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Crazy finch day(Part 3)

3/25/2024. Not all the pictures are finches, but I saw at least twelve finches or more today.

Red Belly on suet feeder

Great shot of our local Red Belly woodpecker.

Feeder birds.


Birds on suet wreath.


Birds Carrying Nesting Material, Part 2

A few more of my favorite photos from this breeding season of birds carrying nesting material. I monitored the Mourning Dove nest for Nest Watch.

Red-bellied Woodpecker nest building

The male went inside the hole and then came out, he then called the female over.

Titmouse, Chickadee, Nuthatch, Red-bellied woodpecker & Mourning dove.

Woodpecker, Mourning doves, Carolina wren & A nuthatch.

Goldfinch, Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Mourning dove & Tufted Titmouse.

We named 2 Red-Bellied Woodpeckers:Red pepper and Red apple. Red apple is the one that it’s whole head is red, red pepper is the one that doesn’t have all red on it’s head(A break of red on the middle of it’s head.)

Red-bellied Woodpecker Pair

This appears to be a copulating pair of Red-bellied Woodpeckers, but if you look closely at the bird on the bottom in the third photo, it looks like its red crown is solid without a patch of gray like a female would have. Is this just a trick on the lighting? What do you think?
Photos taken on April 11
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T7

Red-bellied woodpecker, Carolina Chickadee, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, DownyWoodpecker & White-Brested Nuthatch.

ID please!birds at feeder.

we put up our suet feeders in the winter,and then we participate in the great backyard bird count.In febuarary

Titmice/woodpecker nest that survived the first brood:the 2nd brood:chicks got eaten by a snake):sad.

Red-bellied Woodpecker nestling soon to fledge

After watching many trips by both adults to this high-up nest hole, at least one chick appeared today at the nest cavity hole as it waited for food. Looks like it won’t be too long before it fledges. I do not know how many eggs or live young there are in this nest.

Red-bellied casting wood chips

This Red-bellied Woodpecker has been busy working a new hole/cavity this week (and perhaps earlier). Today it has been inside, casting wood chips out of the cavity.

Daddy Belly, Baby Belly

I’m hungry Mommy!

Red-bellied Woodpecker bringing food to the nest cavity for hungry nestling who is begging for food

Fall Birds Feast!

I refilled the feeder and ten minutes later . . they feast!

Red-bellied Woodpecker Flying Back to It’s Nest!

Young Birds at my Feeders

I’ve been seeing a lot of juvenile and immature Northern Cardinals lately, and now there’s also a juvenile Red-Bellied Woodpecker! How exciting!!!

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Oranges attract more than you think!!

I’ve noticed around 5 different species that like oranges, so… if you want to attract more birds, you gotta put out the oranges! 🙂

Red-bellied Woodpecker – a hungry chick!

Watched Red-bellied Woodpecker male & female flying in and out of a wooded area of the yard. Found the entrance hole and soon saw a chick peeking out.

Both adults came & went, and fed the chick. At this point, I cannot tell how many chicks are in the cavity. I could hear peeping as the adults approached. Will keep an eye on this nest site.

Red-bellied Wooderpecker

This Red-bellied Woodpecker is removing nesting material that a Sterling snuck in with!

Question What Happend Inside This Nest!

As I watched this Red-bellied Woodpecker enter what I thought was it’s nest, I was totally surprised to see what it brought out! My guess is that it was the first time it had entered the nest and was cleaning it out! looks like the remains of a Woodpecker!

Red-bellied Woodpecker Trys To Stop A Starling From Entering It’s Nest!

Great Crested Flycatcher Mama in Fight Mode

Yesterday, a red-bellied woodpecker landed on the nest box and stuck its head inside. This video shows mama’s reaction. She then left the nest and fought with the woodpecker until it left the area.

Red Bellied Woodpecker

July nests

Red bellied woodpeckers (second time around)

This is the down on their luck red bellied woodpeckers that had their first house stolen by a pair of starlings. This new house is one tree over so I hope they are able to keep it. If I had better aim I would have shot the starling. Good day!

“Invasion of the Starling Fledglings”

This spring we had about 12 Starling fledglings (pretty sure from more than one brood). They made a lot of noise and the parents were constantly busy.

Male Red-bellied woodpecker feeding young.

This pair has been coming regularly to feed from my suet cakes. I’m wondering how long it will take for the young to figure how to go directly to the feeder rather than waiting for dad to do all the work. 🙂

Red-bellied woodpecker

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