Eastern Kingbirds and babies

I watched the 4 baby eastern king birds grow up. To just seeing the parent go to the nest, to seeing the baby eastern kingbirds hop onto a branch.

Red-tailed hawk’s first day off the nest

This Red-tailed hawk chick just fledged from its nest on a light tower at Coronation Park in downtown Toronto. It doesn’t know how to fly or manage human structures like the baseball fence from which it hung for over a half hour as it tried to wrap its head around what to do! See all 3 photos for the full story.

Pigeon nest among bird deterrent spikes

This pigeon has built its nest among the spikes intended to deter it. I only had a moment to snap this one shot (hence the lousy resolution) because my bus was about to leave the station. I’ve seen this nest be active for 2 years now and I look for it every time I’m at this station.

What I love about this is how the pigeons have prevailed in spite of human intervention; their ability to adapt to even the most challenging conditions and their powerful urge to nest trumping all and any obstacles.

Old Eastern Meadowlark Nest

We saw about 20 used nests

Birds Nest Needs ID

A very flat bird nest in a tree. It was about 4” from end to end.

Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove nest in our neighbor’s backyard. The parents took turns feeding the young.

Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling Regurgitating A Pellet!

Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling About to land on a beach!

This loggerhead Shrike Fledgling was given the leg of a small bird by the adult, then the fledgling flew down to another branch with it!

A Sad Day for Last Surviving Chick

Keeping them warm can’t see the chicks,really.

Bluebirds Fledge, Robins Hatch, Hummingbird

All five bluebirds have fledged, the Hummingbirds have popped up in the yard, and all three robin eggs have hatched.

Unknown nest in a Crepe myrtle tree

Little used nest in a Crepe myrtle tree. About 6 feet from the ground.


Lots of preening and feather fluttering…these guys will be leaving anyday. Hoping for brood #3.

Nest in a sign

Need ID for the nest. Very messy nest The nest with pretty small

Feeding time

Mama house finch feeding babies. Not the best photo as I took it through the storm door from inside my house.

The worst has occured…

Last night one of my worst nightmares came true, not only did I lose all of the robin’s young… but also all of the mockingbird nestlings. I was walking by the robin’s bush and saw needles scattered everywhere. There was one dead baby in the bush, and the bottom of the nest was shredded. I came to find piles upon piles of feathers, with the adult female robin clearly being dead. Knowing a predator had been around, I rushed to check the mockingbird nest, as the adult male had been screaming the entire time I have been home. I have never had a mockingbird nest before and I was thrilled to watch these hatchlings grow up. Sadly, the nest was torn out of its place and all the hatchlings were gone.
THE GOOD NEWS: all song sparrow babies fledged, my 5 bluebird nestlings are well, and I still have two other robin nests, built quite high, that are being raised and are safe. Nature can be cruel and unforgiving, but that’s part of what makes each successful brood so exciting and warming.

Loggerhead Shrike Nestlings!

Loggerhead Shrike Feeding Its Fledgling A Moth!

Eastern phoebe and more.

Eastern Phoebe sitting on her nest in Kingsland State Park, Ferrisburgh, VT.
The 5 House finch hatchlings are getting big! They are in a fern plant on my porch in Burlington, VT.
The turkey vultures were spotted in a farm field in Ferrisburgh, Vt near Kingsland Bay State Park.
All photos taken today 7-7-22.

Northern Mockingbirds Hatch

The Northern Mockingbirds have hatched! All 4 are healthy and the adults have been quite aggressive and territorial to the other songbirds.

Loggerhead Shrike fledgling waiting to be feed!

Loggerhead Shrike flying in to feed its fledgling!

Loggerhead Shrike fledgling with the head of a small bird!

This Loggerhead Shrike fledgling was given the head of a small by the adult!

Another generation of swallows

Momma Robin Returns!

A robin just returned to use her old nest that had 4 successful fledglings. Hopefully this new clutch will be just as successful as her last!

Baby Robins

These little guys are growing right in my garden.

Unknown nest outcome

On June 9th we discovered a mockingbird nest with four eggs. We visited it again on June 14th. We visited a 3rd time on June 29th and were surprised to see the destroyed nest. Do you think that the eggs hatched and the babies fledged? We had a really bad storm with almost 60-mile winds.

House Finch hatchlings

These five downy darlings just hatched within the last two days in a hanging Fern plant. Second hatchlings of t season. 6-30-22.

Cardinal Nest

Mourning Dove Nest

Mourning Dove nest in a dead palm tree with two babies! Both chicks fledged. The parents took turns with the babies.

Would appreciate any ID ideas.

Nest needs ID! Bird’s nest in an Oak tree. The nest is pretty small. (Only about 8” from end to end but not sure because it is high up.) Its made of sticks and Oak leaves. Would appreciate any ID ideas.

House Finch Babies

Five of our house finch babies in a bush. They will soon fledge as they’ve been in the nest for 12 days now. The nest is becoming quite cluttered with fecal matter… a shame they aren’t as faithful in taking fecal sacks as robins are!

Hatch Day!

Hatching day for the 5 babies in a hanging fern basket. Two already hatched.

New Mourning Dove Clutch

Newly found mourning dove best on top of a Robin nest with 2 eggs in it.

House Finch eggs

House Finch nest with four eggs ~ expect one more egg tomorrow.

House Finch nest and Egg

This house finch nest is in a hanging Fern plant on my covered porch. Egg #1 found today 6-14-22.
This is the second house finch nest this spring. Previous nest fledged five in May around Mother’s Day.

Killdeer nest

Barely noticed this in front of our shop in front of a garage door in the gravel driveway!! Hopefully none of the random foxes and woodchucks roaming around here will find it!


The Birdhouse Forest started with a couple dozen birdhouses built by a neighbor to help with the mosquito issue. Today there are 400 colorful birdhouses for everyone to enjoy!

Chocolate the Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove nest in our neighbor’s dead palm tree. Mother Mourning Dove with two chicks. Both chicks survived and fledged.

Finch in a Fern

A pair of house finches showed immediate interest in a hanging fern on my porch as a potential nesting site.
A couple days later lots of chatter, visits, and a nest!

Blue Jay Nest

Blue Jay nest with 3 young. Sorry for the bad pictures. The was about 10 feet up.

Mockingbird Nest

I first thought the nest was empty. I did as was suggested by other nest watchers and took a video of the nest. Was surprised to see four Mockingbird eggs. Was close to the dog park.

Robin Fledgling

Robin fledgling chirping and waiting in an evergreen tree as parents get food on the lawn.

Progression of American Robin Nest

House Finch Nest

House finch nest in a hanging basket of ferns.

House Finch Nest

House finch nest located in a shrub in my yard. All visits from the day I found them to the day of the first hatchlings.

Flycatcher Nest

Saw this nest about a week and a half ago and the mother and father were four feeding fluffy gray babies. We went to visit it a couple of days ago and we didn’t see the parents or chicks. It’s on a powerline and we were on the road so we couldn’t see the nest that well. Do you think it’s been abandoned?

Magpie babies

Identification of eggs

This nest is in a hydrangea bush in my back yard. Could you please help identify the eggs?

The Killdeer eggs have hatched!

The Killdeer eggs have hatched! Before we only saw the mother but today we saw both the mother and father. All four eggs hatched. The photos aren’t that good because they were running around. There was a black snake in the water so I hope it doesn’t get the babies! They are still a bit wobbly.

Mrs. Deer’s Nest

Mrs. Deer is sitting on her eggs. She’s becoming more friendly and doesn’t do her broken wing display anymore.

An old Woodpecker nest at Walmart.

An old Woodpecker nest at Walmart.

American Robin’s nesting

Found a beautiful red breasted bird busily building a nest on top of our backyard light fixture. After a couple of weeks I saw a small blue egg shell fallen on the ground. Googled it and found out it was an American Robin’s nest.Managed to click few pictures of the hatchlings. After a couple of days there were three big baby bird’s beak open visible out of the nest. The mom and dad birds were busy feeding worms to these fledglings. After a couple of days the fledglings were hopping on the ground. The robin had built another nest a couple of houses away and moved over there. But watching nature’s way of building a beautiful nest had me spellbound.We kept the empty nest as it is Undisturbed. Waking up to the sweet chirps of birds is the best subtle sweet music to start a day with. This is my first time witnessing a bird’s way of building a nest and hatching it’s eggs. Nature’s marvel!!!

Guarding my nest

A better view of the eggs. Four Killdeer eggs are being guarded by Mrs. Deer. 🥚

Don’t mess with my eggs!

Mrs. Deer guarding her nest of four eggs.

Baby Doves

Baby doves

Cozy Killdeer Eggs

Four Killdeer eggs in a nest.

Please leave my nest.

Mother Killdeer doing broken wing display.

Killdeer Mother

Mrs. Deer, the mother Killdeer watching her nest.

Eastern Phoebe Nest

Killdeer Nest

Killdeer Nest

Adult feeding 2 young

Waiting for momma

Backyard Robins nest

Endangered Loggerhead Shrikes

This video about the Loggerhead Shrike appeared on a PBS show called Tennessee Wild Side! The photographs used throughout the 10-minute show were mostly mine!

Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling!

The Adult Loggerhead Shrike gave its fledgling a large Dragonfly and the fledgling was trying to eat it!

Robin Brings a Lizard to the Nest

Robins Nest

This nest was built in a spring wreath on our front door

Comfy nest

The house finch hatchlings are growing fast. Everyone looks well fed and comfy. taken today 4-24-22.

Loggerhead Shrike feeding its fledgling a Dragonfly!

Loggerhead Shrike feeding its fledgling!

The Loggerhead Shrikes were very busy trying to feed all five of its fledglings!

House Finch and Tree Swallow

Have a large variety of nesting structures around rural property. Sometimes birds nest in the most inconvenient places. Otherwise, there is plenty of opportunity for cavity nesters. At least one successful Bluebird clutch per year.

House Finch Hatchlings

These hatchlings were born over the last couple of days. Waiting on number five…looks like he is just about ready to pop! Photos taken today 4-20-22.

Carolina Wren nest in my garage

A pair of Carolina Wrens have built a nest in a wall cavity near the rafters of our garage. Within the past few days their eggs have hatched and the wrens have been very busy feeding the new nestlings!

Chickadee Nest

A Sad End

A hawk is about to fly off with a 3 or 4 day old Eurasian Collared Dove chick

Bundle of 5

House finch egg # 5 arrived this morning. Nest is in the top of my Christmas wreath protected by a small porch roof. Perfect spot to raise a family. Happy mama bird ~ she sings sweetly every morning.

Finch egg and nest

First house finch egg laid this AM 4-4-22. Looking forward to lots of chirpping in the months ahead.

House Finch Nest

The house finch starting building her nest yesterday in my Christmas Wreath. The wreath is hanging on a window on a small covered porch. I took this photo from inside the house looking out. She is very industrious and alot of fun to observe. Will post pics of eggs ~ should be soon!

Black Vultures in Nest

Fifth year of nesting in my barn loft. Refurbished barn last year, and created a protected room for them in their nesting area.

Female Boat-tailed Grackle Gathering Nesting Material

Cardinal In The Snow

Male Cardinal red color was striking against the snow covered ground.

Dark-eyed Junco on the lookout for predators!

This Dark-eyed Junco stayed on a perch while the other Dark Eyed Juncos feasted on seeds.

Laysan Albatross chick

Carolina Wren Nestlings

Bald eagle bringing home a bass

Bald eagle bringing home a bass for the its mate and the eaglet in the nest

Watching The World Go By

New nest and hard working Hummingbird Mom!

I am so surprised she made her nest right here where I sit and look directly at her! She did come to my patio often to visit, (I thought!) but turns out she liked the digs!


Moma feeding little ones

Cliff Swallow in mud nest

A series of cliff swallow nests were under the overhang of the Visitor’s Center at the wildlife refuge.

Bewick’s Wren

We made a nest out a former hanging pot holder and created a lid of sticks and pine cones. Bewick’s Wrens have used it for 2 years. It hangs on our patio.

Costa Rica beauty

Killdeer nest placement.

This nest was contructed in the middle of a hiking trail; a kind hiker placed the rocks around it to protect it.

Must you poop so close to me?

Barn Swallow nest on top of loud speaker outside of Tractor Supply Store

The Hermit Thrush Family

I watched a Hermit Thrush build her nest in a tree outside our window. She laid four eggs and shortly after the babies hatched the nest was raided by an unknown predator. The mother died protecting her brood. One hatchling was laying on our deck but still alive. I transported it to a local wildlife rehab facility. The baby was successfully fledged and released with a group of rescued robins. Overall, it’s a very unfortunate outcome but an enriching one nonetheless.

First Look

Bewick’s wren chick checking out our patio. This bird house is about 12′ from the back door and only 4′ off the ground.

Nest build to fledging

Had the joy of watching the Robin’s build this nest and raise 2 broods this past summer. First brood had 4 and second was 3. Amazing to watch how hard these parents worked to provide for their young.

Building on any available spot.

Robin’s built this nest on the tire of a vehicle that had been sitting in the same spot for many months. When something stole the eggs they abandon the nest.

Where’s my food?

Nest built on top of utility box next door. First hatchling followed by two more.

Change of Shift

Amazingly, these Killdeer nested on a derelict foundation in the middle of a construction site. In spite of the noise and busyness, they courageously stayed on the nest until all four eggs had hatched. Not long after, the foundation, too, was destroyed as the planned ‘development’ progressed.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology