Immature bald eagle.

Feeder birds.

feeder birds.

House sparrow.

Common loon/osprey.

We saw an bald eagle swoop down and get a fish,eat it on a branch.

We saw a osprey but we did not get a picture of it.

Rufous Hummingbird is back!

Rufous is back!
See more pictures of Rufous on eBird:

Hummingbirds/I think it is a rock pigeon.

2 female hummingbirds attack!!My feeder not yours!!

Hummingbird back.

visitors again!

these cute titmice come in this tree every morning.


The baby is on the left and the adult on the right.while we were driving by the great lakes,in michigan.

Titmice/woodpecker nest that survived the first brood:the 2nd brood:chicks got eaten by a snake):sad.

eastern phoebe and mr.cardinal.

House Finches

House Finches!!

ID please!!

ID please!!

American Goldfinches

Most likely a breeding pair of American Goldfinches, as they are late breeders ~ July, August, September.

Fledged titmice

Baby Great-Tailed Grackle

Mother Grackle feeding baby grackle, Sorry for the bad photo! Here is another time we saw Great-tailed Grackles and took pictures ~

In bush.eastern towhee.


Lots of dove pictures I found.

Canada Geese

Goosey and Geesey the Canada Geese enjoying the lake. Goosey is the gander and Geesey is the goose.

Blue Jays!

Blue Jays!!!

Blue Jay

Blue Jay in grass


cardinal nest & bird.


Drying off

Cardinal Visits Feeder!!!

After months of waiting for the cardinals, there finally here! There are at least 5.


They are at a blueberry farm.

on watch!

there is a scarlet tanager out there in this tree in may.

Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks, Roseate Spoonbills and a Great Blue Heron

The Black-Bellied Whistling Duck was also seen with a female Black-Bellied Whistling Duck watching Spoonbills the day after.

Mama Jana H and her 30+ babies (Wood-ducks)

Out for a waddle.

A male and female Mottled duck wadding off. 🦆

Unknown Species, Any help ID’ing Appreciated

While out for birding along the Matchedash Wetland Trail in Matchedash Bay, Ontario (Nearby Coldwater, Ontario) this morning I accidentally flushed a mature bird off of a nest that was located in a derelict Milk truck from the 60’s or 70’s (If my guess is right) unfortunately I was unable to get a clear look at the matter individual before it flew off out of a broken window. I
I took a quick cell phone pic of the nest to see if there was any eggs or young in it; The photo revealed 2 Eggs and 2 Hatchlings.
My research so far has turned up the possibility that the egg on the left is that of a Black-Capped Chickadee, But I am unsure. (My knowledge on nesting/identifying eggs is weak).
I am also unsure about the egg on the right, and the hatchlings.
any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance,

Lovely Island!

Male and female Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks on Island

Papa Bluebird on Guard

The male of my Bluebird pair is very protective of his nest box.

Lonely Spotted Towhee

Mate died and now he’s lonely.. Singing many different calls, heartbreaking to listen to him.

Pair of House Finches

This pair of house finches vist the feeder almost daily together. Think this is the pair eyeing my Christmas wreath as a potential nesting spot.

Visitors having breakfast today

Northern Flicker and Cardinal visitors

This Loggerhead Shrike Was Gathering Nesting Material!

Loggerhead Shrikes

This Loggerhead Shrike presented a Brown Anole to its mate!

Mourning Dove Ritual

I just spotted this pair of Mourning Doves in my Maple tree bobbing their heads up and down at each other.
I read this is a ritual they do prior to mating Ah ~ spring is in the air!

Male House Finch

This male House Finch has been visiting my Christmas wreath with a female. I expect to see the beginnings of a nest soon.

Cozy home

House finch checking out wreath for nest. The finch nested in my wreath last year and had four or five broods.
Wreath is on a window tucked under our small covered front porch. When they arrive we use the back entrance!

Red Junglefowl Chicks

Cute chicks

Nest photos 2021

Bow Chicka Wow Wow

Mating Mississippi Kites. A rare visitor to the northeast.

Indigo Bunting

Indigo bunting during breeding season

Purple Sunbird

Purple Sunbird during mating ritual

Fledgling Bluebird

This little bluebird fledgling just left the nest and is looking around, taking it all in, and looking for mom and dad!

Mamma bluebird feeding her fledgling

Breeding Birds

Costa’s hummingbird nest

Costa’s hummingbird nest in a dead chaparral yucca stalk

First attempt

Installed January 12/2022


Black backed gull

The seagull is doing a call called The long call which they use in there complex social Hierarchy to keep the colony under control and try to keep fights to a minimum.

Red Tailed Hawks!

Blake and Emma are the Red Tailed Hawks that live next to our house. They have a nest in a pine tree, where this past year they successfully raised 3 chicks, Olive, Jessie, and Whiz. I can’t wait to see what the next season will bring!

Beautiful Blue 💙

Happy House Wren

Juvenile Bluebird Perched on the Deck Post

Waiting patiently as their brothers and sisters hog the mealworm dish.

Robins nest outside our stairwell at school, Odenton Elem., Odenton, Maryland

A robin built her nest on top of a light fixture outside a stairwell at our school in 2018. This location gave our students a first-hand view of the babies from eggs to fledglings.

Juvenile red-shouldered hawk and sibling calling, July 3, 2021

This is one of three juvenile red-shouldered hawks from a nest in our yard this summer. Video was taken through a monocular attached to an iPhone SE.


Two great horned owlets give me the eye, but one wanted a different perspective!

Yellow Warbler feeding baby

American Robin feeding baby

Red-winged Blackbird feeding fledgling

Red-winged Blackbird feeding fledgling at Huffman Prairie Flying Field 7/25/21

Yellow-crowned Night Heron on nest.

My Turn

These two Brown-crested Flycatcher were using a nestbox (19) at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center, San Antonio, TX. The nestboxes were part of my son’s Hornaday Project for Boy Scouts.

House hunting

Backyard Beauties!

This year I have seen more Eastern Bluebirds in my backyard. I counted a number of four one day. These birds are such a delight to see. Their blue feathers are so beautiful, makes you want to get a glimpse or try not miss an opportunity to capture a shot of. I was thrilled after I put a nest box up they started becoming regulars. Though they never used the new box, they however nested in my martin apartment I have up, which was different but a wonderful experience none the less.

A Bird

Seagulls Black headed gulls




Natures Wonders


American Goldfinch

This is a breeding American Goldfinch. Of course it turned it’s head just as I took the shot, so I don’t know if it’s a male or female. My husband saw three goldfinches together ~ two pale ones and a bright one. I am excited to have them in my yard as they winter here in Vermont.

Indigo Bunting Singing

A male Indigo Bunting with a beautiful song

Bluebird Fledgling Feeding Nestlings

Fledgling Eastern Bluebird is bringing a mealworm to the nest box to feed the nestlings while the adult male is also feeding the nestlings.

New Birdhouse Quickly Moved-Into

Around mid-July I put out three gourd birdhouses on our deck. A few weeks later (a few WEEKS!!!), a pair of Carolina Wrens moved into the top gourd. I was so surprised and excited that birds moved in so quickly!!!

First flight out of the birdbox

Babies first flight! Fledging from the box.

Tree Swallow drama

Tree Swallows make for great entertainment. They are stubborn, boisterous, and fiercely protective of their brood.

Cattle egret chicks on nest

cattle egret chicks on nest in a colony in a single tree

Baby Chipping Sparrows!

Golden Beauty

House Hunting Bluebirds!

Checking For Eastern Phoebe eggs!

Tree Swallow Portrait

Does anyone have any requests for bird pictures? FYI I live in New York.

Bright little Goldfinch

Mating Canada Geese

Happy Cardinal

Bluebird with Attitude

Hours old goshlings

5 Goslings hatched between sunset 02 May 21 and early morning 03 May. Female on nest for 32 days. Pond located in cow pasture at 1277 Hopewell Road, Guntersville, Alabama.

Male Kingfisher.

This little guy was so proud! He had finally found a mate, and was letting the world know.

Great Blue Heron

American Robin Nest Update

Excitement on my Windowsill—Ansel attacking his reflection, a male Northern Cardinal eating, and a Carolina Wren entering my nest box for the first time!

Ansel flew to my window AGAIN and attacked his reflection. FOR 30 MINUTES. AND HE’S STILL HERE!!!
He won’t stop even through I drew highlighter on the outside of my window to break up his reflection. This time I’m even more sure it’s territorial aggression because another Tufted Titmouse flew up and he didn’t attack it. I’m guessing she’s Ansel’s mate. While I was videoing, a male Northern Cardinal came to eat and a Carolina Wren entered my nest box! This is the first time a bird has entered that nest box.
Ansel still will not leave though. What will make him stop attacking his reflection in my window sill!?

First Bird I’ve Seen in my Nest Box!!!

4/8/2021, 11:30 AM — A Carolina Wren entered my window nest box!!!
I put it out in March, and birds are finally stating to check it out!!!
Today is the first time I’ve seen one enter it, but a Carolina Chickadee and Tufted Titmouse have inspected it before.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology