Chickadee, Bluebird, & Nuthatch.

Rare Bluebird visit to the feeders. There was 2 males & 1 female.

Busy feeders.

Birds out at the feeders on a cold day.

Carolina Chickadees checking out my new nestbox

A male chickadee flew over to the fence near my nestbox, he then when inside, came out, and called to his female. She flew over and went inside. We just put the nestbox up 2 days ago.

ID Please for hawk!!/Chickadee & Titmouse.

Backyard Birds part 2

The Yellow-rumped Warbler comes every day, multiple times a day, for peanut butter.

Backyard Birds part 1

So many backyard birds that I never see! Cowbirds, finches, chickadees, and more!

Feeder Birds

Carolina Chickadees

The chickadees have been coming every day since December 19. They have come to almost all my feeders. They are such cute birds.

Carolina Chickadees, Palm Warbler, Chipping Sparrows, Mourning Doves.

So many birds at my new woodpecker log feeder, tube feeder, platform feeder, and seed block feeder.

Red-bellied woodpecker, Carolina Chickadee, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, DownyWoodpecker & White-Brested Nuthatch.

Birds enjoying the suet.

The chickadees,Titmice & Nuthatches love the suet.

Chickadee,Cardinals,Blue Jays/11/23/2022

Chickadees & titmice.

The Chickadees are Here!

The Carolina Chickadees are here! They love the suet!

ID please!birds at feeder.

we put up our suet feeders in the winter,and then we participate in the great backyard bird count.In febuarary

Young Cowbird in nest

Baby Cowbird in a nest. Eggs need ID. White with brown speckles. The eggs are about an inch long. There are two eggs. The nest was made of mostly sticks and lots of white down feathers. Any ID?

6 Carolina Chickadee Nestlings!

All 6 of the Carolina Chickadee nestlings finally hatched! Mr. and Mrs. Chickadee are working very hard to feed and raise their young. One day very soon, those little nestlings will grow into happy, cheerful Carolina Chickadees just like their parents. Welcome to the world little ones!
Both pictures taken on May 9, 2022

The First Carolina Chickadee Nestling

When I visited the nest box to check on the Carolina Chickadee nest, I was surprised at what I saw. The first Carolina Chickadee nestling hatched! I was so filled with joy that the first little Chickadee nestling finally made it’s way out the shell. Welcome to the world little Chickadee! Now to wait for it’s siblings to hatch too.

Picture taken on May 5, 2022.

Carolina Chickadee Nest 2022

The Carolina Chickadee nest is located in this viewing, nest box that we put up in our backyard. Both pictures taken on April 24, 2022

Mrs. Carolina Chickadee incubates her eggs

Mrs. Carolina Chickadee keeps her 6 eggs warm. Picture taken on April 27, 2022

6 Carolina Chickadee eggs!

Mrs. Carolina Chickadee laid 6 eggs in our nest box! April 23, 2022

Carolina Chickadee nest beginning

The camera inside a chickadee nest box captured this chickadee bringing in nesting materials. Once the chickadee just opened her beak and slung pieces of moss all over the bottom of the box.

Cleaning a Cavity

This particular cavity had interest from pairs of Tufted Titmouse, Eastern Bluebird, and the Carolina Chickadees in the photo. Unfortunately, it didn’t pass muster for any of them.

Chickadees in a Tree Stump

I was standing in my yard yesterday when I noticed a chickadee hovering in branches on my neighbor’s crape myrtle tree. It perched on the tree stump. Then it suddenly disappeared into a cavity in the tree. I looked inside the hole to discover the bird sitting on a nest. When the bird left the nest to search for food, I peeked inside the hole and saw 4 hatchlings.

Chickadee Home

I was so excited to see this pair of Carolina Chickadees nest in my backyard. I see them all the time and didn’t know they would nest in a pine tree by our lake. Watching them go back and forth with every type of insect in and out of that hole was a highlight of my day. Wasn’t sure how many babies were inside but I could hear them chirping away everytime their mommy or daddy would come back. I look forward to seeing them next year when nesting season starts again for these little cuties!


Adult chickadee bringing food to the chicks

Chickadees fledging!

One of the babies fledged today, the one almost stepping out of the box, and one of the others has been poking their head out to get food very often, see the one being feed. The third baby is just staying in the box for now.

Carolina Chickadee

Chickadee Threat Display

Young Birds at my Feeders

I’ve been seeing a lot of juvenile and immature Northern Cardinals lately, and now there’s also a juvenile Red-Bellied Woodpecker! How exciting!!!

Carolina chickadee baby peeking out of nest box

Carolina Chickadee getting ready to fledge

possible cowbird egg in black capped chickadee nest?

do you the large egg on top of the others could be the egg of a cowbird?

Chickadee leaving for more food

Chickadees hatched April 18, 2020 in homemade chickadee house (pvc tube), parents have been busy since flying in and out to keep everyone fed!

First Carolina Chickadee eggs of the 2020 season

This is the first CACH nest being monitored this season. Same pair using the same box as last season, which resulted in 10 eggs (cold snap took first 5). 4 of 5 fledged from this box last March.

Fledgling Carolina Chickadees

Carolina Chickadees shortly before they left the nest. Two days after the photo was taken, they had left the nest.

Carolina Chickadee Nest with Eggs

Carolina Chickadees nested in one of our backyard next boxes, and there are now 7 eggs in the nest.

Carolina Chickadee hatching day

A cold snap added more time than expected, but the first CACH nest of the 2019 season has hatched six of the 10 eggs on March 27.

10 Carolina Chickadee eggs

Carolina Chickadee eggs

CACH began building net in early February and is now up to six eggs on 2/24/19.

Carolina Chickadee feeding young

Carolina Chickadee feeding her young. She nest in this tiny nest box hanging from my Cedar Tree. Past 3 years has returned to this box to nest and each year has been successful. Such a delight to hear the sound of little ones coming from the box in the spring.



Carolina Chickadee nest

Nest was made of mostly moss and fine materials.

Carolina Chickadee alongside her five eggs posing for the camera.

Nesting Mama Chickadee

I knocked on the nestbox and had no indication there was anyone in there. Imagine my surprise to find this little Carolina Chickadee in the nest, presumably on her eggs!

Brand new chickadees

Beat birthday surprise for me and for our soon-to-be feathered friends!

Cozy soon-to-be chickadees

Occupied at last!

Been a few weeks since this nest started and today Whahoo the nest is occupied by this precious bird. Thank you, can’t wait to see how many eggs.

Mossy, furry nest… Carolina Chickadee, perhaps?

This is in a Brown-headed Nuthatch box, but I believe the nest most resembles what a Carolina Chickadee would build? The dog hair was added just yesterday and came from my Golden Retriever–I’ve been refilling a suet feeder with her hair for the past month and it keeps disappearing! Fun to see it in use 🙂

Carolina Chickadee I think.

Found this in one of my Bluebird boxes

Carolina Chickadees About to Fledge

Final Family Photo

Last picture of 7-Carolina Chickadee’s taken @ 10:45 a.m. May 8. At 8:30 p.m. on May 8 the 1st one of 7 fledged flying up to the tree we believe is where the father has been hanging out.

Carolina Chickadee Nest

These chickadees started building 2 days ago.

Hard to capture Chickadees!

These birds are extremely hard to take pictures of. They’re not too trusting although they nest near humans. I’m grateful I get to experience them at all. Finally heard babies yesterday and wasn’t even sure there were eggs! I’m excited as I’ve never had this species nest in one of my houses.

Chickadee on next

As I approached the box, the male flew out, but mama stayed put. I think she was actually sleeping when I snapped the shot. I later noticed a spider on the side of the box, who I thought was an unwelcomed visitor. A friend shared that it will manage the insects in the box, so is actually a beneficial guest. There are 6 eggs in the nest, which I first spotted about 2 weeks ago.

2017 Chickadee Nest Box

Pictures from observations of our nest box.

Carolina Chickadee Last Egg Hatching 4.23.17

Carolina Chickadee Mom-Dad Feeding Family

Carolina Chickadee Hatchlings barely an hour or so old and mom or dad are feeding them.

Bluebird/chickadee nestbox

Carolina Chickadee peeking out of nesting box.

Carolina Chickadee peeking out of nesting box.

Carolina Chickadee Eggs

And then there were 6 Carolina Chickadees on the way

Mama Carolina Chickadee w/5 eggs

Carolina Chickadee Eggs 4.5.17

Chickadee Nests


Seven Carolina Chickadees on the day before they fledged.

Carolina Chickadee On Eggs

Chickadee eggs

First time chickadees nesting in my garden nest box for chickadees.

Chickadees day 1 and day 8

Backyard Carolina Chickadees

5 pictures of the nest in my backyard, right where the kids play and my wife parks her car

Chickadee nest ready for egg laying!

Alpaca Fur used to line nest.

Carolina Chickadee

I am a member of the Burlington Bird Club and monitor 20 of close to 100 bluebird boxes along the club’s bluebird trail. While checking this particular box, I tapped the box and nothing flew out. I opened the box and did not see a bird until I went to gently tip the basket to count the eggs. And then a chickadee popped out of the nest but refused to leave! I couldn’t see the eggs so I took a quick picture to see how many she was guarding. This is one attentive chickadee momma!

Building her nest

CC eggs

Carolina Chickadees young


Have 2 nest boxes, bluebirds in front yard, chickadee in back. I have signed up for nest watch and these pictures were taken on my last visit on 4/6.

Mama incubating her clutch

Carolina Chickadee eggs

Carolina Chickadee’s

Carolina Chickadee Eggs

Clutch of 6 Carolina Chickadee eggs laid in my nest box. First egg date approx. 5/2/15.

Carolina Chickadee Nest Box

A pair of Carolina Chickadees claimed the nest box I mounted on a laundry pole within 12 hours. It took them 5 days to begin building their nest. 15 days to complete their nest.

Carolina Chickadee Hatchlings

Carolina Chickadee hatchlings. Hatched yesterday, 5/15. Mother incubated for at least 14 days. Count 5 heads and it looks like 1 more. There were 6 eggs.

Carolina Chickadee’s mossy nest

Six Carolina Chickadee eggs located within a bluebird sized box. Placement in residential landscaped garden.

Chickadee nest

5 Carolina Chickadee hatchlings and 1 unhatched egg.

Carolina Chickadee Nest

2 Days Old

2 day old Carolina Chickadee’s in a box nest

Pretty little Mama

Carolina Chickadee on her nest. There are six eggs under her.

Carolina Chicadee Eggs

this is my 6 eggs in my BB house

Carolina Chickadee Eggs (8)

Nest in a nest box.

Chickadee chicks

4 healthy Carolina Chickadees. Apps 5-8 days from fledge!

First look at the eggs

A quick snap of our nest box with eggs from a Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Chickadee eggs!

Nest Box check – 8 eggs remain intact. Hatch date may start 5-7 🙂


We are enjoying watching these little ones grow in our bluebird box. They are Carolina Chickadees and all 6 eggs hatched!

Carolina Chickadee Nest Building

I set this nest box up 4 days ago. The Carolina Chickadees inspected the box the same day and began to build this nest which takes up about half of the box volume. All of this work done in 4 days by two little birds. Hoping for great nesting success this year same as last year. Maybe these birds came from this nest box last year.

Carolina Chickadee Nest build 4-2014

Chickadee Nest box placed 4/13. what appears as completed nest 4/20. adults active and observed roosting in box at this point.Waiting for eggs!

The Last Fledgling

Carolina Chickadees Nest Watch 2013

This is the last photo in this series and it was taken a day or two before everyone left. Failed to take a photo of the empty nest though.

Carolina Chickadees Nest Watch 2013

These are a series of photos taken while conducting checks on my nest box in 2013. This is part one of a two part submission. A video of the just born chicks was uploaded earlier.

Nest-box birds of Delaware

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology