Male Mallard

Female Mallard

Mallard Ducklings

A happy couple of Mallards

At the park with grackles, vultures, and ducks

Mallard and Muscovy Ducks

Ducks at the park with grackles and vultures

Texas Birds/ ID please!!

Pied-billed grebe, mallard, & Sandhill cranes

Migratory Ducks (part 1)

So many migrating ducks!



Natures Wonders


Bachelor group of Mallards?

This is the same place where I saw the Great Horned Owls.

3 Mallards swimming in the pond.

My little troop of 3 Mallards!

Swans at Turnbull

Saw these Trumpeter Swans at Turnbull Wild Life Refuge. We saw 26 species and this is the check list link: … Stay safe when birding!

Mallard Swimming

Photo of a mallard swimming.

ducks at a pond

Rare Blue Headed Mallard Duck!

Rare Blue Headed Mallard Duck!

This Blue headed Mallard is very rare and scared duck compared to the other Mallards in the area.

Mallard Duck

Female Mallard Duck Swimming

Piggy Back Ride

This mother duck makes a nest in my garden every year. I love watching out of the window when the babies hatch. They are so cute when they climb all over her.

Male Mallard Near Nest

Our male Mallard was sitting on the bank near the nest just after a fight in which some other males were trying to copulate with our female.

Mallard Incubating Eggs

Taken on Canon PowerShot SX530 HS
She let me come right up to her making for a great photo opp. In this picture, she was incubating ten eggs.

Female Mallard Incubating

This picture was taken by our Audubon BirdCam that we set up on the Mallard nest.

Female Mallard on Nest

This photo was taken by our Audubon BirdCam that we set up on a Mallard nest in our yard. She had just been scared off the nest by a Gray Squirrel, and in this picture, she was warily sneaking back to her eggs.

Female headshot

Suburban Mallard

Perhaps due to the very rainy season creating a “swampy” backyard, our yard was deemed a suitable nesting site. It was a success.

Baby Mallards With Mama

Baby Mallards get their first swimming lesson from mama.

Nests in my neighbourhood

Wait up for me Mom!!

These almost ready to be alone mallard ducks are with there mother struggling to catch up with her as she tries to stay away from a Red-tailed hawk who keeps diving for her chicks but she attacked the red tailed hawk.

Mallard Nest

Mallard Nest with 8 Eggs found May 8, 2014

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology