Chickadee vs Cowbird

A cowbird egg appeared in my slot top box that has 4 chickadee eggs in it. I would love to put a camera in there to follow what happens. I will try to modify the roof to allow me to drop in a Blink camera.

Song Sparrow nest with Brown-headed Cowbird nestling

I followed a Song Sparrow adult to its nest and discovered four nestlings. One was twice the size of the other nestlings, so I figured it must be a Brown-headed Cowbird.

Unknown nest with damaged cowbird egg

Unknown nest with damaged cowbird egg. The nest is about 6 or 7 feet in an Oak tree.

Bathing(Part 2)




Baby Cowbird

This baby cowbird is a daily visitor to my feeders.

Egg ID!

This nest that we thought was a abandoned hummingbird nest was a least flycatcher nest when we saw that the least flycatcher was sitting on it. We were out of the house and than came back and saw two eggs. They had different patterns on the egg. One was tan-white which I think is the L flycatcher and the other one was white with brown spots which I think is a cowbird egg. The picture isn’t the best because the nest is covered with leaves. We had seen a male and female Brown-Headed Cowbird.



Hanging flower basket nest

Found this nest in a hanging flower basket on my deck. Can’t believe how many eggs are in this little nest and two different kinds.

Out West Birds(Part 7)

Out West Birds(Part 4)

Cowbird egg in House Finch nest located in front porch wreath

House Finch and Cowbird

House finches built a nest. Looks like a cowbird found it.

RARE Leucistic female Brown-headed Cowbird!


The blackbirds drain the feeder in minutes! The other birds haven’t much of an opportunity to feed

Carolina Wren feeding Brown-headed Cowbird fledgling

A hungry Brown-headed Cowbird fledgling begs for food from Carolina Wren in my backyard.

Backyard Birds part 1

So many backyard birds that I never see! Cowbirds, finches, chickadees, and more!

2022 Breeding Birds

Brown-headed cowbird egg in mockingbird nest

This brown-headed cowbird egg was in a mockingbird nest. This photo was taken AFTER the 3 chicks fledged. There was one mockingbird egg that didn’t hatch. The cowbird egg is the smaller white egg on the right.

Better picture of the Cowbird

A better picture of the Cowbird. What a sweet little cowbird. It’s taking good care of its not yet hatched Cardinal siblings.

ID please!

Young Cowbird in nest

Baby Cowbird in a nest. Eggs need ID. White with brown speckles. The eggs are about an inch long. There are two eggs. The nest was made of mostly sticks and lots of white down feathers. Any ID?

Common Yellowthroat female feeding its fledgling Brown-headed Cowbird

Strange Nestfellows

This picture was taken by my son in Waukee, Iowa. The nest is in his fireplace vent. He has seen a house finch entering and exiting the nest. I have two issues:
1) I think the bigger eggs, including the speckled ones and the almost pure white one, are all house finch eggs. My friend thinks the speckled ones are brown-headed cowbird eggs. What do you think?
2) What in the world is the smaller. beige egg?
Your assistance will be appreciated.

Unknown egg!! Maybe House Sparrow??

This is a Song Sparrow’s nest with a Brown-headed Cowbird’s egg, but what bird laid the bluish-white speckled one?

Song Sparrow nest with a cowbird egg!

I saw the female cowbird exploring around the bush where the nest was, but the nest didn’t have any eggs in it at the time. I suppose she waited until the sparrow laid her eggs. This is my first nest with a nest parasite this year.

Still Here!

Cowbird egg in house finch nest

After just putting out our spring wreath, we found a couple birdies stealing from it.. a week later they made a nest.. then came the eggs!

Brown-headed Cowbirds

big baby

Are these baby cowbirds?

Are these baby cowbirds or Song Sparrow young?

Young cardinals and young cowbird eating sunflowers

House Finch Nest with Cowbird Egg

Discovery of house finch nest on our wreath on our front door! We noticed the house finches stealing our artificial wrath twigs last month and now we found that they built a nest! It seems we have a cowbird egg in there. The House Finch hasn’t abandoned the nest yet! Will keep an eye on it and leave out the back door for a while.

Young are growing even bigger at the eastern phoebe nest.

The young are almost grown up at the eastern phoebe nest.

Young are growing fast at the eastern phoebe nest!

An eastern phoebe nest full of young!

A lot of little mouths at the eastern phoebe nest!


Some phoebes hatch at the eastern phoebe nest.

Those phoebes are on top of an unhatched egg.

Cowbird egg has hatched at the eastern phoebe nest!

His name is bonbon. I named him!

White-eyed Vireo nest with vireo hatchling and parasitic cowbird hatchling

White-eyed Vireo nest with two unhatched eggs, one one-day-old Vireo hatchling and one two-day-old Brown-headed Cowbird hatchling. This nest was secured to a poison ivy vine near the edge of a marsh.

Mrs. Phoebe At Her Nest.

Maya is doing a good job incubating all those eggs! I don’t know how she fits on top of them all!

Cow Bird eggs in Chipping Sparrow nest

Another Phoebe Egg Has Been Laid In the Eastern Phoebe Nest, Along With A Cowbird Egg.

Why do those cowbirds find every nest in north america?!

Mother And Father Cardinal Feed The Babies!


Cowbird & Cardinal nestlings in northern cardinal nest.

Cardinal egg & cowbird egg hatch in northern cardinal nest.

I’m not your step-father, cowbird!

Cowbird young in Junco Nest

We’ve been watching the evolution of a Dark-Eyed Junco nest as its been parasitized by a Cowbird. We believe that two of the Junco eggs have been eaten and replaced by two Cowbird eggs at different times. One of the Cowbird eggs has hatched.

Cowbird Splash Day

It’s summer in texas,hot, so the cowbirds are enjoying the water feature.

Having a rest.

Phoebe Nest with Cowbird Egg

Phoebe nest with cowbird egg

Foster Parenting

Male Northern Cardinal feeding a juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird (brood parasite), that was presumably laid in this cardinal’s nest by its mother, and raised by the cardinals as one of its own.

The Younglings!

The young birds all out and about to explore the outside world..captured them in different ways enjoying the sunshine food and the weather.

BIG brother cowbird and 4 phoebe chicks

that huge cowbird may be covering some other young, but I believe there are 4 phoebe chicks and 1 cowbird

Cowbird Closeup

Got a nice close-up of this guy in my back yard! I know Cowbirds get bad reps, but I love their colors against the brown of their heads!. they are beautiful. ENJOY!

Nests in my neighbourhood

First flight


A blanket of chicks to cover Cowbird

The forth one fell out without notice because of Cowbird’s big size. But the others chicks are almost as big as the Cowbird chick.

The growing cowbird

I do wish the other chicks would at least get the same attention as the big cowbird chick. Cute photo though!

Cowbirds being raised by Cardinals

Yellow Warbler nest

Four Chipping sparrows and one fat guest

Now all the eggs have hatched!

Squeezing in

Now Caroline has laid a new egg, how cute!

Two chipping sparrows and one Cowbird egg

Caroline now has three eggs to take care of

Chipping sparrow nest containing a cowbird egg

This nest, located about 7 ft from the ground in an Alberta spruce adjacent to my home, contained 4 chipping sparrow eggs and one cowbird egg.

House Finch Nest

A pair of house finches built a nest in a hanging fern on my front porch.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology