Backyard Birds part 1

So many backyard birds that I never see! Cowbirds, finches, chickadees, and more!

Cooper’s Hawk Chowing Down On a Northern Mockingbird

Brown-headed cowbird egg in mockingbird nest

This brown-headed cowbird egg was in a mockingbird nest. This photo was taken AFTER the 3 chicks fledged. There was one mockingbird egg that didn’t hatch. The cowbird egg is the smaller white egg on the right.

Baby Northern Mockingbirds

This nest was located in a front yard.

Feeder Birds

The Cardinals visit sometimes, the Chipping Sparrows visit in flocks of about 50 every day, the Yellow-rumped WArbler visits multiple time a day to eat suet, and The Peep visits every day.

Snow Geese, The Peep, Robin, Cedar waxwings.

We saw hundreds of Snow Geese. The Peep has been coming every day to eat peanut butter and attacked a robin and another young male Mockingbird that was trying to take his tree, we had a robin in our neighbor’s tree and we saw three Cedar Waxwings in The Peep’s tree.

Female Yellow-rumped Warbler, Chipping Sparrow, Mourning Doves, The Peep, Eastern Phoebe

Today was a great day for birding! We saw a new lifer: Brown Creeper. We also saw a Brown-headed Nuthatch, a female Yellow-rumped Warbler, a Pine Warbler, and more! Also, yesterday I saw 5 Purple Finches in a tree! (New lifer!)

Chipping Sparrows, Northern Cardinal, Cooper’s Hawk, The Peep, House Sparrow and Mourning Doves.

There are now about 30 Chipping Sparrows!

Feeder Birds

A few of our feeder birds

The Peep

The Peep loves his mealworm suet!

The Peep was practicing singing!

The Peep was practicing singing! He knows 3 songs!

The peep #2

Here are The Peep’s parents

The mockingbird who got attacked by the other mockingbirds looks so much better! Part 1

The Peep (As he has been named since the day I met him) looks so much better!

I figured out why he was so skinny and got attacked! Mockingbirds are supposed to have 2 weeks with their mother feeding them (Which he had) and 2 weeks of training from their father (The Peep didn’t get any training from his father which means he didn’t learn how to eat or defend himself.) The poor Peep would sit outside and scream all day at his mother and she wouldn’t feed him because she thought the father was taking care of him. The poor little guy. I’m so glad he’s looking better! He looked so bad before. (Much much worse than the pictures above.)

The hurt Mockingbird looks so much better!

The hurt mockingbird looks so much better. He loves peanut butter!

Mockingbird eating peanut butter

The mockingbird that was getting attacked looks much better. He loves peanut butter!

Mockingbird Nest Fate! 😭

Tweet and Barney nest fate… SO sad! 😭😭

Tweet and Barney are GONE!

We visited the nest later than we wanted today, (Almost dusk) we thought that the mother would be there. When we saw there was no mother we took the video of the nest and saw, it was empty! The nest wasn’t damaged so was probably a Blue Jay, Crow, or squirrel. Hopefully, we can find another nest to watch soon.

Injured Mockingbird Returns

Injured mockingbird eating suet. He gets attacked by the adult mockingbird. They dig their claws into him as you can see the black marks. I finally got some pictures to show how bad it is. The adults are really rough at him. They attack him in mid-air, chase him and dig their claws into him. They also scratch him with their claws too. 😟😢

Happy Birthday Barney!!

Barney hatched today! Now we’re waiting for Tweet! Happy Birthday Barney!! He has a few downy feathers on his back. His eyes are closed.

Hurt Mockingbird

We watched this mockingbird grow up from a newly fledged bird and watched his mother feed him. Lately, for the past couple of weeks, he gets attacked daily and the adults that attack him dig their claws into him. The poor bird couldn’t defend himself because he was very thin at the time. His feathers were matted and in horrible shape. He has gotten bigger since he has been visiting the peanut butter “swing” but still looks horrible. Any ideas? He has lost a lot of weight.

Help! What’s wrong with this mockingbird!

As can see from the photos this mockingbird is not in good shape. He gets attacked daily and the adults that attack him dig their claws into him. The poor bird couldn’t defend himself because he was very thin at the time. His feathers were matted and in horrible shape. He has gotten bigger since he has been visiting the peanut butter “swing”.

I also saw an adult mockingbird with no head feathers. It looks like a vulture! This isn’t normal in mockingbirds. (It is normal for blue jays and cardinals to lose their head feathers.) Please help! This is really concerning as there are lots of sick/injured birds in our yard!

Northern Mockingbird nest

Northern Mockingbird nest at Paul D Rushing Chain of Lakes. Update: Tweet and Barney haven’t hatched yet. I hope they hatch soon! This nest is near the side of the road in between two ditches.

Tweet and Barney

Tweet and Barney. Tweet is the lighter one and Barney is the darker one.

Mockingbird loves peanut butter!

This little mockingbird loves to eat the peanut butter I put out.

Tweet and Barney

Mockingbird nest with 2 eggs and used nest needs ID

Baby Mockingbird eating peanut butter

Baby mockingbird eating peanut butter.

The worst has occured…

Last night one of my worst nightmares came true, not only did I lose all of the robin’s young… but also all of the mockingbird nestlings. I was walking by the robin’s bush and saw needles scattered everywhere. There was one dead baby in the bush, and the bottom of the nest was shredded. I came to find piles upon piles of feathers, with the adult female robin clearly being dead. Knowing a predator had been around, I rushed to check the mockingbird nest, as the adult male had been screaming the entire time I have been home. I have never had a mockingbird nest before and I was thrilled to watch these hatchlings grow up. Sadly, the nest was torn out of its place and all the hatchlings were gone.
THE GOOD NEWS: all song sparrow babies fledged, my 5 bluebird nestlings are well, and I still have two other robin nests, built quite high, that are being raised and are safe. Nature can be cruel and unforgiving, but that’s part of what makes each successful brood so exciting and warming.

Don’t Mess With Texas

A little Texas Mockingbird learning to be a proper state bird and enjoying some yummy mealworm suet.

Northern Mockingbirds Hatch

The Northern Mockingbirds have hatched! All 4 are healthy and the adults have been quite aggressive and territorial to the other songbirds.

Mockingbird Nest

we visited this nest and it was destroyed.

Unknown nest outcome

On June 9th we discovered a mockingbird nest with four eggs. We visited it again on June 14th. We visited a 3rd time on June 29th and were surprised to see the destroyed nest. Do you think that the eggs hatched and the babies fledged? We had a really bad storm with almost 60-mile winds.

Northern Mockingbird Nest Progression

A northern mockingbird nest found at 2 eggs, a few days later it had progressed to 4.


Mockingbird fledgling yelling at its mother to feed it.

Fledgling Mockingbird

A baby Mockingbird. Trying to hunt for insects, wing-flashing. In case you’re wondering what the ‘toy’ was, she was playing with a clip for holding a bag of bread closed.

Mockingbird Nest

I first thought the nest was empty. I did as was suggested by other nest watchers and took a video of the nest. Was surprised to see four Mockingbird eggs. Was close to the dog park.

The Joy of being Little!

This is one of my favorite photos of a baby Northern Mockingbird. It’s as if this little one was modeling for a photoshoot and gave me some of the cutest poses. Hope you smile as much as I did when seeing this little one!

Northern Mockingbird momma & babies update

They are starting to move around so much. They will likely start leaving the nest over the next few days.

Northern Mocking Bird Parents & 5 Babies 07_05_21

Northern Mockingbird parents were trying to build under my back porch cover but, the twigs/sticks kept falling thru the vertical boards. I put in some long screws and tied twine to create a bottom and they built a great nest. They have 5 little babies.

First Nest Photo!

Photo of Northern Mockingbirds we estimate about 3-5 days old in our first nest! We think the other egg is from a Cowbird.

Northern Mockingbirds – Nest at Cranberry Elementary

Northern Mockingbirds

There was a Mockingbird nest in my yard and the four babies fledged a couple weeks ago – I wonder if this is one of the fledglings from that nest?

Northern Mockingbird

Mama and daddy Mockingbird have been busy bringing food to their four babies – here comes another mouthful!

Baby Mockingbirds

The babies are a week old now and growing so fast!

Mockingbird Nest

All four babies in the nest 06/26/18

Mockingbird Nest

Three of the four babies hatched the morning of 06/23/18!

Mockingbird Nest

Found one more egg in the nest on 06/15/18

Mockingbird Nest

Had watched a Mockingbird building a nest in this small bush at the front corner of our house – I found eggs in the nest on 06/10/18.

Mockingbird hatchling

Camp Grandpa, Nest 4

Northern Mockingbird. “Nest in natural cavity” was the closest option. It’s actually in a shrublike tree.

Northern Mockingbird Nest

The Acrobatic Mockingbird

Northern Mockingbirds

Northern Mockingbird fledglings, ready to leave nest.

Northern Mockingbird

Nesting site of Northern Mockingbird with 3 young in nest.

Northern Mockingbirds are Here!

Nest in Gardenia Bush


Northern Mockingbird

Mockingbird building/protecting nest

The Younglings!

The young birds all out and about to explore the outside world..captured them in different ways enjoying the sunshine food and the weather.

Mockingbirds in my front yard

Three babies in the nest in my front yard. I miss them already!

Waiting for Mom….or Dad

This is a mockingbird nest in a forsythia bush at the edge of my driveway. I happened across the nest one morning while attempting to back out on to the road. I saw an adult bird nesting. My grandson lives next door to me and now every day we check their progress.

Northern Mockingbird Nest

A photo of the Northern Mockingbird nest in our tree.

Northern Mockingbirds 10 days old

These 3 hatched on May 25th. At 10 days old, they are nearing fledge time.

Northern Mockingbirds 6 days old

These 3 eggs hatched 6 days ago. All 3 are thriving. Eyes open, but no sounds quite yet.

Norther Mockingbirds hatch day

All three Northern Mockingbird eggs hatched today.

Born Hungry

Three Northern Mockingbird nestlings that had hatched within the previous 5 hours wait to be fed.

Northern Mockingbird Hatchling

The first hatchling from a clutch of 3 observed in a blue cypress tree.

Northern Mockingbird Nest and Eggs

Baby Mockers

New Mockingbirds

A series of pictures from a Mockingbird nest in my backyard

Mockingbirds in the hanging fern

Feathers are emerging. Down on their heads?

Mockingbirds in the hanging fern

In the past two days, the activity has changed from lots of nest sitting to more perching in the fern near the nest, and lots of insect catching (thank you) by the mockingbird pair.

Mockingbird in a rosebush.

Mockingbird nest in the rosebush. about 2 1/2 feet off the ground.

Hanging fern nest

Four eggs in a mockingbird nest built on the crown of a hanging fern.

My First Nest

Mockingbird Nest

Mockingbird Nest discovered in Florida Cherry Hedge on 04/24/15 with 2 eggs. On 04/25/15 at 11am there were 3 eggs.

No Mama, I don’t want to leave

Fledgling mockingbird back in shrub that holds the nest, the day after fledging

Day of Life 2

Nest on my NestWatch….I got my head buzzed by mom for this pic!

Mimus polyglottos hatchlings

Mimus polyglottos eggs

4 Northern Mockingbird eggs in a rose bush.

Mockingbird Nest

Mockingbird hatchlings

Northern Mocking Bird first egg

First egg of Northern Mockingbird nest

Southeastern Birds

All of these birds can be found at the Johns Creek Environmental Campus Center in Johns Creek, Georgia. It is a bit hidden but in a man made forest and creek park.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology