Carolina Wren flushed from the nest with my presence

This bird has been very busy taking care of her brood. She has been in and out several times in the past few days, and often sits on the snake guard to bring food; obviously having less room in the nest due to growing hatchlings.

Birds on suet wreath.


Carolina Wrens on Seed Bell

I placed my camera outside on a remote shutter and within minutes a pair of Carolina Wrens appeared! The pictures turned out really nice and sharp.

Fighting for the water.

Poultry feeders provide nest platforms for Carolina Wrens

In southern Maryland there are a lot of poultry houses that are no longer in use. I obtained permission to conduct a survey of birds on a property with an empty poultry house. When I entered, I saw a Carolina Wren make a quick exit. I explored the area and found a nest in one of the poultry feeders. There were several feeders with similar nests.

Wren nest.

Wren eggs and ?

I’m not sure what the blue speckled eggs are. The pink/brown ones are Wren, they have set up the nest in one of my hanging plants in my porch. Anyone have any ideas?

Birds(Part 3)

Birds(Part 2)


Wren eggs.

All 5 young hatched(for the wrens), at least four all that hatched fledged(estimated). We also had our phoebes hatch.

Carolina Wren on the lookout

Banded Carolina Wren and Downy Woodpecker/nest ID needed!

Birding at Edith Moore in Houston, lots of birds including a banded Carolina Wren and a banded Downy Woodpecker. We also came across this nest.

Bluebird, Wren & Creeper.

Woodpecker, Mourning doves, Carolina wren & A nuthatch.

Carolina Wren feeding Brown-headed Cowbird fledgling

A hungry Brown-headed Cowbird fledgling begs for food from Carolina Wren in my backyard.

Sleepy Wrens

These wrens checked out our huts for them! One sleeps in the hut every night. All of these photos were taken using motion activated Blink Mini cameras.

Carolina Wren.

Wren on November 25 2022.

rodent or bird?

Found in old wood garage building, easily accessible to animals. My two questions are
a) bird or rodent
b) which way up? ( I didn’t collect it)

Cute baby wren,not soaking in the birdbath,in a puddle.

Newly hatched Carolina Wrens

Of the five eggs in the nest, three had hatched between about 5:30-7:30 this morning.

First Egg in Carolina Wren Nest

This is a combination of several captured videos of the Carolina Wren’s nest in the nest box in our back yard. Video was captured on July 13, 2022 starting at around 6AM.

Total clutch size reached 5 eggs

First egg in carolina wren nest

This is a combination of several captured videos of the Carolina Wren’s nest in the nest box in our back yard. Video was captured on July 13, 2022 starting at around 6AM.

Total clutch size reached 5 eggs

Carolina Wren nest in my garage

A pair of Carolina Wrens have built a nest in a wall cavity near the rafters of our garage. Within the past few days their eggs have hatched and the wrens have been very busy feeding the new nestlings!

Carolina Wren Nestlings

Carolina Wren Eggs

Egg and Nest in camping chair

Carolina wren built nest in folded up camping chair.

Nest Builders

Two Carolina Wrens carried a variety of materials to a hanging basket in my back yard to build their nest.

Carolina Wren family

Adult Carolina wren feeding chicks

New Birdhouse Quickly Moved-Into

Around mid-July I put out three gourd birdhouses on our deck. A few weeks later (a few WEEKS!!!), a pair of Carolina Wrens moved into the top gourd. I was so surprised and excited that birds moved in so quickly!!!

Front porch

Carlolina Wren was quick to create a moss nest in one of the hanging baskets at my front porch. This year her chosen roost was a New Guinea Impatiens. 3 eggs total were laid, but I only observed 2 live chicks that hatched several days apart. Mom was very attentive resulting in 2 successful fledges!

We Claim This Box

I opened this wood duck nest box to find a neat Carolina wren nest inside. No eggs yet.

Excitement on my Windowsill—Ansel attacking his reflection, a male Northern Cardinal eating, and a Carolina Wren entering my nest box for the first time!

Ansel flew to my window AGAIN and attacked his reflection. FOR 30 MINUTES. AND HE’S STILL HERE!!!
He won’t stop even through I drew highlighter on the outside of my window to break up his reflection. This time I’m even more sure it’s territorial aggression because another Tufted Titmouse flew up and he didn’t attack it. I’m guessing she’s Ansel’s mate. While I was videoing, a male Northern Cardinal came to eat and a Carolina Wren entered my nest box! This is the first time a bird has entered that nest box.
Ansel still will not leave though. What will make him stop attacking his reflection in my window sill!?

First Bird I’ve Seen in my Nest Box!!!

4/8/2021, 11:30 AM — A Carolina Wren entered my window nest box!!!
I put it out in March, and birds are finally stating to check it out!!!
Today is the first time I’ve seen one enter it, but a Carolina Chickadee and Tufted Titmouse have inspected it before.

Carolina Wren

Nesting female

Carolina Wren Babies

Our “Workshop Nest” built by the Carolina Wren contained two beautiful little eggs, which we were pleased to observe as successfully hatched today (Easter Sunday)!

Workshop Nest

We’ve discovered an unusually placed nest, eye level in the old workshop next to the light switch of all places. Power to this building is off, and we don’t often use it anymore, so the wren has taken up shop.

There’s something different about this Blue Jay, but I can’t seem to figure out what….

Young Birds at my Feeders

I’ve been seeing a lot of juvenile and immature Northern Cardinals lately, and now there’s also a juvenile Red-Bellied Woodpecker! How exciting!!!

Bewick Wren Eggs

Wren Eggs, 4 total

Carolina Wren

Front door nest

A bird has made a nest in our front door floral display.

Carolina wren nest material

This is the nest of a Carolina wren after the nestlings had fledged from my wood duck box.

Welcomed visitor

Baby bird just out of the nest on our back screened in porch. Parents found a hole in the screen and built a nest. Baby hopped right up to the sliding door and looked in.

A Chip off the Old Block

The Carolina wren on the right was banded by Cornell’s NestWatch program in 2016 (band #2741-54604). Although sex was indeterminate at the time of banding, his nonstop singing and territorial guarding of his turf soon indicated he was a male. He is a daily visitor to our feeders. We call him Randy. On the day this photo was taken, Randy’s latest brood had just fledged from a nest located in our potting shed which, try as we might, we were never able to locate. We did, however, witness Randy and his mate entering the shed through a gap in the roof with food offerings (including peanut splits!) over a period of about 2 weeks.

Carolina Wren nest

Carolina Wren nest on our back porch. Nest hold 5 baby birds.

Wrens coming in for a quick visit!

My pair of Wrens coming in for a quick visit!

wren nesting this late?

adult wrens nesting? or maybe roosting?

Carolina Wren nest

A persistent Carolina Wren made her nest in my golf cart at work. She had five little eggs that eventually hatched and all flew away.

Carolina Wren

This nest was created by a very persistent Carolina Wren mama who built her nest in a golf cart I drive at work.

All five of the eggs hatched and the little birds flew away. The mama Wren has come back to check out her nest.

Second brood of the summer for these guys

This Carolina wren left, the parent is feeding the latest brood in the house and the two top and bottom are young from the first brood and still begging mom and dad.

North Texas Wrens

Possible cardinal nest

Fully Feathered Carolina Wrens

Nesting in a bird box fashioned from NestWatch plans. I tucked the bird box on top of a column inside of our covered porch in late December in the hopes of attracting a mated pair, and it worked! Such a sweet little couple of birds!

Wren in workbench

Carolina Wren Nest

My Carolina Wren Pair have really done a fine job constructing their nest ! ( in one of my EBB boxes!) Fortunately there are 2 more EBB boxes I am monitoring and one has a pair working on a nest too …

Carolina wrens

I installed a brand new nest box this past winter. Yesterday I noticed that a pair of wrens had started to build a nest.

Carolina Wren hatchlings

Carolina Wren hatchlings

House Wren

Carolina Wren Eggs! 5/20/18

Carolina Wren nest in our carport!

Camp Grandpa, Nest 3

No eggs yet.

Carolina Wren Chicks

Wren Chicks nested in a concrete mixer. First discovered May 2, 2018 and left the morning of May 15, 2018. Nest had 4-5 chicks at beginning and 3 when last observed.

Horsehead planter nest

Carolina wrens built nest in terra cotta horsehead wall planter, again. One of them spends the night on the nest; the other delivers breakfast in the morning.

Carolina wrens nearly ready to fledge

Carolina wren

The birds are building a nest in my garage behind the garden rake in the upper corner of the garage. They don’t seem to mind me coming and going at all. We do not park cars in the garage we basically use it as a shed. I have videos but I do not use Facebook so too bad I can’t send them to you.

Carolina wrens

hatchling Carolina Wrens

coffee can nest

These industrious wrens are on their second nest of 2018…in a coffee can in our woodshop!

Carolina wren

Carolina wren eggs in a nest- the plastic wrapper was only visible with the flash of the camera

Carolina Wrens 6 days old

This is the first day I’ve noticed eyes open.

Carolina wren nest in ground vines

I thought the wrens choice of location was interesting, and wanted to share it. Here’s hoping they make it, as we have garter, king and black snakes here.

Carolina Wren Babies

As we have been watching these four Carolina Wren eggs in the NestWatch spirit, these four little fellas hatched sometime between our last checkup!

Hurry Up!

Visiting my family and a wren family nested 10 to 15 feet off my family’s back porch. Took lots of shots of mom and dad coming and going!

Carolina Wren Chicks

A few-days-old, Carolina Wren nestlings (five). The fifth chick is buried beneath the other four.

Wrens have fledged!

After about a month of monitoring a nest of Carolina Wrens in my backyard, I finally got to see them leave the nest. It has been a lot of fun seeing these little guys grow up.

Carolina Wrens Have Hatched!

Carolina Wrens hatching

Carolina Wrens 2017

Carolina Wren Nest

Carolina Wren chicks

Pool house visitors

Wren Babies Ride a Bike

Carolina Wren nest and eggs in a bicycle helmet. The helmet was hanging on a bike inside our enclosed garage. All babies fledged. Parents would leave the nest in the evening before we closed the garage door and return each morning to feed the young when the door was opened.

July nests

Delilahs young have Fledged!

I’m going to miss these beautiful lil buggers,but I’m so blessed to have had them start their lives here with me. I’m certain I’ll hear them singing sweet nothings in my yard.

Delilahs young-please don’t go!

Her babies are beautiful! Sorry it’s hard to see.

Delilahs babies are fixin to fledge!

Today,I caught one of the babies out of the nest. They’re definitely curious! I wouldn’t be surprised if they were gone by morning.

Delilahs wren youngins

The wren babes are almost fully feathered and parents are taking excellent care of them!

Delilah and her young

Delilahs Brood

Delilahs Brood

This is Delilahs brood. She’s laid 5 eggs and today,three of them hatched.

wren chicks in nest in paint mask in garage

Carolina Wrens in Grill Drawer

Carolina wren eggs

Carolina wren eggs in nest built in my mailbox. This is their 3rd year nesting there. Sadly, this was a failed attempt, the eggs didn’t hatch and a new nest was built over the old.

Carolina Wren Nest

We had a warm spell back in March. By the time it had cooled off again, the wrens had started this nest. Eggs hatched on April 24th (ish).

Carolina Wren

New Carolina Wren Nest

Two Carolina wrens have been busily building their nest in a cardboard box on my back porch. It’s ready for the eggs.

Bewicks Wren

Carolina Wren babies have hatched

Looks like all 5 Carolina wren eggs have successfully hatched. I’ve offered live meal worms and mom and dad have been feeding them throughout the day.

Carolina Wren eggs

5th egg laid 6-7 days ago. Same pair successfully hatched 3 broods last season (10 young.) Should see first hatchlings later this week.

Carolina Wren nesting late August 2015 in Basil Plant pot on back deck of house

Carolina Wren nesting in August 2015

nest in planter

nest in planter on front porch


Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology