Barred Owl on Bluebird Box

This was the second visit by a Barred Owl to this nest box while it was inhabited by a nesting Eastern Bluerbird.

Barred Owl Family

Our nest box was put up a little too late for the first year. I tried really hard to have it ready but I just didn’t finish in time for them to get used to it being in the area. Year 2 was a success!! We were starting to think we’d never get to see them use the nest box, but one day we saw something peeking out! You can see the entire build, story and galleries, here:

Barred Owl in a Birch tree nesting

Female Barred Owl using an old Birch tree as her nest. She raised 3 Barred Owlets.

Barred Owl Nestling

Barred Owl nestling in old Beech tree.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology