Birds at the beach(Part 8)

Open cup nests of our beautiful woodland birds

Gray Catbird nest with interesting material

I found this Gray Catbird nest outside the window of the house we were staying in at Acadia National Park. It had strips of cellophane paper woven into it that said “REMOVE”, which I found charming.

Gray Catbirds – 2022

First time seeing these birds on August 14, 2022, at the bird feeder.

Gray Catbird nestlings

Nest next to front porch.

Gray Catbird Eggs

Nest in Juniper shrub next to front porch.

Crazy Catbird

Gray Catbird

Gray catbird chicks

Found a nest on low shrub

Gray catbird!

Just noticed the nest yesterday!

Catbirds growing bigger

Catbird Chicks

Catbird Fledglings

Catbird Hatchlings

Catbirds have hatched!

The Younglings!

The young birds all out and about to explore the outside world..captured them in different ways enjoying the sunshine food and the weather.

Baby Catbirds

The Gray Catbird eggs started hatching! 😀

1st Gray Catbird Nest

Catbird nest has 4 eggs now! 😀

Gray Catbird nest

The first egg in the Gray Catbird nest! 🙂

Baby Bird Bathing

Catbird nest

Had three eggs yesterday morning, one disappeared by yesterday afternoon, back up to three today!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology