Baby Bluebird

This cute baby bluebird was panting as he sat on a birdbath.

Feeder Birds

Mama Robin Takes a Break

A mother robin, nicknamed Serene (because she is calm, patient, and seemingly unafraid around humans), built a nest on an a/c unit across from my apartment and has become a popular “neighbor” in our neighborhood. It’s all because of her and her mate that I joined NestWatch and learned so much about urban birds. She has been so busy with her young, she’s been looking tired and dry, so it’s about time she took a nice, long, cool dip in my birdbath. We had a nice rainfall last night. By late afternoon, after one more fledgling took leave of her nest, she made frequent visits, with one last visit being just for her. She was truly in the lap of luxury. Her expressions were of pure joy, I swear.

I am very happy she didn’t mind I was close by to take photographs of her. Zoom lens or not, she stood in that birdbath for a nice while.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology