Big Tiwg

Bit twig ~ small birdie….very industious!

House Wren

House Wren singing. Building nest in the nestbox. 5-16-24


Eastern Bluebird Mama Laid an egg!

Sorry, The First Post was Incorrect. This Female Eastern Bluebird Laid an Egg!

Female Eastern Bluebird laid an egg!!!

Nest Update 02: Female Eastern Bluebird laid an egg!!!


Are these non or invasive house sparrows?

Eastern Bluebird Eggs

The bluebird pair has 5 eggs. The last egg was laid 4/26/24.

Eastern Bluebird Nest

This Female Eastern Bluebird brought in some plastic for her nest.

Baby bluebirds!

Baby bluebirds! 4/27/2024

Tree Swallow

Nesting box placed at the edge of the pond on our property. Box was built with a video camera in the top with the ability to have a live and recorded feed. The male swallow spent a few days popping in and out of the box until 3 days ago when he placed a single piece of grass in it, has grown to this since.

NestCam – Black Capped Chickadees

Nest building in progress.

Nestbox Cam – Black Capped Chickadees

Black Capped Chickadees building nest.

Nestbox Cam – Black Capped Chickadees

Black Capped Chickadees nest building.

Eastern Bluebird Eggs (2)

First egg was likely 4/18/24.

Chickadee vs Cowbird

A cowbird egg appeared in my slot top box that has 4 chickadee eggs in it. I would love to put a camera in there to follow what happens. I will try to modify the roof to allow me to drop in a Blink camera.

Bluebird nest.

Chickadee Destroys Bluebird Eggs

Noticed yesterday on the cam that 3/4 of the bluebird eggs had holes poked in them. Bluebird female returned to sit on eggs overnight. Male bluebird removed the damaged eggs this morning, then later today captured video of a chickadee destroying the final egg.
Year over year this has been a productive bluebird box. This is a fist time I’ve observed this behavior.

Nesting Carolina Chickadees

This super fluffy Carolina Chickadee is sitting on her six eggs!

Kestrel Nest Box in Prime Desert WoodlandLancaster

Picture of Female Kestrel in box opening

Mr. Starling checking out the nest box

Pepper And Maple

Mr. Starling Looking at The Nestbox

This starling and his mate have been looking at the nestbox for a while. Maybe they will have a nest in there this year.

Chickadee Looking at The Nestbox

This chickadee pair has been looking at the nestbox since last year. Maybe they will nest in it this year.

Eastern Bluebird Male on guard

House sparrows were attempting to takeover the nest this day. This male bluebird was not having it.

Checking out the nestbox

Nesting birds(July)

Nesting birds(March)

Squirrel or Chipmunk “nest” in birdhouse

Baby Bluebirds Sleeping

Baby bluebirds sleeping but waiting for the next food delivery.

Inside Birdhouse (Unknown Species Nest)

Bluebird babies.

I am posting them today because I thought I wouldn’t have time.

Juvenile Downy Woodpecker at the nestbox

When we put up this nestbox last winter, we thought that either a House Sparrow or starling would take it. (which would be nice, first come first serve) Since we put it up several birds have considered it, chickadees, starlings, and now a woodpecker. He would bang on the birdhouse, widen the opening, then go and collect wood chips from the fence, then he would return and put them in the birdhouse. I read that some birds have their oldest brood to help make the nest and take care of the new babies. This is the second time that a Downy has been in our backyard and now we might have a nest! We aren’t going to go near the box until they (hopefully) have a nest since birds can abandon their unfinished nests but are very unlikely to abandon eggs or young.

Baby barred owls in my backyard

I built a barred owl house based on the NestWatch specs and put it in my backyard. First watched a raccoon size up the box. Then a few rounds of squirrels. Pretty exciting to then see barred owls investigate the box periodically in early morning hours. Then one day I saw “Beatrice” the barred owl looking out of the nest in the middle of day. She stayed continuously in the nest for over a months with regular food deliveries from “Barry”. Soon after that we noticed Beatrice leave the nest for brief moments maybe for a bit of reprieve or to help with hunting for the growing babies. I happened to be there to take video of the first fledge and of that fledgling climbing a nearby tree to safety. Once they both fledged it became difficult to find them but once a day I would seek them out and typically could find and photograph at least one fledgling and a parent. One highlight for me was a couple weeks after fledge when I found the two babies together one a single branch. Before my eyes I witnessed for the first time one successfully fly to another treetop and the sibling immediately follow. Another highlight was watching a parent deliver a short tailed shrew to a fledgling. I sent that picture to a local biologist for confirmation of the schrew identification. Fascinating stuff.

Female American Kestrel

The Tree Swallows Fledged!

About A Week From Fledging!

Heat shields for nestboxes in SE Arizona

After I lost a nest with 6 chicks to heat, I immediately modified the two other active nestboxes with ash-throated flycatchers in it with heat shields. I am happy to report I have not lost a single chick since, even during several days of consecutive high heat, that’s currently in SE AZ.

We have ground predators (snakes) and those which can jump from trees (squirrels, etc) . So I could not get the mounting pole very close to the trees for early afternoon shade and the sun is very high in the sky with temps in the upper 90s and even 100F right now.

I used 3/4” styrofoam boards and since I did not want to drill into an active nestbox, instead of using screws or tacks, I used self-adhesive Velcro tabs and natural rubber pot risers as spacers for the styrofoam plates. This was easy and quick and least “invasive”. All items were available at the local Home Depot. The Velcro tabs stick really well even with wind, and teh styrofoam plates can easily be removed again when not needed.

Tree Swallow Mama and Eastern Bluebird Babies

Beautiful Tree Swallow Mom with her clutch.
Eastern Bluebird babies.

Baby Tree Swallow checking out the world with parent on alert

just hatched (and still hatching)

Arrived just in time to see this newly hatched Eastern Bluebird. If you look closely at two of the other eggs, you’ll see the peck marks of the hatchlings trying to get out.

Tree Swallow Young!


I have a bluebird nest box with a 2 inch hole that I found this unidentified bird. I thought it was an American kestrell but they don’t add material and this nest has some long grass stocks with a cup made of all black feathers. Can anyone tell me what this nest is? I’m about to get a game camera to post nearby to help find the identification of the bird but thought I would ask this community first.

Tree Swallow Leaving Nest Box!

Bridled titmouse chicks

Photo of chicks taken on June 21. Today, on June 24, chicks are gone and nest is empty. I don’t think they were ready to fledge, were they??

I am afraid a snake got them.

Tree Swallow Young!

The other day, I saw both the male and female Tree Swallows going in and out of the box. Because the weather wasn’t really nice, I waited until today to check the box. All four eggs have hatched!

Newly hatched Eastern Azure Bluebirds

Continued Nestwatch monitoring of nestbox. First view of chicks after previously observed 6 eggs.

Purple Martins Feeding Juveniles

Purple Martins feeding juveniles at John Paul’s Landing

Bridled Titmouse chicks

continued nest monitoring (now with a borescope.

Nesting Eastern Azure Bluebirds

Continued monitoring of nesting effort

Dummy or active nest?

The male built this fortress of twigs. I have noted the female (very tiny) going in and out. I am wondering if she is building a cup behind the twigs. I read that they do that. Looks like there is a space for her to do so. Even if she did I think it would be pretty difficult to spot any eggs.

Dummy Nest

The House Wren has filled this Bluebird box full of twigs ~ looks like a dummy nest. The male sits on top and sings. Guess he’s hoping a female will decide to build a cup in there somewhere to lay eggs. 6-14-23

Not done yet…

House Wrens are still working on their nest ~ lots of twigs! 6-11-23

Tree Swallow Eggs!

On the 30th of May I noticed that the female tree swallow wasn’t really leaving the nest box, so I thought that she probably laid at least one of her eggs. Just to give her some space, I decided to wait till today to check on them. In the photo, there are three visible eggs; but I believe that there may be one more underneath of some of the feathers.

Male Tree Swallow

Male Bluebird visiting nestbox to feed female.

Adult male feeding female in the nest with 5 eggs.
Is this a Western or Eastern Azure?

Need bird ID confirmation from eggs

By surprise, I found another bluebird nestbox occupied and now has eggs in it. I have not spotted any bird frequenting the box, and did not expect it to be occupied, since the location has some foot traffic, so I am not sure what bird it is. In the close by car port, there is a pair of Say’s Phoebe nesting on a beam. (Recurring over the years).

I have two other bluebird boxes which are occupied by dusky-capped and ash-throated flycatchers.

Please see pics of the eggs and location of the nestbox. Thanks.

Five eggs in the Bluebird nest!

This is our Bluebird’s second brood in this nest box this year. We had at least four nestlings successfully fledge last brood and I hope we have the same luck this time!

Got it

I’ve been watching this clever little House Wren bring very big twigs to the box and figuring out where there’s a will there’s a way…very cute. 6-3-23

Finches ~ Wrens

After two broods of House Finches in my wreath ~ this couple is checking out my hanging Fern. 6-3-23
A couple of pics of the House Wren nest being built on the moss base of the BC Chickadee nest. Chickadees were run off by House Sparrows and the Wrens. 6-3-23

Moving in

I checked the box this morning and it was all cleaned out except fot he moss base of the former BC Chickaddee nest. The House Wren is busy bringing in new nesting materials today 6-1-23.

In the next box

The newborn black capped chickadee’s

New tenant

This was a BC Chickadee nest with two eggs…one got broken. The Chickadees looked but didn’t come back for other other egg and did not lay anymore. they were harrassed by House Sparrows and House Wrens. Today I saw a Carolina Wren visit with a mate. Not sure who is cleaning out the box.. a Wren I think. Will post more pics if someone moves in. 5-28-23

2nd Brood Attempt

With this year’s first brood now feeding themselves, I noticed the adults were active at the nest box. I have not checked until today, and found 5 eggs in the nest! 2nd attempt underway.
I do not know the date of the first egg, so I am estimating it to have been 5/23/2023.
This nest is built very tall, and the contents are a bit hard to photograph.

Wren eggs.

All 5 young hatched(for the wrens), at least four all that hatched fledged(estimated). We also had our phoebes hatch.

Tufted Titmouse Stays on Nest

This Tufted Titmouse stayed on her nest during my visit.

Whose nest?

A Black- Capped Chickadee started this nest in the Bluebird box back in April. You can see the moss base. House Sparrows and House Wrens tried to take it over. I don’t know which bird has added all this extra material on top…any ideas? No eggs visible. 5-21-23



This bird which I believe is a House Wren is moving into the Bluebird nest box..with a chickadee nest in it with no eggs. This bird took out alot of nesting material and appears to be adding her own..5-15-23

Unwelcome takeover

The BC chickadee built a nest and the House sparrows started to takeover as you can see in this picture. The HS finally left after a fight and the Chickadees are thinking about reclaiming their nest.

Out of the box

A black capped caring for its nest

Time’s up!

3-day-old Eastern Bluebird babies, still hugging an unhatched egg.

Nest Box Cameras

YouTube Channel

Black Capped Chickadee?

On April 21 the BC Chickadee started building a nest in the Bluebird box. I keep looking but only see lots of nesting material. My husband says he sees an eye/eyes. Look where the piece of straw is hanging down on the right as you look at the pics. Do I have hatchlings? I read chickadees “cover up” the hatchlings when leaving the nest to protect them from predators and to keep the eggs from cooling off.


Sorry for the bad photos. None of them were the best.

Robin’s Nest

Photo of a Robin nest being built on a nesting platform my husband built and mounted for them.

Eastern Bluebird Hatchlings


Very excited — and surprised — to find 6 Bluebird eggs in the nest box today! Now this is what you call a Bluebird Eggstravaganza! This is far beyond my Eggspectations for this wonderful Bluebird pair!

Falcon Folly

On April 21 an American Kestrel decided the box pole top was an ideal perch for hunting. The Swallows
disappeared for a few days, and I got these photos.

They’re Back!

Busy little birdies

The black-capped Chickadees are fervently building a nest in the bluebird box. Oh my gosh ~ are they ever busy and so cute! Never had chickadee babies beofre…can’t wait. Such cute curious little birds. 4-22-23

Mystery eggs

I am a newbie Bluebird Nestbox Monitor.
One of my monitors just sent me this photo

Carolina Wren on the lookout

Mom & Dad Tree Swallow sitting on 5 babies

Eggs and a Goldfinch

Busy nest building bluebirds

5 Eastern Bluebird eggs

4/4/23: 1 egg,
4/6/23: 3 eggs,
4/9/23: 5 eggs.

Carolina Chickadee Growing Family

Watching a Chickadee family grow. We are so happy to have this family of Carolina Chickadees in our first Nest Box attempt. I never realized how fragile this process is! I have taken precautions recommended by the Nest Watch project to protect this Chickadee family from predators. I do worry about a nearby Red Tailed Hawk that watches my yard from time to time. I hope the Chickadee family stays safe from it.

First Egg of 2023!

This pair of Eastern Bluebirds have been busy building their nest. Today I checked and found the first egg.

I (like to) believe this is the same pair that raised 3 chicks in this next box last year. Two adult bluebirds have been on the property and feeders throughout the fall and winter. Sometimes, a few others joined them – including some immatures.

Carolina Chickadee with Babies

In this entertaining GIF, Mama arrives and feeds her 3-day old babies.
Recorded with a Blink Mini camera.

Nest building.

The female bluebird stole nest material from the wrens.

New Chickadee Family in San Antonio

First attempt at offering a Nest Box for Eastern Bluebirds. Within 3-4 weeks it had a fully formed nest with 6 eggs! Not bluebird eggs. Carolina Chickadee!
Successful hatching of 6 young. They are so fragile and helpless! I can’t help but worry for their safety. I hope to catch and share a few more photos as the young grow. All Data collected for Nest Watch.

Eastern Bluebird nest building begins.

M & F pair of Eastern Bluebirds observed bringing nesting materials (grasses) to the same nest box used last year. Up to five bluebirds were present daily here throughout the winter, including 2 adults. Possibly the same individuals?

Carolina Chickadee with eggs! 🪺

This cute Carolina Chickadee has 6 eggs and a ~4” tall nest, which is huge for the size of the chickadee. Her mate comes occasionally and feeds Mama. These images were captured with a Blink Mini, mounted inside the nest box.

Starlings checking out the nestbox

Today a male starling was looking at the nestbox, he inspected the whole thing and looked inside. He called over the female who didn’t look pleased with it. (She didn’t even look inside) There is a wasp inside. We tried blasting it out with the hose yesterday, it left, and now it’s back. I heard that vaseline can help. Is this true and how do I prevent the wasp from coming back?

Carolina Chickadees checking out my new nestbox

A male chickadee flew over to the fence near my nestbox, he then when inside, came out, and called to his female. She flew over and went inside. We just put the nestbox up 2 days ago.

Eastern Bluebird feeding one of its young.

Another picture of an Eastern Bluebird feeding one of its young. The nest box was located in my backyard. Three Bluebirds hatched and fledged. The dad was diligent in feeding his young!

Eastern Bluebird Nestling

Eastern Bluebird Nestling that was getting close to fledging. From Spring-Summer 2022. My first attempt at installing a bluebird nest box. Three bluebirds successfully hatched and fledged.

Eastern Blue Bird feeding its nestling

Eastern Bluebird feeding its nestling. Nest box was located in my backyard spring-summer 2022. My first attempt at building one, installing, and monitoring it! Three Bluebirds hatched and fledged.

The Seasonal Evolution of a Duck Box

I have had this Duck Box on the edge of the East Fork of the Eno River in my backyard for 7+/- years. This is the first year it served as a successful nest site for 2 species, Wood Ducks and Eastern Bluebirds. Red Shouldered Hawks on the other hand have always found the Duck Box a productive hunting perch.

Still Hungry

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology