Perfect Guardian.

It is the nesting site for my Nest Watch project.

Nature beauties

Birds around me

Dove Invation

This Dove has invaded my balcony, nesting in my flower pot. I am surprise that she picked such a spot because there is no protection from the rain and I am always in my balcony taking care of my plants or just relaxing. This is her second nesting, the first was two moths ago and it was also a pair. They come around sometimes walking on the bench where they first took flight into a tree near by. This time the Dovelings hatched 3 days apart but they both are doing well. I guess I am stuck with her and that’s fine with me.

Ready to fly

Urban Mourning Dove

Residential city dove builds nest on our BBQ grill.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology