Birds Carrying Nesting Material, Part 2

A few more of my favorite photos from this breeding season of birds carrying nesting material. I monitored the Mourning Dove nest for Nest Watch.

Berry birds(Part 3)

Brown Thrasher eggs and Nest ID help!

Two nests I found in a shrub/tree in one of my relative’s yard. One is an active Brown Thrasher nest with three eggs. The other is right next to it about 6 feet high and it is made of sticks, a pink string, and some other random materials. I didn’t get a good look at the inside.

Learning to grab the peanuts

Immature Thrasher delighted with peanut handout.

Defending the nest

A pair of brown thrashers had a nest in a bush on the edge of our yard, and found themselves fighting off a large rat snake that had already taken one chick from the nest. The snake climbed a nearby tree where the parents harassed it until it finally crawled down and into the woods.

Brown thrasher nest

First Brown Thrasher

Brown thrasher chicks

Brown Thrasher Nest – Three Eggs

Brown Thrasher babies

Brown thrasher

Brown Thrasher Nest

My Labrador Retriever kept pestering a Holly Bush next to the barn. After I investigated, I relized it was a Brown Thrasher nest with two eggs. I place a barrier (a metal garden vine stand) in front of the bush to keep the Lab from gaining access. The nest is approximately 4 feet above ground and easy access to the Lab. The adults returned to the nest after about an hour.

Brown Thrashers have hatched!

Brown Thrashers 2017

Three eggs have been laid so far and hatch-lings should be arriving within the following week.

Brown Thrashers

Found a Brown Thrasher nest in my grandmother’s vine bush.

Brown Thrasher Nest

Nest built by brown thrashers (observed building/bringing nest materials April 1, nest complete April 3 but no eggs yet)

Brown Thrasher Chicks in Oklahoma

Hidden Gems!

Brown Thrasher nest

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology