Home sweet home

Every Spring, we hang 2 pots of flowers on our front porch. Then we get to watch as the male and female fly in and out of each before choosing the one for this year’s nest.

Mourning Doves

Mourning dove nest made in our back patio hanging basket

Number 5

Fifth House Finch egg laid this AM. All past broods have always had five eggs. Fingers crossed for healthy hatchlings….5-20-24

First egg

First House Finch egg of the season in a Fern plant on my porch. 5-16-24

Cardinal babies – Then and now!

All the nestlings successfully fledged!!

Cardinal nestlings!

These baby cardinals are growing up! About a week and a half ago they hatched! They look VERY different!

Cardinal building nests in two different places!


Female Cardinal building a nest

The female cardinal has been putting nest material in other places. Is this normal for starting several “nests?” And why?

Oregon Junco nest.

I just found this nest after mowing the lawn. It’s tucked between edging and salal but was hidden by grass until mowing. Unfortunately not a good location, and probably abandoned. About a week or so ago, for a couple days, a pair of juncos were hopping near this spot with one of them fanning his tail repeatedly – seemingly to distract me.

Loggerhead shrike fledglings/juveniles

While I was driving by a local retention pond, these little ones practically flagged me down with their noisy, incessant begging! This is the 2nd year I’ve seen a loggerhead shrike family at this location (assuming it was the same pair of mated adults both years). They appear to have picked the perfect spot for raising a family…lots of food and few predators. I’ve seen them on the ground and in multiple trees where they hang their prey, and often see the adults on nearby rooftops searching for prey. However, I haven’t spotted their actual nest yet…it’s definitely here though!

ground nest pale blue eggs urban backyard

Nest hidden in ground in overgrown weeds/grasses in San Francisco backyard. Trying to identify the bird. We see Juncos at our feeder in the backyard so possibly their nest ??? Feedback welcome. Nest is hidden in the overgrown sour grass in the dense central area of 2nd photo.

First Flutter

I think this is the first time any of the babies fluttered their wings

Baby robins

Robin Nest

Garage rafter nest

new babies

Song sparrow nest in a green stalk planter

Feeding the chicks

The chicks are finally getting big enough to be seen above the nest while being fed

Week old House Finch babies

Mama wasn’t around, so got a little video of the babies

Feeding the kids

First feeding behavior seen in camera clips

New babies

Saw feeding behavior in camera clips, so got a picture of the nest to see how many there were. I *think* I see 4…

Breakfast date

House finch husband comes to pickup wife for breakfast date

Breakfast in Bed

My house finch husband appears to be feeding mama while she’s sitting on the nest (it was actually afternoon, so more like lunch than breakfast 😉 )

New Neighbors

Recently a house finch couple built a nest on a light fixture on my deck, so I installed a camera to watch them without disturbing them. The mounting place seems to be too close for good focus, but it’s good enough to see the behavior of the birds…

Unknown eggs, too small for robin

Killdeer Nest #3

Sad Fate of Killdeer Nest #2

Visited the nest the day before yesterday and it only had 2 eggs, one of which had a crack in it. Came back yesterday and the eggs weren’t flipped. Came back later in the same day and the eggs were destroyed.

Killdeer Nest #1 Nest Check

The egg at Killdeer Nest #1 has been flipped and is due to hatch any day!

Killdeer Nest #1

This egg has been in the nest for at least 21 days and should hatch any day now!

Killdeer Nest #3

Only 2 eggs left at Killdeer Nest #2

No idea what happened. This nest had 4 eggs a week ago and now only has one. The egg on the left appears like it might be hatching, but strange that an egg would hatch in the evening.

Muscovy Duck Babies Fledged!

Drove by the Muscovy nest today and on the way home from church. The nests are empty. The mother duck was on the other side of the street with other mother ducks and their ducklings.

Muscovy Duck Nest

Killdeer Nest with Four Eggs

Home Sweet Home

A pair of Carolina Wrens started building a nest in our mailbox yesterday right outside our front door!


First Nest of The Season–Killdeer Nest

I was walking near the trees at a park looking for early Northern Mockingbird nests when I saw a Killdeer not flying away and calling while making the broken wing display. I took a step closer and the Killdeer called very loudly and I saw a Killdeer nest with a single egg. I took a few quick photos and then left as to not disturb her.

Blue Jay getting string for the nest

January 21, 2024 Hatching

Shows a hatchling struggling to get out of the eggshell and its sibling appears to assist

Eurasian Collaed dove babies. One hatched the day before and the second one is trying to get out of the remaining part of the egg shell.

Second eggs still in the hatching process.

Mouths to Feed

Yearly use of a sheet metal birdhouse by House Sparrows a few feet outside the window of my workshop.

2023 Nesting Season Overview Part Two

2023 Nesting Season Overview Part One

Pileated Woodpecker Family Takes Form

This Spring I was eager for breeding season to start. I began daily walks through the park less than a mile from my house. On April 2 I spotted a Pileated Woodpecker visiting a tree cavity and moments later the female emerged and the birds traded places on the nest. I discovered the birds did this routine about the same time each day. Their nest was near the top of a snag about 10 feet off a busy trail of dog-walkers and runners and older adults taking their daily stroll. Many people, seeing me with a fancy camera (and standing just a few feet from the nest), would ask if I had seen the “big bird” they had recently seen on the trail. I would answer, yes I think they have a nest in this park. It didn’t seem to occur to anyone to look up! I watched with anticipation over the next weeks as the adults started bringing food and carrying fecal sacs out of the nest. On April 29 I caught a glimpse of the first nestling at the hole. A few days later three heads emerged! I was surprised when I heard the first one calling from the nest, sounding just like the adults. A week later the first bird had fledged, and the next day the second. I found the family foraging together within earshot of the nest, where the last nestling took two days longer to fledge. I was there at that moment, heard the bird calling, saw the adult fly over to an adjacent tree, and seconds later the little one was gone. The nest was empty. Over the last five weeks I had developed an enormous sense of attachment to this new family, and I couldn’t have been happier to witness their success.

Watching a Common Raven fledge

In mid-April, I learned from eBird about the Common Raven nest with two nestlings next to the bike path in a neighborhood park. The nest was on a pillar under a major thoroughfare. A busy bike path runs through the highway viaduct. I decided to monitor the nest for Nestwatch. One bird was more developed than the second bird, and I was concerned because I never saw the adults near the nest when only the second nestling remained. One day in early May I arrived to discover the second bird had just fledged from the nest and was in the viaduct hopping around on the rocks. Occasionally it would fly a few feet. It explored some canvass and other stuff lying around. The adults watched attentively from a steel girder under the highway. They were so attentive, I needn’t have worried. I watched for an hour until the fledgling flew out of the viaduct. I was able to find the fledgling nearby and get a beautiful portrait of the bird. This became one of my most treasured birding experiences.

Wreath nest

Wren nest.

Adult Mockingbird Removing A Fecal Sac!

Adult Mockingbird Waiting For A Fecal Sac!

Most nesting birds expel a fecal sac which is a mucous membrane that surrounds the feces that helps keep the nest clean!

Feed Me!

A Adult Blue Jay Resting Before Feeding It’s Fledglings

Nest and Egg ID needed

This is from the Margaree Valley Maple strawberry fields. I have not seen the nest yet, but they are looking for ID. The nest looks like it is on the ground.

Possible IDs:
House Sparrow
Lincoln’s Sparrow
Savannah Sparrow
Song Sparrow
Fox Sparrow
Brown-headed Cowbird (rare in this area)

Fledging Day

Nest ID

This nest photo is from July 23rd, 2019 in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

Wren eggs and ?

I’m not sure what the blue speckled eggs are. The pink/brown ones are Wren, they have set up the nest in one of my hanging plants in my porch. Anyone have any ideas?

Empty Nest

House Finch nest had 3 eggs 6-26-23 The next day it had only 1 egg. On 7-2–23 my husband saw a bird take off from the nest. He only caught a glimpse of it…slender gray sparrow size. As of today 7-4-23 the nest is empty. I haven’t seen a HF since the raid which is strange because they are always around. The bird population seems much different this year. Even the House Finches struggled raising their broods this year losing chicks along the way.

Mockingbird Trying To Keep Its Nestlings Cool On A Very Hot In South Florida!

Mockingbirds Unusual Behavior!

House Finch nest ~ egg

The House Finch built a deep perfect cup nest in the hanging Fern plant on my porch. She laid her first egg this morning. The usual number is five eggs. This will be the the third brood of season for the House Finches. 6-24-23

Eastern Phoebe – In and Out!

Little momma knows what goes in must come out! Keeping the nest nice and tidy.

Cliff Swallow nests.

Nest building

Female House Finch with nesting material in the hanging fern on my front porch…6-19-12

Robins breeding in popular spot on my house (2nd story bedroom window)

Shared nest – North Alabama

Shared nest with one speckled egg and three white eggs in front porch hanging potted flowers.

White-Winged Dove with Fledgling

This is an adult White-winged Dove with her 7-10 day old fledgling located in a cherry plum tree at a residential acreage in southwestern New Mexico.

Carolina Chickadees Fledge

A short video of the 4 out of 5 chickadees being feed and two leaving the nest box.

Eastern Phoebe Nest with Babies

5 babies total. 4 made it out of the nest alive.

Eastern Phoebe Nest and Babies

Eastern Phoebe?

I believe this is a pair of Eastern Phoebe’s that have already had one nesting cycle on my back porch. They laid 5 eggs and 4 babies made it out of the nest alive, 1 of them fell out and died from the fall. It’s been a few weeks and now they are back and have laid another 5 eggs in the same nest.

Growing up

I think I woke this little House Fnch up when I took a peek today… 5-25-23


Lil hatchlings

Partly Eaten Songbird Egg ID!? 🙁

Outside, I found this egg while a bluejay was in the middle of eating it. I’m sad that it was eaten by a blue jay, but that’s what blue jays love to eat. (When they can find it.) I don’t know what songbird egg this so please ID!

Full House

Looks like a healthy clutch of hatchlings. Think number five is in there somewhere!! 5-18-23


There are two nests in this wreath. One on the top and one tucked into the wreath mid lower left with brand new hatchlings in it as of yesterday. This mama has been pretty much solo…I haven’t seen any male coming to feed her. Today a male shows up in the top nest with a new lady in tow. Seems a bit odd a new family would start in the top nest while new babies just hatched yesterday in the side nest! 5-18-23

ID please!


Looks like three of the five hatched today ~ 5-17-23. Think I see two eggs left. Eggs laid May 1st-5th.

hummers new nest

this is jus after i discovered i have a hummingbird in my patio..before she laid the eggs.


4 Baby Cardinals about 1 week

4 Baby Cardinals

Mourning Dove Sitting on Eggs

This is the second time in 3 years that a pair of mourning doves nested in this old hanging planter. The location is just outside the glass patio door underneath the eaves of a 3-story condo building. This picture was taken on day14 of incubation.


This bird is very red…lousy picture. It is checking out the previously used nest in the top of the wreath. I don’t think it’s a male HF because it actually sat and the nest and wiggled around like females do. I’ll try to get a better pic . Is it another type of finch?? 5-7-23

Poor, poor Gunners!

Poor, poor Gunners! Why do all my nests get eaten?

Eye see you

In response to Texas Bird Family inquiry. Picture of HF fledging the day he finally flew away ~ eyes wide open!


Mourning Dove Nest at Chase Bank

Mourning Dove nest at Chase Bank

Still waiting….

Last of the HF fledgings still hanging in..not quite ready yet…perhaps tomorrow. Poor little guy looks kind of forlorn all alone. I did see mama drop by at least once to feed him. 4-30-23

Last fledging

Lonely HF fledging chirpping for his mom. His sibling fledged this morning about 8 am. Saw one of the parents visit the nest earlier. Am sure this fella will be gone shortly! 4-30-23

Nest number 2

A pair of House Finches had been checking out the wreath for the past few days that already has two fledgings in a nest on the top of the wreath. The female starting her nest today on the lower part of the wreath on the side. I think this is a different pair of House finches~ not the parents of the two reluctant fledgings in the top nest. I say this because I’ve seen two pairs of House Finches in my yard at the same time. 4-27-23

Mourning Dove Babies

Mourning Doves built a nest on our front porch pillar and successfully raised two.

House Finch and Cowbird

House finches built a nest. Looks like a cowbird found it.

Northern Mockingbird Nest

We were looking for nests, I didn’t think that we should check this nest because it was an old nest from last year, it turned out that Mrs. Gunner built a new nest on top of an old nest! We have seen the pair around those trees. I wonder when the eggs will hatch.

Life of eastern phoebe

This is a nest site from the carport of my house.

Finch Eggs on my Wreath!

I am just a kid in 6th grade who is very interested in birds. But seeing these eggs, and nature on my front steps, is amazingly beautiful.

This Loggerhead Shrike fledgling just out of the nest!

Party of 5

Happily all five house finch eggs hatched and everybody looks healthy and hungry! 4-12-23

Loggerhead Shrike flying in to feed its hatchlings!

Two Hatchlings

Two day old House Finch hatchlings ~ three to go!

Mom dove with two fledglings

Mourning doves have been nesting in my atrium for about 5 years. Here’s the latest batch of fledglings with their mother. It took about nine days from hatching to flying away!

Blue Jays Collecting Nesting Materials

Pretty much everyone is collecting nesting materials, Starlings, House Sparrows, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Mockingbirds.

Full House

The fifth house finch egg was laid this early on this chilly morning. Five is the usual clutch size, but I’ll check once more to see if there is a sixth! 3-30-23

Northern Mockingbird

Nest Watch day 1-Northern Mockingbird actively building a nest.

Killdeer Deer Nest Failure!

We visited the Killdeer nest. We found destroyed eggs. The mother was in a nearby field yelling. Poor Mrs. Deer! What do you think has eaten the babies? Please see my post showing the destroyed eggs.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology