Hungry Owl

Adult Screech Owl feeding it’s baby a tree frog in a nesting box on a Live Oak Tree

Surprising what you catch on camera

We have cameras mounted around our property and caught the Cooper Hawk and Screech Owl having a snack.

Pepper And Maple

Eastern screech-owl.

Nest Box Cameras

YouTube Channel

Screech Owl

I went to provide maintenance to my wood duck nestbox, D2 and found an eastern screech owl. Not sure if she will nest, but I wish her the best. I wonder if I should install a hole reducer to protect them from larger birds and/or squirrels.

Our New Neighbor

New Resident

My husband and I purchased and put up this Screech Owl box in our yard, and in a few days, I noticed this Eastern Screech Owl peering out of it. I am hoping it decides to nest here once it finds a mate

Sleepy Screech

This Eastern Screech Owl graced my yard and owl box with its presence for a couple of weeks. I am hoping it will be back when it’s time to nest. Fingers crossed!

Song sparrow & owl.

Eastern-screech owl & a Eastern bluebird’s eggs,2020.

This is in 2020,I am posting this on:10/7/2022.I was new to Nestwatch in 2022.

(He or she)screech owl.


My Eastern Screech Owl.

Screech owls

Screech Owl

This owl has been roosting in boxes on our property each winter for the last 4 years. Hoping he’ll settle down and bring a mate this spring!

Screech owl brood 2019

Our screech owl buddies only had three young this year, most common is five. Less work for mom and dad this year.

Honey comb above old owl nest in box

Eastern Screech-Owl

This eastern screech-owl created quite a stir with all the robins in my neighbourhood when it flew out of silver maple in my back yard

Owl chicks 15 days old

Owl Chicks

Eastern Screech Owl

Eastern Screech Owl

built the box to suggested dimensions and I have a tenant 1st year! squirrels and blue jays are relentless in evicting them (male/female 1 grey 1 brownish)

Eastern Screech Owl

Built a Owl Box October 2017, Placed it on a Pine Tree in our Yard, approx 13′ Up. Within a months time a Screech Owl took residency. It’s now March 2018 a lot of mating calls come from our Screech Owl. Disappeared for two days. This morning our Hootie is back in its hole looking out. Hope to have some babies owls.
We watch every morning and night.

Eastern Screech Owl Nest with 2 owlets being fed

I am very fortunate to have a pair of eastern screech owls nesting in my backyard. Using my shed as a blind I set up at night at 830pm to take some videos of mom coming in to feed the owlets.

Enjoy seeing the 2 owlets fed worms and grubs.

Eastern Screech Owl Nest with 2 owlets

I had the amazing view of watching 2 eastern screech owlets from my backyard. I had watched the parents feeding the babies and next thing I knew they had fledged to the big tree in my yard.

What a thrill.
This photo is early the second morning where both owls were on the same branch.

Young Screech Owls

Young Screech Owls in big nest box

screech owl chicks

Owl chicks Photo needs to be rotated

Crowded House

Harriet and Ozzie’s clan, 4 owlets, John, Paul, George and Ringo

Eastern screech owl

Patio friend

I had some Eastern Screech Owls nest in my patio, three to be exact. Parents Dewey and Darcy, both red morphs always stayed close by, but in this video, Dora, the eldest flew the nest during the day. She decided to rest for the evening of flying attempts by napping on my patio chair. We just chatted it up and enjoyed the lovely spring weather.

Afternoon relaxin

Decided to visit with my owlet

Eastern Screech Owls

Eastern Screech Owls in my owl nesting box!

Eastern Screech Owl getting ready to make the leap

Every year eastern screech owls use this wood duck nest box to raise their young. This year there are 3 fledglings. The adult male is always nearby in a southern cedar tree.

Rufous Eastern Screech Owls

This photo is from inside a wood duck box on Bucktoe Creek Preserve

Owl in a Box

In addition to birds, I put up a nest box for squirrels last year and I thought one was looking out at me today so I took its picture. When I looked closer, I found I was looking at an owl.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology