Nesting birds(April)

Eastern Phoebe.

Eastern Phoebe – In and Out!

Little momma knows what goes in must come out! Keeping the nest nice and tidy.

Birds(Part 2)



Phoebe chicks.

Eastern Phoebe Nest with Babies

5 babies total. 4 made it out of the nest alive.

Eastern Phoebe Nest and Babies

Fuzzy Nest

Eastern Phoebe nest. The nest is on top of a column at the entrance to our home.

Eastern Phoebe?

I believe this is a pair of Eastern Phoebe’s that have already had one nesting cycle on my back porch. They laid 5 eggs and 4 babies made it out of the nest alive, 1 of them fell out and died from the fall. It’s been a few weeks and now they are back and have laid another 5 eggs in the same nest.


Phoebe Building nest.

Life of eastern phoebe

This is a nest site from the carport of my house.

Female Yellow-rumped Warbler, Chipping Sparrow, Mourning Doves, The Peep, Eastern Phoebe

Today was a great day for birding! We saw a new lifer: Brown Creeper. We also saw a Brown-headed Nuthatch, a female Yellow-rumped Warbler, a Pine Warbler, and more! Also, yesterday I saw 5 Purple Finches in a tree! (New lifer!)

eastern phoebe and mr.cardinal.

Eastern Phoebe family

Parent feeding Dogwood berry to young E. Phoebes

What the heck?

These eggs where in an eastern phoebe’s nest. They do no look like cowbird or cuckoo eggs so what are they?

Checking For Eastern Phoebe eggs!

The Ridiculously Cute Eastern Phoebe

This little Eastern Phoebe has been nesting by our barn for 2 years now! They are amazing parents! This is a female that I named Diva because, well I am sure you can figure that out. Her mate’s name is Duke.

Phoebe Nestlings – All Five Ready to Fly

Because the phoebe nest is located so close to my shed ceiling, I always had a difficult counting the nestlings during my nest watch.

At last, this photo captured all five nestlings – at the ready to fly. The photo was taken on 7-21. On 7-23, in the afternoon, I was lucky to see the last one fly out of the nest and up into a nearby trees and beyond. Its flight pattern was clearly not that of a skilled adult yet. I’m sure he or she will catch on quickly.

Eastern Phoebe Nest

This nest is located above a light, next to a door on an enclosed porch. The house is located next to a large wooded area and a wide yard. Several bird feeders are available year round in this location.

Four Fabulous Phoebes Ready to Fly!

On June 9, instead of climbing up a ladder to check on the nestlings in their mossy nest on the light fixture of our shed, I elected to take some photos. I was worried that getting too close would flush them too soon and I also wanted to confirm just how many nestlings were in the nest. Through out this nest watch, I had a difficult time counting the nestlings, as phoebes just don’t lift up their heads with wide open mouths like other species. (At least in my experience.) There were 5 eggs to start. When I did try to count the nestlings during my visits, I could basically only count three little beaks or maybe four. My final photo on June 10 around 10 AM, submitted here, shows four fully feathered youngsters, so ready to leave the nest. At 1 PM they were gone and I found one egg left in the nest. So, at last, it was confirmed that there were four fabulous phoebes added to this world. Good Luck to them!

Eastern Phoebes

Nine days later…

Eastern Phoebe 05.10.2020

Eastern Phoebes have hatched! 3 or 4?

second phoebe nest with eggs

Phoebe nest

Phoebe is more than ready to leave the nest!

For a few days the phoebe nestlings were poking their heads up. This nesting attempt started with 5 eggs. But I could only see three nestlings the entire time. The nest placement is in my shed and on top of the ceiling light fixture, so the nestlings were difficult to see.

I decided to take this photo to confirm the number of nestlings. As you can see, there are only three nestling visible, there may have been one or two more looking out the back of the nest. I’m not sure. But I will never know. That same day, three hours or so after I took this photo, the nest was empty.

Eastern Phoebe Nest

I noticed the birds flying to and from the nest site for nearly a week now, but I thought they were nesting in the roof or elsewhere. I saw them go to the nest yesterday.

Eastern Phoebe

Taken 5/29/2018. There was a nest under our neighbors wood side stairs for the 2nd year in a row

Barn nest

Eastern phoebe nest in our barn on top of light post, cowbird egg was removed from the nest

Eastern Phoebe Second Nest Attempt

First clutch of Eastern Phoebes hatched and successfully fledged. Parents are making a second go of it!

Hatchlings Can Fly

Although I couldn’t see all 5 hatchlings every visit, today I witnessed them all fly from the nest upon my approach.

Eastern Phoebe Hatchlings

Eastern Phoebe Hatchlings

Eastern Phoebe Nest

Eastern Phoebe nesting on the top of my window

4 Phoebe nestlings in our barn

Eastern Phoebe Nest Uses our Barn

Eastern Phoebe eggs

Near our screen porch, on top of a floodlight.

Eastern Phoebe Babies

We’ve been monitoring a nest with five small Eastern Phoebe eggs, who recently hatched!

Cute Eastern Phoebe.

An Eastern Phoebe was flying about catching insects.

Day 16 in the nest

The phoebes made their nest on my house so I watched them easily each day. As you cn see, at Day 16, they were too big for the nest and fledged the next day.

Last Day in the Nest

Feeding was non-stop for the 5 babies in this nest the day before they all fledged.

The Final Look At The Eastern Phoebe Almost-Fledglings At The Nest Before They Fledge.

Day 15 Of The Nestling Phase/Period.

The 11th and 12th days of the nestling phase at the eastern phoebe nest.

The cowbird already fledged.

The Cowbird Has Left The Eastern Phoebe Nest, While The Rest Of The Pack Are Still There.

Young are growing even bigger at the eastern phoebe nest.

The young are almost grown up at the eastern phoebe nest.

Young are growing fast at the eastern phoebe nest!

Feeding time at the eastern phoebe nest!

An eastern phoebe nest full of young!

A lot of little mouths at the eastern phoebe nest!


Some phoebes hatch at the eastern phoebe nest.

Those phoebes are on top of an unhatched egg.

Cowbird egg has hatched at the eastern phoebe nest!

His name is bonbon. I named him!

Mrs. Phoebe At Her Nest.

Maya is doing a good job incubating all those eggs! I don’t know how she fits on top of them all!

Another Phoebe Egg Has Been Laid In the Eastern Phoebe Nest, Along With A Cowbird Egg.

Why do those cowbirds find every nest in north america?!

Phoeding Time

Taking just before the young fledged Summer, 2016.

The Eastern Phoebes Are Back In The Same Nest With 4 New Eggs!

Maya & Dino Are Back!

Porch Phoebes

Eastern Phoebe Nest Under Deck

I discovered this Eastern Phoebe nest under our deck in an area where it won’t get rained on. The phoebes have been active on the nest since they started to lay the eggs, but only in recent days once they had laid a full clutch have they been even more protective of the nest.

Easter Phoebe feeds its young.

An adult Eastern Phoebe gathers some food for its young. The nest is on the side of my house and has at least 2 10 day old chicks.

Eastern Phoebe hatchlings

The day I saw an egg shell on the ground under the nest, I got this quick video.

Having a rest.

Phoebe Nest with Cowbird Egg

Dad phoebe feeding nestlings.

Mr. phoebe, or “Dino” as I named him is bringing food to the little ones! Miss phoebe, or “maya” had to move out of the way!

Mama phoebe and her nest.

This is mama phoebe and her nest.

Mother eastern phoebe incubating eggs

Phoebe nest with cowbird egg

Unknown Type of Bird

I found this nest being built on 4/16/2017, and found it almost/fully completed on 4/17/2017.
We have seen a pair of birds, brown in color, leaving the nest, but they are too quick for me to identify.
This nest is about 6-7 feet off the ground, on top of a support beam for our deck above. The inside is filled with some sort of sand or grit that was not originally there when the deck was built.
This is definitely a brand new nest, and the first time we have seen birds building a nest under our deck. Your help is greatly appreciated!
~Take care, Kat

BIG brother cowbird and 4 phoebe chicks

that huge cowbird may be covering some other young, but I believe there are 4 phoebe chicks and 1 cowbird

Eastern Phoebe Natural Nest

This is an Eastern Phoebe nest located on the side of my house built on top of a vent pipe. The nest was discovered when I needed to clean the dryer vent located directly below the pipe vent. Nest construction began in late May. The first 4 eggs were spotted on 6/4 and the fifth egg appeared a day later on 6/5

Eastern Phoebe nest

We found that the Eastern Phoebes came back to reuse last year’s nest even though the shed/garage it is situated on was moved some several hundred feet across our property! 6 eggs were laid, can clearly see only 4 hatchlings so far.

Eastern Phoebe nest with eggs

2 weeks ago this nest appeared complete and had cowbird eggs in it. Last week the Phoebe built a new nest “liner” on top of the old one, burying the cowbird eggs. Today only phoebe eggs. Clever bird

Eastern Phoebe nest on air vent

eastern Phoebe April 2016

Almost ready to fly into the wide open spaces!

Eastern Phoebe nest

Easter Phoebe nest in the eaves of our front porch. Phoebe’s have been nesting here for 20 years

Eastern Phoebe nest

The Phoebe built its nest around and on a mud dauber attached to the side of my garage. Very impressive.

Less than 10 days old.

Taken 7/13/2013

Phoebe on eggs.

This ledge under our porch has been a successful nesting site for 4 consecutive years: 2012-2015. House was built in 2011. A pair of Phoebes is, as of today, 4/13/16 beginning a fifth nest in the exact same spot. It is right outside our kitchen window so we can monitor it daily. We have been lucky enough to observe the fledglings leave the nest in 3 of the four years. We are next to a river and we plant habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies instead of lawn. Apparently it is good for Phoebes as well. Every year but one they have successfully fledged two hatches. Most of the time there are at least 5 eggs successfully hatched and fledged.

Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Phoebe parent feeding early fledgling(was pushed off nest by bigger siblings).

Momma peep bird nest

Not sure what she is. Maybe someone can help me! I’m pretty positive she laid her eggs on Easter.

Momma bird nest

I am still unsure of the type of bird. She looks like maybe a house wren, finch or even a mockingbird.

Hatching of Eastern Phoebes

First time I have had the pleasure of watching birds from eggs to fledging.

Least Flycatcher

Nest located on elbow of gutter. Based on description of nest and eggs I believe this to be a Least Flycatcher.

Nests in my neighbourhood

Newly hatched phoebes.

Phoebe nestlings in a shelf nestbox.

Eastern Phoebe Nest

Eastern Phoebes in the Portico – 2013

These Eastern Phoebes were hatched and raised just outside my front door inside a small portico. The mom and chicks became very comfortable with our use of the door and sometimes my snapping some photos through a cracked door. The mom would never stop on the nest to feed but rather would fly by and feed in mid flight. They all seemed to get enough to eat. My wife happened to be out front when they all left at the same time in a little baby bird flock and they never returned. A new nest goes up every year now even though it took 13 years before the first nest appeared on the house.

Eastern Phoebe

Eight day old Eastern Phoebe.

Barn Swallow 2015

5 new eggs on our front porch.

Nesting Eastern Phoebe

A pair of phoebes has built a nest on the drainpipe under our front porch. They built it on a base of spiderwebs and moss. It was fun to watch the whole process, and they don’t seem to mind when we are sitting on the porch either.

Sweet babies!

Eastern Phoebe

2013 Eastern Phoebe Nest that fledged 5

The Phoebes were under our deck last summer and this summer returned to the same nest. Day and night one adult is on the nest and one is within 25 yards of the nest.

Phoebe nest

Eastern phoebe nest

This nest has been abandoned. One egg is missing & one is broken.

Flycatcher nests

These are a variety of flycatcher nests from around Ithaca.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology