Robin eggs

Birds Carrying Nesting Material, Part 2

A few more of my favorite photos from this breeding season of birds carrying nesting material. I monitored the Mourning Dove nest for Nest Watch.

Fallen Robin Nest

American Robin Nest #2

These photos are of the incomplete nest. The pictures of the complete nest will be posted later.
The nest fell down during a windstorm a couple of weeks after it was built and is on the ground (no evidence of eggs).

Berry birds(Part 6)

Berry birds(Part 5)

Family of Robins.

Berry birds(Part 4)

Berry birds(Part 2)

American Robin Nest – 2023 (Day #9 & 10)

eBird Checklists:

July 8th:
July 9th:

(Robins fledged on July 13th).

American Robin Nestlings (Day #9)

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American Robin – Day 3

American Robin – Day 2

Newly Hatched Robins

American Robin eggs

2 eggs laid between June 11th-17th. Another egg laid between June 18th-20th.

Robins breeding in popular spot on my house (2nd story bedroom window)

American Robin Nest

Robins in North Alabama

Robin babies nesting on front porch light, right beside busy front door!

Out West Birds(Part 4)

Global Big Day Birds.

Global Big Day Birds.

Robin’s Nest

Photo of a Robin nest being built on a nesting platform my husband built and mounted for them.

Hummingbird, Robin, Eastern Bluebird eggs, & Tufted Titmouse.

2022 Breeding Birds

Snow Geese, The Peep, Robin, Cedar waxwings.

We saw hundreds of Snow Geese. The Peep has been coming every day to eat peanut butter and attacked a robin and another young male Mockingbird that was trying to take his tree, we had a robin in our neighbor’s tree and we saw three Cedar Waxwings in The Peep’s tree.

There might be such thing as a rock pigeon I think!/ID please!

Baby Robin

Only one robin left. I guess the others fledged already.

Robin Nestlings

Three baby robins in a pine tree.


They are at a blueberry farm.

Bluebirds Fledge, Robins Hatch, Hummingbird

All five bluebirds have fledged, the Hummingbirds have popped up in the yard, and all three robin eggs have hatched.

The worst has occured…

Last night one of my worst nightmares came true, not only did I lose all of the robin’s young… but also all of the mockingbird nestlings. I was walking by the robin’s bush and saw needles scattered everywhere. There was one dead baby in the bush, and the bottom of the nest was shredded. I came to find piles upon piles of feathers, with the adult female robin clearly being dead. Knowing a predator had been around, I rushed to check the mockingbird nest, as the adult male had been screaming the entire time I have been home. I have never had a mockingbird nest before and I was thrilled to watch these hatchlings grow up. Sadly, the nest was torn out of its place and all the hatchlings were gone.
THE GOOD NEWS: all song sparrow babies fledged, my 5 bluebird nestlings are well, and I still have two other robin nests, built quite high, that are being raised and are safe. Nature can be cruel and unforgiving, but that’s part of what makes each successful brood so exciting and warming.

Momma Robin Returns!

A robin just returned to use her old nest that had 4 successful fledglings. Hopefully this new clutch will be just as successful as her last!

early bird gets the worm!

do you see the babies?this out my window when I wake up!

Baby Robins

These little guys are growing right in my garden.

Shop babies

Thankfully I saw this before I picked it up
A Brown paper bag that has new microfiber rags inside was used to surround the nest ..

Baby Robins

Found these photos from years ago.

Robin Fledgling

Robin fledgling chirping and waiting in an evergreen tree as parents get food on the lawn.

Progression of American Robin Nest

American Robin’s nesting

Found a beautiful red breasted bird busily building a nest on top of our backyard light fixture. After a couple of weeks I saw a small blue egg shell fallen on the ground. Googled it and found out it was an American Robin’s nest.Managed to click few pictures of the hatchlings. After a couple of days there were three big baby bird’s beak open visible out of the nest. The mom and dad birds were busy feeding worms to these fledglings. After a couple of days the fledglings were hopping on the ground. The robin had built another nest a couple of houses away and moved over there. But watching nature’s way of building a beautiful nest had me spellbound.We kept the empty nest as it is Undisturbed. Waking up to the sweet chirps of birds is the best subtle sweet music to start a day with. This is my first time witnessing a bird’s way of building a nest and hatching it’s eggs. Nature’s marvel!!!

Waiting for momma

Backyard Robins nest

Robin Brings a Lizard to the Nest

Nest under porch

Nest I found under our porch. It started off shallow nest with 6 eggs, the nest started getting deeper and more straw was added, today a 7th egg appeared


Moma feeding little ones

Nest build to fledging

Had the joy of watching the Robin’s build this nest and raise 2 broods this past summer. First brood had 4 and second was 3. Amazing to watch how hard these parents worked to provide for their young.

Building on any available spot.

Robin’s built this nest on the tire of a vehicle that had been sitting in the same spot for many months. When something stole the eggs they abandon the nest.

Where’s my food?

Nest built on top of utility box next door. First hatchling followed by two more.

Robins nest outside our stairwell at school, Odenton Elem., Odenton, Maryland

A robin built her nest on top of a light fixture outside a stairwell at our school in 2018. This location gave our students a first-hand view of the babies from eggs to fledglings.

Eurasian Collared Dove Nesting Cycle

This video is a series of video clips selected from a nest camera to represent various parts of the nesting cycle from empty nest to flying fledglings. At the beginning some Robins check over the nest site.

Baby robins

Parents made the nest in a bird feeder

Precious robin eggs

This nest is in the rafters of our barn which is a small building with no door providing good flying access. The nest is built right alongside another Robin nest that i am pretty sure never got used.

Robin nest

A robin pair built a nest on an old pallet leaning against one of our outbuildings. Any ideas why they would build so low? Wouldn’t that be dangerous?

Robin’s Nest 2021

Robin’s Nest 2021

Robin’s Nest 2021

This robin mom built a nest in a day, lay egg #1 the following morning, then lay eggs #2-#5 on each of the following days. Photos were taken with a 4K security camera set up to monitor the nest and stream it live on YouTube

Robin eggs

Taken 5/7/2021. Last year’s hatchlings were lost to predators. Let’s cross our fingers this year.

American Robin Nest Update


As I was about to go on a hike with my parents and younger sister, I saw a grayish bird fly into a bent tree. I took a few more steps and looked harder, trying to figure out what kind of bird it was. Then I realized it was sitting on a nest! I slowly approached the nest and the bird flew away. I peered inside and, to my delight and surprise, found a beautiful baby blue egg!!! This is the first active nest I’ve found this year! Time to start NestWatch patrolling!!!

Robin babies 2020

Robins nesting under our deck only 6 feet off the ground. Right beside our walkway to the hose for watering everyday. Mother was unconcerned with our presence but fiercely chased away Stellars Jays.

Frolicking Robins

Migratory Robins frolicking in the stream in our front-yard, enjoying the warm, sunny day in November!

Late season American Robin eggs

While pruning I found nest in the center of 6 ft cherry laurel shrub/tree. Not sure if it’s active being so late in PNW season.

Our new neighbors

American Robin Partially Feathered Chicks

American Robin nest with partially feathered chicks at the Kentucky Castle

What a look!

Robins first day in the world

First robin hatch-ling just hatched today!!! no feathers yet

Naked Baby Dinosaurs with a Bad Hair Day!

How many chicks do you see?

This photo was taken for my American Robin nest attempt. Today is the first day I figured out how to see inside a nest that was so high up in a tree with no branches: buy an extension pole that’s long enough, attach a camera to the end, start the video, lift it above the nest and angle it so that it can record what’s inside, lower it back down to the ground, stop the video, then watch it and see what you see.

Nesting baby Robins

Stretching my wings

This Robin nestling is flapping its wings in preparation for learning to fly.

Sleeping Robin Twins

2 Robin Nestlings after the nest fell off the ceiling fan. I replaced the startled babies and they snuggled in to relax. I was able to replace the nest with assistance of packing tape.

Robin Eggs

4 Robin eggs!

Robins nest

1, 2, 3 eggs

We took a picture every two days and each time an egg was added.

Robin Trading Places

Male Robin watches over nest and switches places when female returns. Eggs are 5-7 days old.


American Robin juveniles in my back yard.

Warbler Galore! (Big Birding Day Part 2)

Sorry for the not-so-great pictures. Aside from the three kinds of warblers, I saw a European Starling, two Ospreys, robins, crows, Tree Swallows, Black-capped Chickadees, Downy Woodpeckers, and White-breasted Nuthatches.

Big Birding Day (Part 1)

2nd fledgling

1st fledgling

on potted fig tree

Some Robin Nesting in CT

Our house has become popular this year with Robins. We have two nests on opposite side of the house and active nesting is taking pace

American Robin

American Robin eggs on my porch light.

growing chicks

Birth of American Robin

Momma takes out an egg half and comes back to a hungry mouth. Note: Reupload with thumbnail

American Robin momma gets a suprise

Momma robin takes half an egg shell away and comes back to a very hungry new mouth.

male feeds chicks

Male gives female bugs to feed to chicks

1 day old robin chicks

hatched yesterday or maybe the day before

Male American Robins in my yard

I used a Canon EOS Rebel T5 camera to take these pics.

robin eats meal worms

4 robin eggs

robin laid one egg per day

male feeds female

Sweet moment!

Robin incubating 4 eggs

American Robin Nest 2020

American Robins have found the nesting shelf once again and of course built it on top instead of inside. or well thats there choice. Guess it gives them more room. I am glad they came back. Hoping it will be another sucessfully year because last year they must of had 5 eggs of last years nest and my mom and I saw two babies and when my dad cleaned the nest off the top 3 non viable eggs where left. My dad didnt think any babies survived but he didnt see want my mom and I saw. Two little beaks stuck theres heads out of last years nest so I guessing it was sucessful otherwise the robins wouldnt be back. I am happy they are though and will moniter them.

Cherokee Golf Nest

I took this photo on April 11, 2020. It is on the top of my front porch post underneath the roofline of my house.

American Robins nesting on the campus of th University of Alabama at Birmingham

A friend shared with me the link of the story of the unsuccessful nesting attempt by the American Robins in Arkansas, so I though I would share these photos and comments with you. I found a nest of American Robins at the building where I work at UAB, on Thanksgiving Day, 2019. Of the three nestlings (see first photo), only one fledged, on 12-8-19 (second photo). Sadly, this baby died on 12-12-19. However, unbeknownst to me, the female had built a second nest and began incubating eggs again on 12-13-19 (third photo). These eggs hatched on 12-27-19 and the three babies eventually fledged on 1-10-20 (fourth photo). Presently, mom and the babies are doing well (last photo, although the condition of mom’s feathers is awful!). I and a couple of friends have been supplying mealworms each day during this entire process.

Robin and Chickadee

American Robin fledgling

Mama in Nest, taken 5/17/2019

American Robin, Nesting in Lilacs

American robin chicks just hatched!

American robin chicks

Found a nest at my brother IL’s house.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology