Barn Swallow

Waiting to be Fed

Fledglings waiting at the library feeding.

Barn Swallows have left the building!

Barn Swallows

Juvenile Barn Swallows

Barn Swallows ready to fledge

Barn Swallows

Nest needs id!

Another generation of swallows

Big Barn Swallow hatchlings

Must you poop so close to me?

Barn Swallow nest on top of loud speaker outside of Tractor Supply Store

New Generation

Every year our barn swallows return

Barn Swallow nest

Backyard birds

The first photo is a green heron. There was a nest in our blue spruce tree right next to our house. There were 3 babies, but one fell out of the nest and died. I had never seen a Green Heron before, so it was a real thrill to catch this fledgling as it was learning to fly. The 2nd photo is a nest of Barn Swallows. There are 5 babies in the nest.

Fledgling Swallow

Barn swallows at sunset!

Sorry for the 1-star pics ūüôĀ

My Barn Swallows

My birds always welcome us to watch them.. I spend more time to capture the beautiful moments of them…

Lucky 7

Large brood of fledgling barn swallows almost ready to take flight!

Barn Swallows man the fire Alarm !

photo of new barn swallow nest in apt building summer 2018

Barn swallow nest

Barn swallows are everywhere in my town, on my land I have about 10 nest sites. (Turn phone to see nest better)

4 in a Nest

Young in Nest

update of nesting attempt Barn Swallow in Lakewood CO MPMGRP1 in 2017

4 More To Go!

Barn Swallow Babies

This barn swallows nest is above our front door which we never use. I have a perfect view without any worry of disturbing the babies. This porch is never used. I get to watch babies every year .

Six baby barn swallows!

This is the third year this pair has used the same nest. The first year they had one brood and last year they had two. Their babies from previous years come visit frequently and we love watching the family all lined up on our gutter above our front porch.

Feeding time

Barn Swallows – 20 days old

Baby barn swallows

We were surprised and delighted to discover several nests under the roof, with about 8 adults swooping near the place!

Barn Swallows ready to fledge

At National Park Cottonwood Campground ranger station in July 2003.

Nest Before and After


Male barn swallow swoops into the frame to feed his young

Barn Swallows 6/2016

Big open field nearby where about a dozen Barn Swallows fly every evening. Last week noticed they were checking out front porch. Did not take long to construct a mud nest up in a protected corner.

Barn Swallow hatchling, just a few hours old.

Porch nest

Barn swallow nest on front porch column

Barn swallow

Barn Swallow Nest Building

This pair of Barn Swallows have returned for the 2nd year to our back porch. They have been marking their territory for a week and have just started to build for the past 2 days.

Barn Swallow at the park

Barn Swallow Triplets

This nest was directly under a porch roof with great cover for the babies.

Barn Swallows

Barn swallows in my horse barn. Have had barns in 3 different cities in my lifetime. This is a first for me to have these wonderful creatures in a barn. Talk to them everyday. Will certainly miss them as they are beginning to practice “touch and goes” in the last couple of days.

Feeding time


5 barnswallows nesting on our front porch

Three Baby Barn Swallows

Three baby Barn Swallows waiting for mama to bring their lunch.

Barn Swallow Eggs and Nest

This nest is a continuing nest for at least three years. Additional years of nest building can be seen. Sitting on barn’s support beams, this nest is about 15 feet above ground.

bird nest #1

There has been a bird in the nest for about a week.

Dog barn nests

Two barn swallow nests in dog barn.

Gonna Fly Soon!

Chow Line

Mother’s Love

A Barn Swallow feeding her young-one. The action was so fast that I have to wait 45 minutes to take this photo.

Suburban Barn Swallow Nest

Barn Swallow nest over front door of suburban house

Six Little Swallows

A Barn Swallow laid 6 eggs in a nest on a porch light at a friends house. All babies hatched & are almost ready to fledge!

Ozzie and Harriet: Back for another year…

While perhaps not the same pair that started nesting here in 2007, these Barn Swallows have been “summer renters” every year. They don’t seem to mind me being on the porch or even on the ladder when I relocated the webcam. Guess they figure I’m the “landlord”.


Barn Swallows

Barn Swallows nesting at Explosives production facility

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology