Hopefully, these eggs hatch tomorrow, the nest was a bit damaged from a storm.

Mockingbird Eggs

Only 4 or 5 more days until they hatch!!

Waiting for baby mockers

These little eggs are due to hatch July 4th or 5th so they’re be 4th of July Mockingbirds!

Northern Mockingbird Nest

The male is always singing in a Pine Tree next to the nest. Can’t wait for the eggs to hatch!

Mockingbird Nest with 2 eggs

Mockingbird Nest

The nest still has two eggs so shes only going to have two. The nest is pretty big for only two eggs, but I guess the babies will need lots of room.

Northern Mockingbird Nest Part 3

Even more photos

Northern Mockingbird Nest Part 2

More photos of the nest

Northern Mockingbird Nest Part 1

Found a new nest on the 9th of June. Today the 11th, the nest had 2 eggs! Excited to watch the nest! It had to make multiple parts due to me getting tons of photos. It’s really hot (in the 100s) so I’m curious if the mother will sit on the eggs, or would they get too hot?

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology