Song sparrow nest in a green stalk planter

Song Sparrow nest with Brown-headed Cowbird nestling

I followed a Song Sparrow adult to its nest and discovered four nestlings. One was twice the size of the other nestlings, so I figured it must be a Brown-headed Cowbird.

Out West Birds(Part 6)

Out West birds(Part 3)

Out West Birds(Part 1)

Out west birds.

A Song Sparrow Singing

A Song Sparrow Singing

A Song Sparrow

White-Brested Nuthatch doing wing display! /Sparrow ID!

Song Sparrows

Song sparrow & owl.

feeder birds.

Song Sparrow Loves Bird Bath

The song sparrows have been loving the bird bath, a few house finches (not pictured here) have also joined in on the fun during this excruciating heat wave. Our cardinals aren’t quite sold on the setup yet…

Unknown egg!! Maybe House Sparrow??

This is a Song Sparrow’s nest with a Brown-headed Cowbird’s egg, but what bird laid the bluish-white speckled one?

Song Sparrow nest with a cowbird egg!

I saw the female cowbird exploring around the bush where the nest was, but the nest didn’t have any eggs in it at the time. I suppose she waited until the sparrow laid her eggs. This is my first nest with a nest parasite this year.

Are these baby cowbirds?

Are these baby cowbirds or Song Sparrow young?

Sparrow Nest with possibly cowbird eggs

Do you know which eggs are cowbird eggs and song sparrow egg?

Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow

Dinner time!

Song sparrow eating seed at feeder.


Found in a small pine tree about 4 ft. Off the ground.

Song Sparrow Nest Watch

I recently moved onto an acre of land in the mountains of Roan Mountain, TN. The birds and wildlife here have been amazing. I’m currently watching three nests; two nestboxes with House Wren nestlings and this Song Sparrow nest in a hanging basket in front of my house. They are too adorable for words and they are being well cared for by mom and dad.

Song Sparrow Nest

This Song Sparrow nest was built about 1.3′ off the ground in a recess within a large Yucca plant.

Sweet Baby Sparrows

I photographed these 4 Song Sparrows fledglings exploring an evergreen bush last summer. They were very talkative & weren’t shy.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology