Chipping sparrow fledging

Breakfast for this Chipping sparrow fledging 6-9-24

Ruby-throated hummmingbird

The hummers returned on Mother’s Day. What a gift!

Finch nest in wreath

Chipmunk vs flycatcher, bluebird fledging, and scarlet tanager.

Then, the chipmunk dragged it off but we chased the chipmunk and he dropped the bird. We put him(flycatcher) in a cage and survived until he died on the morning of May 12th.

Snake on bluebird house.

We have chickadee nest with young in it currently. Is there a way to stop this huge snake from getting up the bucket?!?

Rose-breasted grosbeaks

The adult male RB grosbeak returned today along with a younger version of himself…very handsome!

Fluffy Fledgings

These fluffy fellas hop around, fly from branch to branch then sit there fluttering their wings till mom comes to fed them! 5-12-24

Indigo Bunting

Better pics of the Indigo Bunting. It came back sevral times foraging in the grass along with the White-throated and White-crowned sparrows.

Canada Goose Nest – April 21/2024

Indigo Bunting

The Buntings and Grosbeaks are new visitors along with several different warblers. 5-9-24

Leucistic morning dove

These pictures were taken in my yard. I have described her tenure here in the photo captions. I feel very blessed!

Cute bird

Don’t know who this is. Looked like it had a red spot at the base ot it’s tail underneath. 5-4-24

Great Crested Flycatcher photos

a great crested flycatcher was in my backyard, so I took some photos.

Grosbeak ~ Cardinal

The Rose-breasted grosbeak came back and hung out for awhile. He didn’t mind having mutiple pics taken of him…probably because he so handsome! The Cardinal was enjoying his bath on a finally summer like day.

Rose- breasted grosbeak

My first Rose-breasted grosbeak! 5-3-24

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

This one came with a female to our feeder! They are our first pair of Grosbeaks!

Mourning Dove

I don’t usually see Mourning Doves at the bird bath. 4-27-24

Osprey w fish

Downy Woodpecker~Blue Jay


American Goldfinches


Female Purple Finches


Big Beak

Birdie with a big beak…who am I? 4-12-24

Hungry Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker really enjoying the suet. 4-10-24

Pileated wood pecker

Second time seeing him

Baby House Sparrow

House Sparrow Fledglings

I have around 10-12 sweet baby House Sparrows at my feeder.

Northern Mockingbird Carrying a Stick

European Starling Picking Up a Worn Down Dove Feather For Its Nest

Heavily streaked birdie

I have lots of heavily streaked birdies. Not sure who this. The Sparrow species are confusing! The Merlin app picked u p on a Cedar Waxwing and Bohemian Waxwing….new birdies for me.

European Starling with a stick for its nest

Blue Jay collecting nesting materials

Leucistic Female Purple Finch and Red Crossbill ID

Please help me ID. Also, sorry for the black spot on the camera.

Blue Jays Nest Building

A pair of Blue Jays collecting nesting materials in a neighbor’s yard. (The female is shown in the photos. )

Pretty Boy

American Goldfinch in the rain 4-3-24

Male Mourning Dove with a Twig

Nest Building 2024 (So far)

Northern Mockingbird Pair

burlington vt

Cute birdie ~ not sure who it is though. Orange beak stood out. Some kind of warbler?? 3-31-24

Molting American Goldfinch

Soon to be a very handsome fella! 3-31-24

Crazy Finch Week(Part 3)

Crazy Finch Week(Part 2)

Crazy Finch Week(Part 1)

Crazy Finch day has turned in Crazy Finch week! Never seen so many finches before.

New Visitor

I had two these birds visit together ~ raspbeery red. Think they are Purple Finches. 3-26-24

Crazy finch day(Part 3)


Crazy finch day(Part 3)

3/25/2024. Not all the pictures are finches, but I saw at least twelve finches or more today.

Crazy finch day(Part 1)


Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Early morning visitor after the spring snowstorm 3-24-24

Common Feeder Birds.


Dark -Eyed Junco checking out the spring snow! 3-23-24

Blue Jay

Blue Jay foraging in the spring snow. 3-223-24

Plump Robin

My favorite sign of spring ~ a plump Americna Robin! 3-22-24

Mourning Dove

Rainy day visitors, Mourning Doves, White Throated Sparrows, Juncos.

Hairy Woodpecker

St Patrick’s Day visitor 3-17-24


Not sure who this is… Grosbeak?

Pine Siskins

New visitors to the yard. Merlin has also detected a Yellow Rumped Warbler, an Orange Crowned Warbler, and a Fox Sparrow…all rare for this area. I planted Bayberry shrubs and Juniper shrubs hoping to attract Warblers.

birds of a feather

Hi there! It’s been a really long time since I’ve shared any of my birding, so I figured, now is as best a time as ever!

These were taken 2023/end of 2022, they are my best bird shots – bald eagles and chickadees!

I’m so excited to see what 2024 brings us Northern Michiganders, so far, its looking like a great start to the season, as I’m seeing chickadees, sandhills, and a variety of hawks.

WB Nuthatch

Always enjoy the Nuthatches and their antics. 3-12-24

Live shots around the yard

Other great pictures of various birds caught on camera around our yard. Merganser and Wood Ducks hatching.

Red Belly on suet feeder

Great shot of our local Red Belly woodpecker.

Surprising what you catch on camera

We have cameras mounted around our property and caught the Cooper Hawk and Screech Owl having a snack.

Pine Siskin

The Merlin app identified the Pine Siskin ~ new to my yard in the last couple of weeks. The House Fich couple have been checking out the wreath as a potential nesting spot!

Feeder birds


Cardinal ~ Titmouse

Cute Cardinal and wet Tufted Titmouse. First Robin of the season visited the bird bath on Feb 29th!

Wood Ducks out of water

taken 2022

Handsome Hawk

This handsome Cooper’s Hawk has been visiting over the last few days. 2-19-24

chill(y)ing on the fence

porch pirate i mean sparrow

Cardinal on Holly

Male Cardinal on Holly bush 2-10-24

Fun for all

The new de-icer is a huge hit with my feathered friends ~ 2-8-24

Pair of Cardinals

This pair of Cardinals arrived together this morning to forage for seeds. The American Goldfinches often arrive together as well. My House Finches thus far are scarce ~ they are usually around by now looking for nesting spots.

Wren ~ fich

Sideways pic of a Carolna Wren and American Goldfinch on thistle. Lots of Goldfinches this year ~ but the House Finches have been scarce so far this year. Usually they are checking out my wreath as a potential nesting spot.

very cold doves

junco fattening up

Daily visitors

BC Chickadde, Northenr Cardinal, Carolina Wren….daily visitiors 1-30-24

three doves chilling out

Feeder birds.


Feeder birds/other birds.


Birds on suet wreath.


Just Sweet

Just plain cute ~ American Goldfinch I think. 1-22-24

Dark-eyed Juncos

Dark-eyed Juncos enjoying berries and one solo Junco hanging out in the Red Tree Dogwood. Many Juncos!

Cedar waxing snacking on berries

Tufted Titmouse

As soon as I finished cleaning the spa, this Titmouse indulged in some wet fun! 1-8-24

Baby Tufted Titmouse

While walking around in my backyard, I came across this adorable baby Tufted Titmouse. We had a family of them in our yard this year. And this one was on a branch eye level to me. I couldn’t get over the fact of how small and cute this little one was. I had my zoom lens, so I was a distance away when I took the picture. Didn’t want the little one to get scared with me being there. After photographing, it wasn’t long after a parent came by and the little one went to get it’s lunch. Another reason I love nesting season.

Pair of Cardinals

Pair of hungry Northern Cardinals 1-4-24

Black- Capped Chick & Downy WP

Black-Capped Chickadee and female Downy Woodpecker 1-2-24

Carolina Wren

Cute little Carolina Wren ~ 1-2-24

Carolina Wrens on Seed Bell

I placed my camera outside on a remote shutter and within minutes a pair of Carolina Wrens appeared! The pictures turned out really nice and sharp.

Palm warbler feather????

Tufted titmouse at feeder, black capped chickadee at feeder

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Lots of birds today including this RB Woodpecker and a huge hawk. 12-22-23

Tufted Titmouse

Cute Tufted Titmouse ~ they always look startled! 12-22-23

Red-winged Blackbirds

Was surprised to see two Red-winged Blackbirds in the yard today. 12-21-23

White – breasted Nuthatch

Cute little WB Nuthatch looks frozen in time. 12-20-23

Wet Woody

Very soggy morning in Vermont and a very wet Woody. 12-19-23

Pileated Woodpecker

Early morning visitor ~ Pileated Woodpecker ~ 12-15-23.

Top 5 best bird photos from 2023

Sitting solo

Cute little Tufted Titmouse sitting on the Red Dogwood taking it all in. 12-7-23

Snowy Egret

Feeder birds.

I have figured that the birds only like the sunflower seed, not the mixed seed!


Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology