Pileated Woodpecker Box

Hope for woodpeckers nesting in it.

Gulls,Pileated Woodpecker hole,maybe puffins or cormorants.


Eastern-screech owl & a Eastern bluebird’s eggs,2020.

This is in 2020,I am posting this on:10/7/2022.I was new to Nestwatch in 2022.

I think this is a female Yellow-brested chat.ID please!!

ID please!!

ID please!!This bird is fine,it flew away.(:I think it is an immature nashville walbler.

At the visitor center,we saw this bird in the parking lot we saw this bird,we scooped it up with a book,than it flew on my cloths,than it flew on my sisters arm.ID please!!I think it is a immature nashville walbler.

(He or she)screech owl.

ID please!birds at feeder.

we put up our suet feeders in the winter,and then we participate in the great backyard bird count.In febuarary

ID please!

Brown-headed Cowbirds

morning time i saw this bird in my garden

Tree Swallow Nest box #99

Here is a photo of Tom Bearrs, president of the Delta Naturalists, just after the installation of the 99th tree swallow box. 50 of which are installed on Kings Links by the Sea Golf Course.

Let the nesting begin!

A male Eastern bluebird is seen caring nesting materials to begin the fabulous, and hopefully busy, nesting season. His lovely melody to attract the lovely female eastern bluebird is heard early in the morning.

Young friends helping to retrieve Purple Martins for aging, banding, and nest changes

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology