Out West Birds(Part 6)

Out West Birds(Part 5)

Bringing Moss Near My Bird House For Nest Material

Mountain Chickadee that landed an my camera

This Chickadee got 2 inches away from my camera three times and the time is landed of the camera. It saw the reflection.

3 unhatched eggs

Mountain Chickadees

First brood of the year. If you look closely you will see 5 Chickadees, look for yellow beaks or black and white heads.
This pare was kicked out of a different bird house then moved to my bird house and will soon have fledglings.

young mountain Chickadees

Chickadee nest

Mountain Chickadee Nest

Mountain Chickadee Nest

Nest is in a nesting box mounted in a Pinyon Pine at about 6400 ft altitude. One can observe eight eggs. Also, one can see scraps of wool, which were left on the ground near a feeder.

New Life

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology