Waiting to be Fed

Fledglings waiting at the library feeding.

Barn Swallows have left the building!

Barn Swallows

Barn Swallows ready to fledge

Barn Swallows

Barn Swallows Fledged

Barn Swallows fledged the nest. There were 5 of them.

Barn swallows

Barn Swallows

Barn Swallows

This is a barn swallow nest with four chicks.

Big Barn Swallow hatchlings

All wide open for mama

These fledglings hung around our ‘perching rods’ for a couple days giving us a good view of ‘feeding times’.

Barn Swallow nest

Barn swallows at sunset!

Sorry for the 1-star pics ūüôĀ

Returning tenants

Nest on top of light fixture. Had to rebuild this year because the old house fell down over the winter.

Packed in

BS 4 or more chicks packed in a nest

Barn Swallows man the fire Alarm !

photo of new barn swallow nest in apt building summer 2018

Barn swallow nest

Barn swallows are everywhere in my town, on my land I have about 10 nest sites. (Turn phone to see nest better)

4 in a Nest

Young in Nest

update of nesting attempt Barn Swallow in Lakewood CO MPMGRP1 in Nestwatch.org 2017

4 More To Go!

Barn Swallows – Parent feeding babies

Nest is under back porch area out in the country.

Barn Swallow Chicks (x5!)

Six baby barn swallows!

This is the third year this pair has used the same nest. The first year they had one brood and last year they had two. Their babies from previous years come visit frequently and we love watching the family all lined up on our gutter above our front porch.

Feeding time

Barn Swallows – 20 days old

Baby barn swallows

We were surprised and delighted to discover several nests under the roof, with about 8 adults swooping near the place!

Barn Swallows ready to fledge

At National Park Cottonwood Campground ranger station in July 2003.

Nest Before and After


Male barn swallow swoops into the frame to feed his young

Barn Swallows 6/2016

Big open field nearby where about a dozen Barn Swallows fly every evening. Last week noticed they were checking out front porch. Did not take long to construct a mud nest up in a protected corner.


Barn Swallow Chicks ready to fledge.

Barn Swallow hatchling, just a few hours old.

Make Room for Me!

These Barn Swallows were resting between bouts of gathering nesting material.

Barn Swallow Nest Building

This pair of Barn Swallows have returned for the 2nd year to our back porch. They have been marking their territory for a week and have just started to build for the past 2 days.

Barn Swallow at the park

Barn Swallows

Barn swallows in my horse barn. Have had barns in 3 different cities in my lifetime. This is a first for me to have these wonderful creatures in a barn. Talk to them everyday. Will certainly miss them as they are beginning to practice “touch and goes” in the last couple of days.

Three Baby Barn Swallows

Three baby Barn Swallows waiting for mama to bring their lunch.

Barn Swallow Eggs and Nest

This nest is a continuing nest for at least three years. Additional years of nest building can be seen. Sitting on barn’s support beams, this nest is about 15 feet above ground.

bird nest #1

There has been a bird in the nest for about a week.

Barn Swallows nest at Charlies’ Pasture Pavilion.

Nikon D70 80-400 Nice Day.

Barn Swallow Project Nest# BASW-5

Barn Swallow Project Nest# BASW-5 was located on the second floor a two-story house.

Barn Swallow Project Nest# BASW-4

Barn Swallow Project Nest# BASW-4 was located in a large pole barn

Barn Swallow Project Nest# BASW-3

Barn Swallow Project Nest# BASW-3 was located in a large pole barn

Barn Swallow Project Nest# BASW-2

Barn Swallow Project Nest# BASW-2 was located on the first floor porch of a house.

Barn Swallow Project Nest# BASW-1

Barn Swallow Project Nest# BASW-1 was located in a large pole barn.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology