Western Screech Owls had 3 babes last spring

Year 5 of mated couple living in 2 separate nest boxes in close proximity on my private back yard. Last spring they birthed 3 babes, pictured in my TX Ebony protective tree while fledged and learning to fly/hunt. This year the mother is currently sitting on eggs in her box. I’ve only seen the father napping in the window of his own condo. Blessed with these darlings.

Western Screech-owl male and female in box behavior.

Western Screech-owls pair bonding in their nest box. Male only entered the box with the brooding female with a prey item. Vocalizations are too cool. Both times I saw this behavior the male left with the prey item. The 5 eggs were recently laid.

mother screech owl in nest box and chick after falling out

Tragedy Too much risk to open box.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology