Song sparrow & owl.

Canada Geese

Goosey and Geesey the Canada Geese enjoying the lake. Goosey is the gander and Geesey is the goose.

Out for a waddle.

A male and female Mottled duck wadding off. 🦆

Killdeer Mother

Mrs. Deer, the mother Killdeer watching her nest.

Excitement on my Windowsill—Ansel attacking his reflection, a male Northern Cardinal eating, and a Carolina Wren entering my nest box for the first time!

Ansel flew to my window AGAIN and attacked his reflection. FOR 30 MINUTES. AND HE’S STILL HERE!!!
He won’t stop even through I drew highlighter on the outside of my window to break up his reflection. This time I’m even more sure it’s territorial aggression because another Tufted Titmouse flew up and he didn’t attack it. I’m guessing she’s Ansel’s mate. While I was videoing, a male Northern Cardinal came to eat and a Carolina Wren entered my nest box! This is the first time a bird has entered that nest box.
Ansel still will not leave though. What will make him stop attacking his reflection in my window sill!?


American Robin juveniles in my back yard.

My recent Birding

Nest of Paddy-field Pipit

Large-tailed Nightjar is common resident in northern region of Bangladesh. It lay eggs on forest grassland and raise chicks.

A pair of Oriental Honey Buzzard breeds in Rajshahi University campus since 2014. This yeat it build nest on a mango tree at about 35 feet high. I have recorded one chick in that nest.

Every year a lot of Little Ringed Plover breed in Padma dune, near Rajshahi, Bangladesh. This is one of its chick

House Wren

Rosie and Blue feasting on mealworms.s

Mom & Dad (Rosie and Blue) Eastern bluebirds feeding on mealworms when taking a break from the kids.

Eastern Bluebirds feeding babies.

Mom & Dad blue feed their newly fledged babies. Second video is of Carolina Wren’s fledging. They made a nest in our file folder holder outside office door.

four chicks

Yesterday I heard small peeps then to my surprise I saw four little fuzzy heads with beaks opeb waiting for some bugs! They are so cute!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology