conference, and she has also written a blog post about her experiences. All the while, she continues to coordinate her local NestWatch Chapter. Don’t miss this impressive story!

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