The red-shouldered is a medium sized hawk. Its breeding range spans from Eastern North America to the coast of California and North Eastern Central Mexico. It is a permanent resident throughout most of its range, though northern birds do migrate mostly to Central Mexico. The main conservation threat to the widespread species is deforestation unfortunately.
Red-shouldered hawks search for prey while perched on a treetop or soaring over woodlands. When they sight prey, they kill it by dropping directly onto it from the air. When there is open air they sometimes fly high and then drop low to surprise and catch their prey.

ID Please for hawk!!/Chickadee & Titmouse.

The Seasonal Evolution of a Duck Box

I have had this Duck Box on the edge of the East Fork of the Eno River in my backyard for 7+/- years. This is the first year it served as a successful nest site for 2 species, Wood Ducks and Eastern Bluebirds. Red Shouldered Hawks on the other hand have always found the Duck Box a productive hunting perch.

New Years Visitation

Beautiful hawk overlooking the wide pastures near barn. Was not very leary of me; but, all I had to work with was my cell phone camera.

Juvenile red-shouldered hawk and sibling calling, July 3, 2021

This is one of three juvenile red-shouldered hawks from a nest in our yard this summer. Video was taken through a monocular attached to an iPhone SE.

Red-shouldered Hawks

We have been fortunate for several years to watch a pair of red-shouldered hawks build nests and raise chicks near our home,

Red Shouldered Hawks and two chicks

Red Shouldered Hawk nest 2020

52 minute video covering early discovery of the nest, through successfully raising two chicks who are seen hunting after leaving the nest.

Red Shouldered Hawk Calling

Red-shouldered on Nest

Red-shouldered on nest at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis, IN

Mama Red-Shouldered Hawk

This is the second year the hawks have used this nest (although they did skip last year). The nest tree is only 100 paces from our house.

Red Shouldered Hawk Babies

This nest was viewed on a daily basis as it was in my friend’s backyard. I photographed the babies weekly beginning at about two weeks of age and we were able to watch them grow, branch, and finally fledge.

I See You

This little guy fell out of his nest. He’s been doing great though. His parents found him and they are still feeding him. He hasn’t flown yet though.

Red-shouldered Hawks

Friendly juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk

Photo’s of a young Red-Shouldered Hawk that stayed around our property for over a month while learning how to fend on it’s own. It would call to us from the oak trees when we were outside and liked to hunt the moles in our front yard. Even bathed often in a water pan we put out for it to cool itself in the extreme heat over 100 degrees up to 112 the first few days of July 2014.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology