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We have a pair of Bewick’s Wrens that discovered an unoccupied bird house in our garden.

Bewick’s Wren

We made a nest out a former hanging pot holder and created a lid of sticks and pine cones. Bewick’s Wrens have used it for 2 years. It hangs on our patio.

First Look

Bewick’s wren chick checking out our patio. This bird house is about 12′ from the back door and only 4′ off the ground.

Bewick’s wren babies! Oklahoma 2021

My first ever nest box! Two baby Bewick’s wrens and a surprise cow bird baby. One egg didn’t hatch. Best box was about 3 feet from my front door! I completely fell in love! ❤

bewicks wren

wren nest

bewicks wren nest!

recently fleged 3 little wrens!

Bewick’s Wren NestWatch

Bewick’s Wren nest. No babies yet.

At least 3 Bewick’s Wren nestlings

This is a photo of the nest box video as it shows on my TV.

My first Bewick’s Wren nest

Normally I have Black-capped Chickadees nesting in this box, but this year, although they built the nest AND I saw an adult spending the night in the box (via nest cam), no eggs were laid. I didn’t see much activity and went to clean out their nest and found this… I hooked up the nest cam and there were 4-6 Bewick’s Wren nestlings in the box.

Bewick’s wren chick

Two week old Bewick’s wren almost ready to leave the nest.

Building the Nest

Two Bewick’s Wrens building their 2017 nest in the NE Box.

Bewicks Wren in shop

Bewick’s in a Boot

I kept seeing a wren fly off my porch, but I couldn’t see the nest. My dog was sniffing the boot and my husband pulled it off the rack to look inside. Sure enough, there was the nest. I moved a big bowl and some dog leashes to take the picture and then replaced them. I guess I won’t bother taking the boots in to be resoled. They’ve already been re-purposed.

Cow has bird brain

Cow skull has been made into a nest bring new meaning to the phrase ” Bird Brain”

Bewick’s Wren

Bewick’s wren nest behind my house.

Bewick’s Wren Nest

Bewick’s Wren Nest

In a birdbox in our backyard, a Bewick’s Wren nested. The first baby has just hatched this morning!!

Bewick’s Wrens

Bewick’s Wrens using a bluebird nestbox along the Mitchell Lake Audubon Center trail.

Picture by: Paul Pruitt

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology