Birds at the beach(Part 9)

Birds at the beach(Part 8)

Birds at the beach(Part 3)

Birds at the beach(Part 1)

Out West Birds(Part 2)

The first photo is Jackson, Wyoming.

Canada Geese

A Male Canada Goose Chasing Off An Intruder.


Canada Goose on Nest



Canada Geese

Goosey and Geesey the Canada Geese enjoying the lake. Goosey is the gander and Geesey is the goose.

good ducklings!

there was a pond here and a pond here.Are you sure we go in this pond?

Morphed Canada Goose?

I noticed this Canada Goose as I was leaving a building. I am not sure if anyone can tell me if this is significant in anyway, but it sure stood out in a crowd of geese.

Mating Canada Geese

Global Big Day Birding Pt 2

What a Day At the Horicon Marsh! (Part 2)

HUGE variety of birds in the Horicon Marsh! Palm Warblers, TONS of Canada Geese, Tree and Barn Swallows, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, American White Pelicans, ducks, Killdeers, Purple Martins, TONS of Red-winged Blackbirds, Common Grackles, Forster’s Terns, Herring Gulls, and much more!

Is There Such A Thing as a White-headed Canada Goose??!!

What a day at the Horicon Marsh!

I also saw a Northern Shoveler, a ton of Red-winged Blackbirds, and my first Forster’s Tern!

Canada Goose

My Mom Took This Picture As A Souvenir From Mother’s Day 2019

This is in Indian Lake Park State Park, which is in Irwin, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mom’s never seen a Canadian Goose nest before the date this was taken and while coming across this nest for Nestwatch was the second time I have ever come across a Canadian Goose nest, this was her first time seeing a Canadian Goose nest. However, this nest was our first time seeing Canadian Goose eggs, and I bet you guys haven’t seen them either. (Brave woman to get that close). BTW, as we were leaving, the goose and gander came back and the goose mainly hissed at us.
PS It’s right next to a manmade fishing lake, three trees, and a busy footpath, and right across a playground that was used by humans in the majority of my visits thus far!

Canadan Goose

young canada geese

young Canada geese, Branta Canadensis, Spring of 2018 in my backyard at hunters pond. 4 of them grew to adulthood

Canadian Geese

Canadian Geese

Canada Goose Nest

This is a 14 year old pair of Canada Geese that nests on the roof of the local high school every year.

Goose Nest

This nest of five eggs is located along side our farm lake. I have been watching the mamma sitting on the nest since April 7th. I spy with binoculars from the hillside above the lake. Still no goslings as of yesterday (April 26th). It is surprising how well camouflaged mamma is as she sits on the eggs waiting for them to hatch.

Lucy, Desi and four fledglings

A pair of Canada Geese started a nest on an island in our pond, in view of the house on March 20, 2016.
I named them Lucy and Desi. Lucy lay 4 very large cream colored eggs and covered them with down. She stayed on the nest each day and only got off for about 45 minutes each day between 6-7 p.m. Desi always was close by watching for any trouble. He ran off two beavers, a blue heron, and several times had to run off other geese in the area, that may be related. Desi and Lucy had been a member of 5 geese checking out the area, they ran off the other 3. These same 3 came back several times only to be chased off.
On April 18th the eggs began to hatch and on April 19th, four little goslings fledged! They swam all around with Lucy and Desi. They come up on the lawn to eat. They are so cute. They seem to be staying here which suits me fine.

Lucy, Canada Goose and Desi, Gander March 20, 2016 – April 15, 2016

My first pair of Canada Geese to choose our little island in our pond for nesting. I named them Lucy and Desi. It has been a joy to watch them from the beginning in their building of the nest, laying of the eggs, guarding the nest, and tenderly sitting on the eggs and covering them with down. Today is the big day! I saw two little heads when Lucy stood up and she called Desi to come look. He is proudly standing on the island by her side. She is still sitting, so there must be more to hatch. They are so proud and I’m proud too! I am so fortunate to be able to see them clearly through my binoculars out my patio doors.

6/17/15 Canada Geese with family of 8

6/17/15 Canada Geese with family of 8

6/17/15 – Canada Geese & family of eight

Adult Geese with family of eight

Nests in my neighbourhood

Spring on the farm

Family Time

In paying closer attention to the water birds this year, I came across a family of Canadian Geese.

Mother Geese & Kin

These 2 mother Canada Geese built their nests next to our lake (one on a wooden wall & another in some rushes). After a few days, the eggs hatched & they had healthy goslings! Now they’re all grown up & starting to look more like adult geese.

Goose territory

Male Canada Goose protecting their territory while females watched.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology