Third Time is a Charm!

One day in late June, I discovered a robin’s nest in our shed, at the end of our hanging ladder. (Not a good location as we need that ladder from time to time.) My husband mounted a shallow wood bowl just a few inches above the ladder nest-site. I moved the nest to the bowl. The Robin decided to rebuild on the ladder again – not taking the new “penthouse” site. This time (wiser now) we removed the ladder and placed the new nest in the bowl. Our girl must have been sooo happy with this change that she laid two eggs the next day in the bowl nest site. And then a third on the next day!

Note: I thought that many birds lay just one egg each day before starting to brood.


This nest is 215 feet above sea level situated between pillars within a work zone on a bridge.
At this time parent birds have not been sited. Beautifully crafted nest with two eggs.

Georgia Bluebirds 2017.1

Early bluebirds in the birdhouse out front. Started building their nest in Feb and these fledged by April1


Potential to be Very Busy Parents

1st time nesting for robins in my woodshed.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology