Anyone recognize these chicks?

A possible Say’s Phoebe and it’s nest with four chicks.

Say’s Phoebe Chicks up close

We monitored the nest in our house after we noticed it was occupied.
Mother raised them healthy and strong, they left the next today, and these are some memories.

14 Day Old Say’s Phoebe’s

Say’s Phoebe’s 14 days old from hatching and looking anxious to leave the nest. Haven’t had them long but we’ll miss them once they decide to leave, they’ve been fun to watch the last few weeks.

Patio Birds – Say’s Phoebe

Saved a bird nest that was built on top of our patio curtains, moving it into a cardboard box after noticing 4 small eggs in it. After observing the adults for a few days we determined it’s species is a Say’s Phoebe, which we’re excited to have. They seem to enjoy the spot out of the weather and are fairly clean birds, haven’t left much of a mess, so we’re in the process of building a nesting platform that they can call home.

Front Porch Phoebes

In Spring 2012, a Say’s Phoebe couple attempted to build a nest on this light fixture, with no success. I placed the plastic container there, tying it to the light fixture, and they immediately built their nest in it. We have really enjoyed watching the nesting and fledgling process from such a close point of encounter. We still use the front porch to enter/exit our house, and the birds have adapted beautifully. They return each spring and right now, we have 4 fledglings from the first batch for 2015.

Three little birds singing sweet songs

Say’s Phoebe’s Nest at our home. She was here last year too and had a successful nesting season, and so she has honored us this year too with her presence

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology