Delilahs young have Fledged!

I’m going to miss these beautiful lil buggers,but I’m so blessed to have had them start their lives here with me. I’m certain I’ll hear them singing sweet nothings in my yard.

Delilahs young-please don’t go!

Her babies are beautiful! Sorry it’s hard to see.

Delilahs babies are fixin to fledge!

Today,I caught one of the babies out of the nest. They’re definitely curious! I wouldn’t be surprised if they were gone by morning.

Melodys blue bird eggs

I’ve never had a blue bird try to nose dive my face before while trying to get a few pictures. I am very quick and I don’t touch anything. This birdhouse is in my everyday life and there is no way not to pass by it. But this mother is so aggressive! Several times she’s flown down straight at my face from up in a tree. She’s always watching me,apparently. Now I’m even more careful as to not make her feel that her young is in danger. But I do have to be able to access my yard! She chose to build in a high traffic area,and I’m so excited to experience the life of these birds. However,not so much at the expense of my face being rearranged! Anyone ever experience anything similar?

Delilahs wren youngins

The wren babes are almost fully feathered and parents are taking excellent care of them!

Melodys setting on her egglets!

Our eastern bluebird,Melody ,has finished laying and is now starting to incubate! She’s so trusting. Every time I go outside we make eye contact. I just tell her sweet nothings or gently sing to her as I walk by. She’s very calm.

Melodys eggs

Melodys nest box and eggs.

Delilah and her young

Delilahs Brood

Delilahs Brood

This is Delilahs brood. She’s laid 5 eggs and today,three of them hatched.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology