Cedar waxing snacking on berries

Cedar Waxwing

Here are some images of cedar waxwings that I took with my canon power shot sx70 hs.

Feeder Birds

Snow Geese, The Peep, Robin, Cedar waxwings.

We saw hundreds of Snow Geese. The Peep has been coming every day to eat peanut butter and attacked a robin and another young male Mockingbird that was trying to take his tree, we had a robin in our neighbor’s tree and we saw three Cedar Waxwings in The Peep’s tree.

Cedar Waxwings nesting late!

This is the first nest ever where I live!

Beauty of Songbirds

Beauty of Songbirds in northwestern Pennsylvania.

A Regal Bird

Assorted Nesting Photos

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology