Baltimore Oriole feeding one of its young.

A Baltimore Oriole adult feeding on of its young at the jelly feeder in our backyard. We get quite a few Orioles at our feeder every summer. This year, the first ones showed up around April 25th, the last one spotted was around September 5th. It’s sort of neat to see the adults come with juveniles in tow to feed them. It takes a while for the juveniles to learn how to use the feeder on their own. It’s interesting to watch. Eventually they figure it out!

Baltimore Oriole Nest

This is a nice Autumn view of what was once a busy Baltimore Oriole Nest. Note the blue material strung throughout. This has been used for the past three years. I have yet to determine where the birds find it.

Baltimore Oriole

Taken 5/14/2018

Practice Session

I’ve been monitoring Baltimore Orioles, daily, in my yard, on 1-2 Wingscapes bird Cams, since the first arrival on Labor Day, 2016. During this time I’ve seen some interesting behavior, and have been able to identify, by markings, many individuals over the 8 month period. This was special, as it was the last Baltimore Oriole, on the last day of the fall/winter season, in Florida, before departing for her breeding grounds, up north. I assume, triggered by hormones, this oriole had a little “practice” session of nest building. Wishing her a safe journey!

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