Wild turkeys.


Breeding birds of Boulder

Various capture of young birds with parents from the past summer.

Loons,20 turkeys,sharp-shinned hawk or a cooper’s hawk,double-crested cormorants.

No, Another stolen egg!!! Why?! 😞😣😖😫😩

We found lone egg exactly like this one in our garden. My mom hit it with her shovel while she was digging and it cracked in half. I checked the texture of the shell and they’re too large and not circular enough to be a turtle egg and they were not leathery like a snake egg. I’m 98% sure it’s a Wild Turkey egg, but I wish I knew what kept stealing the eggs and where the nest was! Anybody have any ideas on who the nest predator might be? The egg I found today was whole, with no signs of damage, except the stench was unmistakeable. There is no way it’s still viable. Whatever the predator is prefers to bury its prey in loose dirt. I’m completely baffled! Please help!

Urgent help needed!

My mom was digging in the garden. Her shovel went into the ground with a CRUNCH! Then she saw something oozing out of the side of the hole. She finished uncovering the item. It was an egg! She came in and asked if any birds laid eggs in the ground. I said “not that I know of.” It’s too big to be a snake or turtle egg and also not round enough to be a turtle egg. WAY to big to be a salamander egg or anything like that. I’m pretty sure it is a Wild Turkey egg, but the only logical explanation of how it got there is that a fox, coyote, Coywolf, raccoon or something like that stole the egg from a turkey nest and buried it in the soft garden dirt so that other animals wouldn’t find it. Before I start digging gently with my hands, risking touching raw egg insides, do you think there are more, and if so, is there any possible way we can save them?

Wild Turkey

I was walking on a boardwalk with my camera, and I saw this Wild Turkey stumbling around in the bushes. It kept falling and getting stuck.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology