Growing up

I think I woke this little House Fnch up when I took a peek today… 5-25-23


Lil hatchlings

Partly Eaten Songbird Egg ID!? 🙁

Outside, I found this egg while a bluejay was in the middle of eating it. I’m sad that it was eaten by a blue jay, but that’s what blue jays love to eat. (When they can find it.) I don’t know what songbird egg this so please ID!

Full House

Looks like a healthy clutch of hatchlings. Think number five is in there somewhere!! 5-18-23


There are two nests in this wreath. One on the top and one tucked into the wreath mid lower left with brand new hatchlings in it as of yesterday. This mama has been pretty much solo…I haven’t seen any male coming to feed her. Today a male shows up in the top nest with a new lady in tow. Seems a bit odd a new family would start in the top nest while new babies just hatched yesterday in the side nest! 5-18-23

ID please!


Looks like three of the five hatched today ~ 5-17-23. Think I see two eggs left. Eggs laid May 1st-5th.

hummers new nest

this is jus after i discovered i have a hummingbird in my patio..before she laid the eggs.


4 Baby Cardinals about 1 week

4 Baby Cardinals

Mourning Dove Sitting on Eggs

This is the second time in 3 years that a pair of mourning doves nested in this old hanging planter. The location is just outside the glass patio door underneath the eaves of a 3-story condo building. This picture was taken on day14 of incubation.


This bird is very red…lousy picture. It is checking out the previously used nest in the top of the wreath. I don’t think it’s a male HF because it actually sat and the nest and wiggled around like females do. I’ll try to get a better pic . Is it another type of finch?? 5-7-23

Poor, poor Gunners!

Poor, poor Gunners! Why do all my nests get eaten?

Eye see you

In response to Texas Bird Family inquiry. Picture of HF fledging the day he finally flew away ~ eyes wide open!


Mourning Dove Nest at Chase Bank

Mourning Dove nest at Chase Bank

Still waiting….

Last of the HF fledgings still hanging in..not quite ready yet…perhaps tomorrow. Poor little guy looks kind of forlorn all alone. I did see mama drop by at least once to feed him. 4-30-23

Last fledging

Lonely HF fledging chirpping for his mom. His sibling fledged this morning about 8 am. Saw one of the parents visit the nest earlier. Am sure this fella will be gone shortly! 4-30-23

Nest number 2

A pair of House Finches had been checking out the wreath for the past few days that already has two fledgings in a nest on the top of the wreath. The female starting her nest today on the lower part of the wreath on the side. I think this is a different pair of House finches~ not the parents of the two reluctant fledgings in the top nest. I say this because I’ve seen two pairs of House Finches in my yard at the same time. 4-27-23

Mourning Dove Babies

Mourning Doves built a nest on our front porch pillar and successfully raised two.

House Finch and Cowbird

House finches built a nest. Looks like a cowbird found it.

Northern Mockingbird Nest

We were looking for nests, I didn’t think that we should check this nest because it was an old nest from last year, it turned out that Mrs. Gunner built a new nest on top of an old nest! We have seen the pair around those trees. I wonder when the eggs will hatch.

Life of eastern phoebe

This is a nest site from the carport of my house.

Finch Eggs on my Wreath!

I am just a kid in 6th grade who is very interested in birds. But seeing these eggs, and nature on my front steps, is amazingly beautiful.

This Loggerhead Shrike fledgling just out of the nest!

Party of 5

Happily all five house finch eggs hatched and everybody looks healthy and hungry! 4-12-23

Loggerhead Shrike flying in to feed its hatchlings!

Two Hatchlings

Two day old House Finch hatchlings ~ three to go!

Mom dove with two fledglings

Mourning doves have been nesting in my atrium for about 5 years. Here’s the latest batch of fledglings with their mother. It took about nine days from hatching to flying away!

Blue Jays Collecting Nesting Materials

Pretty much everyone is collecting nesting materials, Starlings, House Sparrows, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Mockingbirds.

Full House

The fifth house finch egg was laid this early on this chilly morning. Five is the usual clutch size, but I’ll check once more to see if there is a sixth! 3-30-23

Northern Mockingbird

Nest Watch day 1-Northern Mockingbird actively building a nest.

Killdeer Deer Nest Failure!

We visited the Killdeer nest. We found destroyed eggs. The mother was in a nearby field yelling. Poor Mrs. Deer! What do you think has eaten the babies? Please see my post showing the destroyed eggs.

First Egg

First House Finch egg of the season laid this morning 3-26-23

Ready set go

Female House Finch was on her nest early this AM am quite sure she laid her first egg. She is sitting on it now.
Papa is singing from the tree tops. 3-26-23. May make a quick check later in the day to see if I’m right. I’ll post a pic if there is an egg.

Mourning Doves at Chase Bank

I saw a dove fly up to a light and I noticed that it was a nest! The male was sitting on the nest while the female looked at him and flew away.

Sweet spot

Noticed this nesting material and what looks like the start of a nest in my spirea bush beside my driveway this morning. 3-25-23

Interesting nesting material

The House finch has been bringing lots of padding to the nest. This looks a bit unusual to me…don’t know what it is.

Loggerhead Shrike With No Tail!

This Loggerhead Shrike has no tail, but that doesn’t stop it from flying!

Nesting Loggerhead Shrike!

Getting Ready

This darling house finch has been diligently padding her nest 3-21-23.

Nest building

Female House finch working on her nest this morning in the wreath on my covered porch ~ 3-16-23

2 Killdeer nests

Today Mr. Deer was on the nest. (and he did everything wrong!) We went to the nest and he ran away! No yelling, no broken wing display, or anything. We came back and he was on the eggs, he got up and ran away then he ran towards me (isn’t he supposed to run away with a broken wing?) saying “dee dee dee deee”. I left and he went back to the eggs. Maybe Mrs. Deer should just sit on them. She doesn’t run away. We also found another nest with another Mrs. Deer on them. She did not get up so the number of eggs in unknown.

White-winged Dove nest failure

We have been watching a White-winged Dove nest since March 9th. We last saw her at 3:32 and now at 4:27 the nest was damaged and we found a bloody egg on the ground. What predator do you think would do this? Maybe a squirrel?

Poor poor Mrs. Dove!

We just went outside to see Mrs. Dove and she was gone! The nest was damaged and there was a bloody egg on the ground. Poor Mrs. Dove!

Mrs. White-winged Dove

Female Mockingbird with nesting material

White-winged Dove nest

White-winged Dove nest in our front tree

Killdeer Nest

Killdeer nest with 4 eggs

Killdeer nest with 3 eggs

Finally found the Killdeer nest!

White-winged Dove building a nest

This is it

This pair of House Finches worked together yesterday carefully placing a few twigs in the wreath to start their nest. 3-5-23

Loggerhead Shrike Female Diving Into Its Nest As the Male Stands Guard!

Loggerhead Shrike About to Add New Nesting Material!

Crows making a nest

Two crows were making a nest

Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling And A Starling Duking It Out Over A Feather!

Loggerhead Shrike Finds A Snakeskin!

This Loggerhead Shrike finds a shed snakeskin to add to its nest!

Our New Neighbor

Eastern Kingbirds and babies

I watched the 4 baby eastern king birds grow up. To just seeing the parent go to the nest, to seeing the baby eastern kingbirds hop onto a branch.

Red-tailed hawk’s first day off the nest

This Red-tailed hawk chick just fledged from its nest on a light tower at Coronation Park in downtown Toronto. It doesn’t know how to fly or manage human structures like the baseball fence from which it hung for over a half hour as it tried to wrap its head around what to do! See all 3 photos for the full story.

Pigeon nest among bird deterrent spikes

This pigeon has built its nest among the spikes intended to deter it. I only had a moment to snap this one shot (hence the lousy resolution) because my bus was about to leave the station. I’ve seen this nest be active for 2 years now and I look for it every time I’m at this station.

What I love about this is how the pigeons have prevailed in spite of human intervention; their ability to adapt to even the most challenging conditions and their powerful urge to nest trumping all and any obstacles.

Old Eastern Meadowlark Nest

We saw about 20 used nests

Birds Nest Needs ID

A very flat bird nest in a tree. It was about 4” from end to end.

Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove nest in our neighbor’s backyard. The parents took turns feeding the young.

Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling Regurgitating A Pellet!

Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling About to land on a beach!

This loggerhead Shrike Fledgling was given the leg of a small bird by the adult, then the fledgling flew down to another branch with it!

A Sad Day for Last Surviving Chick

Keeping them warm can’t see the chicks,really.

Bluebirds Fledge, Robins Hatch, Hummingbird

All five bluebirds have fledged, the Hummingbirds have popped up in the yard, and all three robin eggs have hatched.

Unknown nest in a Crepe myrtle tree

Little used nest in a Crepe myrtle tree. About 6 feet from the ground.


Lots of preening and feather fluttering…these guys will be leaving anyday. Hoping for brood #3.

Nest in a sign

Need ID for the nest. Very messy nest The nest with pretty small

Feeding time

Mama house finch feeding babies. Not the best photo as I took it through the storm door from inside my house.

The worst has occured…

Last night one of my worst nightmares came true, not only did I lose all of the robin’s young… but also all of the mockingbird nestlings. I was walking by the robin’s bush and saw needles scattered everywhere. There was one dead baby in the bush, and the bottom of the nest was shredded. I came to find piles upon piles of feathers, with the adult female robin clearly being dead. Knowing a predator had been around, I rushed to check the mockingbird nest, as the adult male had been screaming the entire time I have been home. I have never had a mockingbird nest before and I was thrilled to watch these hatchlings grow up. Sadly, the nest was torn out of its place and all the hatchlings were gone.
THE GOOD NEWS: all song sparrow babies fledged, my 5 bluebird nestlings are well, and I still have two other robin nests, built quite high, that are being raised and are safe. Nature can be cruel and unforgiving, but that’s part of what makes each successful brood so exciting and warming.

Loggerhead Shrike Nestlings!

Loggerhead Shrike Feeding Its Fledgling A Moth!

Eastern phoebe and more.

Eastern Phoebe sitting on her nest in Kingsland State Park, Ferrisburgh, VT.
The 5 House finch hatchlings are getting big! They are in a fern plant on my porch in Burlington, VT.
The turkey vultures were spotted in a farm field in Ferrisburgh, Vt near Kingsland Bay State Park.
All photos taken today 7-7-22.

Northern Mockingbirds Hatch

The Northern Mockingbirds have hatched! All 4 are healthy and the adults have been quite aggressive and territorial to the other songbirds.

Loggerhead Shrike fledgling waiting to be feed!

Loggerhead Shrike flying in to feed its fledgling!

Loggerhead Shrike fledgling with the head of a small bird!

This Loggerhead Shrike fledgling was given the head of a small by the adult!

Another generation of swallows

Momma Robin Returns!

A robin just returned to use her old nest that had 4 successful fledglings. Hopefully this new clutch will be just as successful as her last!

Baby Robins

These little guys are growing right in my garden.

Unknown nest outcome

On June 9th we discovered a mockingbird nest with four eggs. We visited it again on June 14th. We visited a 3rd time on June 29th and were surprised to see the destroyed nest. Do you think that the eggs hatched and the babies fledged? We had a really bad storm with almost 60-mile winds.

House Finch hatchlings

These five downy darlings just hatched within the last two days in a hanging Fern plant. Second hatchlings of t season. 6-30-22.

Cardinal Nest

Mourning Dove Nest

Mourning Dove nest in a dead palm tree with two babies! Both chicks fledged. The parents took turns with the babies.

Would appreciate any ID ideas.

Nest needs ID! Bird’s nest in an Oak tree. The nest is pretty small. (Only about 8” from end to end but not sure because it is high up.) Its made of sticks and Oak leaves. Would appreciate any ID ideas.

House Finch Babies

Five of our house finch babies in a bush. They will soon fledge as they’ve been in the nest for 12 days now. The nest is becoming quite cluttered with fecal matter… a shame they aren’t as faithful in taking fecal sacks as robins are!

Hatch Day!

Hatching day for the 5 babies in a hanging fern basket. Two already hatched.

New Mourning Dove Clutch

Newly found mourning dove best on top of a Robin nest with 2 eggs in it.

House Finch eggs

House Finch nest with four eggs ~ expect one more egg tomorrow.

House Finch nest and Egg

This house finch nest is in a hanging Fern plant on my covered porch. Egg #1 found today 6-14-22.
This is the second house finch nest this spring. Previous nest fledged five in May around Mother’s Day.

Killdeer nest

Barely noticed this in front of our shop in front of a garage door in the gravel driveway!! Hopefully none of the random foxes and woodchucks roaming around here will find it!


The Birdhouse Forest started with a couple dozen birdhouses built by a neighbor to help with the mosquito issue. Today there are 400 colorful birdhouses for everyone to enjoy!

Chocolate the Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove nest in our neighbor’s dead palm tree. Mother Mourning Dove with two chicks. Both chicks survived and fledged.

Finch in a Fern

A pair of house finches showed immediate interest in a hanging fern on my porch as a potential nesting site.
A couple days later lots of chatter, visits, and a nest!

Blue Jay Nest

Blue Jay nest with 3 young. Sorry for the bad pictures. The was about 10 feet up.

Mockingbird Nest

I first thought the nest was empty. I did as was suggested by other nest watchers and took a video of the nest. Was surprised to see four Mockingbird eggs. Was close to the dog park.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology