Berry birds(Part 1)

House Wrens

House Wren pokes head out of nest

This adult house wren pokes its head out of its nest to see if the coast is clear to carry on with its parental duties. It made countless repeat trips to the nest with its mouth full of insects and made my first visit to Sapsucker Woods unforgettable.
I drove to Ithaca, NY from Toronto this summer to visit Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology (yes, I’m that much of a bird nerd!) and fell in love with the lab’s 220-acre Sapsucker Woods Sanctuary.

House Wren Nest Box

My first nest box nest!

Carolina Wren building a nest in our back yard birdhouse

I watched this wren work over the weekend to complete the nest. A week before, an English Sparrow was observed on the top of the house for a number of days, She left some bedding. Then the Carolina Wren arrived and completed the nest.

Wren nest building

Wrens are busy building nest in a birdhouse they’ve used for several years now.

Happy House Wren

Young House Wrens

Six house wren chicks over the course of about ten days.


Ring of eggs

I found this nest box of a house wren that has a ring around each egg instead of just brown speckles. I have found this once before in 2021,on my daughter’s farm.

Wren nest box.

Every year a pair of wrens build a nest in my box. I cleaned it out a few weeks ago from the sticks they had put there last year and am glad to have them back in 2021!!

House Wren – From Eggs to Fully Feathered – All Seven!

Busy with a zillion other projects around our 8 acres and homestead, we had neglected a small nest box mounted on our electric pole years ago. It had not been used in years. This spring we cleaned it out and re-mounted it. It did not take long for a House Wren pair to claim it for their own. Not far from this family, a Northern Cardinal raised three nestlings successfully.

Unusual rings on eggs

Over 20 years of monitoring, I’ve never come across house wren eggs with brown rings around the shells. Usually they are cream colored with brown speckles.

House Wrens KILL

Tree Swallow nest

House Wren De

Birding at the Horicon Marsh

HUGE diversity of species in the Horicon Marsh! The Horicon Marsh is probably my favorite place to go birding because you never know what different species you might see! In this adventure I saw 31 species, most of them with photos, and of those 31, 5 were new to my life list: Black Tern, Yellow-throated Vireo, Blue-winged Teal, Redhead, and a Common Yellowthroat. I’m not counting this as a new species, but I also saw a rare Red-shafted Northern Flicker! (I’ve seen the yellow-shafted before)

Here is my eBird checklist of my birding trip:

Check out my blog post about my trip at my website:

I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a motorboat and a house wren decided to build a nest in it 😐. Does it look like it has babys on it? Can i remove it? Please help!!

Working together

A house wren started with sticks but a tree swallow took over by adding few grass and lots of feathers so she could get going on egg laying

Why does this Wren keep laying Eggs in its nest??

This House wren layed one egg a week ago than layed two more a week latter than another two the next day. Is this normal for a wren?

What kind of chicks are these?

My dad took me to the Kentucky castle’s farm yesterday, and we found four active nests.

EGGciting! Each day another egg appears!

Watching nest that was built on top of rolling work bench in our pole barn. I check each day and am happy to see an additional egg each day.

Pick Up Sticks

A House Wren constructs a nest in a Gilbertson-style nest box in my backyard.

House Wrens

We had a House Wren nest in our garage, there were a lot of fledglings.

House Wrens 1 Day Before Fledging

House Wren young being fed one day before fledging. These photos are from two feeding sessions: the photo in which the adult approaches the box is from the previous feeding – on this same day. Photos taken on July 4, 2019 – all presumed fledged July 5, 2019, leaving an empty, clean nest.

House Wrens fledglings leave the nest.

House Wren Hatchlings

A little hard to count, but it appears all 7 eggs hatched. Adult was scolding from the nearby tree line.

House Wren Eggs

Tree Swallow Takes Over House Wren Nest

Somehow, a tree swallow was able to assume the house wren nest that was built and safely laid her eggs.

House Wren takes Tree Swallow nest

After a tree swallow had built a nest, a house wren laid her eggs in the nest.

House wren singing to it’s kids

While emptying my compost bucket this morning, I heard a very jubilant singing coming from a distant oak tree. I went to explore and found this little finch singing excitedly and being answered by many little fledgling voices. I think the adult was trying to coax the kids from their nest cavity.

House Wren takes over Black-capped Chickadee box

Checked my box yesterday (Wed) after seeing a chickadee bringing nesting material inside on Tuesday. Looks like a House Wren was pretty active Wednesday morning!

House Wren Turnbull NWR

House wren fledglings

When we didn’t hear the young house wrens begging for food on Aug. 4, we hoped they had fledged. However, we found 4 dead fledglings when we opened the box. We had seen very few visits by adult wrens in the preceding days, and they may have abandoned the nest.


Wren chicks

Wren chicks in the nest box, about 18 days from hatching

Second brood eggs by House Wren

House Wren – second brood at this nest box.

Wren Eggs

My first House Wren Nesting attempt, in the nest box my son made for me.

House Wren Brood

House Wren nest

Mom Currently sitting nest. Hatch expected in appx. 10 days.

House Wren nest in progress

Camp Grandpa Habitat 4

Unhatched egg removed from nest.

House Wren chicks feathering up.

House Wren chicks feathering up. Keeping parents busy with feeding visits.

House wren nest.

What you see 1 just looking at the nest, and 2 what you see when you set the camera into the geranium.


House Wren Hatchlings

House Wren hatchlings one or two days old. Adults visiting box; presumed feeding. Singing in vicinity.

House wren babies

Five newly hatched House Wren babies.

House wren in Kai’s birdhouse

House Wren Eggs in Nest

These eggs are from the wrens that evicted a pair of Black-capped Chickadees from a just completed nest. At least the wrens have decided to actually use the nest box!

House wren nest

House wren building a nest in a bird house

House Wren Takeover

House Wren Takeover

Black-capped Chickadees evicted by House Wrens. Wrens constructing a nest on top of the mossy chickadee nest.

Twig nest under way by House Wrens.

Twig nest under way by House Wrens.

Geranium house at Camp Grandpa; habitat 3.

House wren

House Wren Nest

House wren nest in a lilac bush.

House Wren Nest.

House wren eggs and fledgling

House wrens hatch day

House Wren Young

House Wrens

“Gangsta” Bluebirds

The Bluebird Box in Chicago’s West Ridge Nature Preserve that yielded 3 successful fledglings last year was TAGGED with gang Graffiti this April. After a first nesting attempt was thwarted by House Wrens, the Bluebirds came back and as of 6/20/2017 have a brood of four.

House Wrens

House Wrens Hatched

House wren chicks

Time to Fly Little One!

While it may seem that this House Wren was feeding this nestling, it actually was tempting it to join its brothers and sisters who had already fledged. The parent snatched that food out of the nestlings mouth as quickly as it went in. It took a while but the temping finally worked!!

Wren with Spider

Wren feeding babies.

House Wren Fledgling

A young House Wren looks out into the open world.

House Wren

House Wren gathering food and feeding young.

Here’s dinner!

Growing Wren Chicks!

Several days from now, these healthy wrens will fledge. Their noisy, defensive parents have done a great job! They sound like machine guns blazing at us when we spend time in the back yard, but it is all worth seeing these beautiful babies.

Wren nestbox chicks

Young wren chicks in a nestbox that was constructed two years ago at a state park event by a child. We are thrilled to have a second year of wrens using it!

Keeping raccoons at bay

So far the hole extenders have done their job. Twice now one tree swallow has hatched a few days after the others in the clutch and cannot fledge when the nest mates do.

House Wren on Nest Box

House wren taking a break from the nest

Nestbox treasure

Second year for wren activity in this primitive birdhouse, assembled by a child from a kit at a state park event. The pink eggs are lovely and will keep us watching for a month.

House Wrens

These are photos of the House Wrens in my nest box. They were rather late arrivals.

Bluebirds & one Wren

At my mothers’s menagerie

House Wren Eggs

As a teen birdwatcher, I had never seen House Wren eggs, and never knew they were so tiny!

Glowing egg

Nest check . Cell phone picture with a quick check to see how many eggs. Sunshine on this egg made it glow.

House wren eggs

An egg a day for the past seven days in our bird house!

House wren eggs

House wren eggs laid 5/11.

House Wrens Constructing their Nest

New birdhouse created to attract House Wrens. Birdhouse was installed in March and the pair began their nest construction at the end of April.

New guests in rear yard

House Wren

House wrens


Black Rat Snake in House Wren Nest

Noticed this big guy in a House Wren nest, we got him out and relocated him. Unfortunately, none of the former tenants survived. We can only hope the parents weren’t in the box when the snake got there.

I had no idea House Wren eggs were so pretty

these beautiful House Wren eggs are in one of my nest boxes, only about 20 ft. away from a House Sparrow nest! I have sterilized the House Sparrow eggs but am a little concerned about the House Sparrows taking over the Wren nest. Wrens seem to have no fear!

Wren chick nearly ready to fledge

After finding six eggs and determining that they were house wrens, we look forward to at least one successful fledgling soon.

Wren chick feathering up

After worry that predators have taken eggs and young from this nest, it is great to see the remaining chick in great condition and growing feathers. The parent chattered nearby the whole time we visited.

house wren house cleaning

taking out the trash

One surviving wren

There is now only one chick in the birdhouse. No evidence why the chick and egg from three days ago are gone.

Baby Wrens!

The Wrens should fledge soon!

Second wren has hatched

As a parent sang beautifully, we approached our backyard birdhouse for the third visit. A second little one has hatched, we discovered as the parent’s song switched to angry chatter. We left the pin oak tree with our photos and our smiles, and the wren’s song returned.

Baby Wrens

House wren near house

This is one of a pair of house wrens that are nesting in the house we put up.

7 baby house wrens in a box

baby house wrens

Baby wren!

One of our nestwatch eggs has hatched into a tiny wren. Welcome to the world!

House Wren’s Nest in a Toolbelt Hanging in Our Shed

Wren Eggs in Birdhouse

Primitive wood birdhouse hanging in pin oak tree, lowest branch, 3.5 feet from ground. Eggs were discovered and photographed 06/12/2015.

House Wrens have hatched!

The House Wren eggs in birdhouse have hatched! 😀 The babies are so small!

House Wren eggs

5 House Wren eggs.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology