Bald Eagle!

A Bald Eagle calling in response to it’s young begging.

Out West Birds(Part 10)

Enjoying the Drizzle

Nest ID please!!Blue jays,Eagle & woodpecker?

Baby seagull,rock pigeons,birdhouse wall,immature bald eagle.

Birdhouses on wall,not being used.

Bald Eagle nest from February

This is a Bald Eagle nest from February in 2022. These are a few of the photos I took. One of the adults was incubating eggs/babies while the other was perched in a tree not too far away. The adult in the tree then flew to the nest and I managed to catch a very tender moment where the adults touched their heads together.
We never followed back up on the nest after a couple of visits so I’m not sure what happened to the eggs or babies.
The owner of the land said that the bald eagles made the nest about 4 years ago, and since Bald Eagles can mate when they’re 4, I’m assuming this pair is about 8 years old. I can’t wait to monitor the nest this coming year!
I think the nest is about 5-6 feet tall and wide.

Immature bald eagle.

We saw an bald eagle swoop down and get a fish,eat it on a branch.

We saw a osprey but we did not get a picture of it.


The baby is on the left and the adult on the right.while we were driving by the great lakes,in michigan.

Bald Eagle over the St-Lawrence River

Bald Eagle in the bay of Rimouski in the province of Quebec (Canada) april 5-7 2022

Bald eagle bringing home a bass

Bald eagle bringing home a bass for the its mate and the eaglet in the nest

Eagles at Fort Donelson

For about 17 years or so the eagles, “Jack” and “Lizzy” have produced offspring, some years only one, but other years up to three. This year there was only one and you can see they are very watchful of their offspring.

Eagles Lock & Dam 13

Juvie Eagles being watched by an Adult perched in the tree to the left. Mississippi River Lock and Dam 13, Fulton, IL

Needy Nestling Needs More Nourishment

Built remarkably close to a road, this Eagle’s nest offered a rare opportunity to view their care of this nestling.

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Migration is here in the Michigan Mitten!

The Bald Eagle

Notice the pines are framing his face.

Looks Like We Will Be Having Baby Downy Woodpeckers This Year!

I was watching the female Downy Woodpecker as she ate from the suet feeder. Suddenly, a male flew up and scared her away. Then a female Baltimore Oriole flew up and scared him away. I happened to look out my window at the oak, and I saw both Downy Woodpeckers sitting on the dead limb. I glimpsed a blur of feathers, and it took me a second to comprehend that they were mating! I’m so excited that I caught that out in the wild!!! Ive seen Barn Owls and Bald Eagles mating on camera, but I’ve never seen it with my own eyes out in nature! It was so cool! I have seen the Downy Woodpeckers pecking at it, but they were moving up and down the branch, so I thought they were only searching for bugs. I’m thinking about climbing that tree in search of a nest cavity, but I don’t want to have to go to all that work to drag a heavy ladder up to it if there’s no nest, so do birds typically only mate at or near the nest site, or do they mate wherever?

Hawk trying to take fish from Eagle

This Red-tailed never got the fish, I have other photos of this.

Bald Eagle nest along Scioto River.

Bald Eagle swapping turns with its partner on their nest.

Searching for eagle near nest.

I was hoping to spot the eagles. Last week there was no sight of them, but the mudslides had made the drive treacherous and the rain was thundering, so I couldn’t get out of the car that week. This week I was heading out of skid row in downtown Los Angeles where I do charity dental care. I was heading out there early at 4pm and with the sun setting, I thought I might have a chance to check the nest before dusk. Besides I could see Mount Baldy’s snow cap and thought it would look great if the eagles were there. No luck, but enough light at dusk and no rain for the first time in days, so I got out for a search. SUCCESS!

Nestling Eagle

This is a picture from 11/21 which is the first time we saw the eagle in the nest. I may estimate this to be the date that the egg was laid. We shall see, because there’s no safe way to view the contents of the nest. I do not think it would be wise, or legal to bring a drone to the site. It’s not necessary, the activity of feeding the hatchlings is pretty obvious. We have been observing these same for a couple of years of successful rearing, but never with ebird or nestwatch. Very grateful for these programs and instructions.

The guarding their finished new nest.

There’s been a history of 5 or 10 years where a nest was in the adjacent tree. This nest grew and grew til last March, 2018 it just collapsed in high winds falling apart over the month, despite their efforts to repair. They had hatched a few eggs and the juveniles matured and departed. With the nest gone, one had to wonder if this pair would return. in September we noticed sticks at this tree in the picture about 20 yards from the former nest. This picture represents the first time 11/14 we saw the eagle at the nest. and then last week 11/21 we saw the eagle inside the nest. It’s a much poorer picture, since I didn’t want to disturb. Today, I went by during a storm and saw no activity, but I trust they are close.

Bald Eagle over Lake Dillon

Bald Eagle with juvenile

Mom’s home!

Farm field eagle nest. Diamond bluff Wisconsin. Lots of voles and rabbit few fish as Mississippi river 3 miles away. The nest is in a pasture with wild painted horses. The wild horse farm takes up the entire Diamond bluff valley.

Bald Eagles

Proud & Tall

4/4/15 – Male Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle and Osprey nests

As described above.

Birds of Prey first of 2015 season nests in Silverthorne, Colorado

Hays Eaglets

Picture of all three eaglets waiting for Mom or Dad to bring lunch…This was taken on May 20, 2014. H3, the second hatched fledged one month later on June 20, 2014, two days later on June 22 H2, the 1st hatched fledged, and then our little one (the baby) H4 fledged on June 27, 2014…Was a beautiful year for the Hays Bald Eagle Nest in Pittsburgh, PA…We were so lucky and blessed to have this site to watch…learn… and grow with them…They had the best protective parents..They are all now soaring above as strong and majestic eagles…

Eagle pair in Arkansas

Bald Eagle: Regal Pause & Nest/Nest Site

One of a pair of Bald Eagles who have nested at the same site since 2008.This one was resting from nest renovation a couple of months before incubation. The BAEA nest and nest site.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology