Baby Bluebird

This cute baby bluebird was panting as he sat on a birdbath.

Bluebird Meal!

When I approached the box, I saw the mama feeding her young. Bluebird young are fed exclusively plant and berry matter. After she left, I checked the box and was able to watch the (confused) babies eat their meals!

Feed us Mommy!

Mama Eastern Bluebird bringing food to the hungry nestlings.

Sacajawea Audubon Bluebird Trail

These photos are from our bluebird trail of 100+ nest boxes, NW of Bozeman, MT. This trail was started in the early 1970s and is monitored by chapter volunteers. NOTE: We have Federal and State permits to band and handle cavity nesting species.

Eastern Bluebirds Fledging

Bluebird babies fledging

Video of 3 of our 5 Bluebird babies fledging. Finally got to witness the event & got it on video. So excited to have all 5 eggs hatch & go to fledge. We have hosted many BB families in that (& other boxes) but that box is a particular favorite.

We had a House Sparrow pair show up & compete for that box. My husband dispatched the male. Female showed back up a week later with another male. He had to dispatch that male as well. The Bluebirds then were able to complete their nest & family

Bluebird Nest Building!

A female Eastern bluebird prepares to enter the nest box with nesting material while the male guards the box from any potential predators.

On the Wing!

A female Eastern bluebird flies towards the nest box with nesting material primarily composed of dry grasses in her beak.

Eastern Bluebird hatch day!

Today was hatch day for my Eastern Bluebirds! Here are my four little bundles of joy, with one more egg to hatch. It is going to be an amazing journey watching these little ones grow up!

Six Eastern Bluebird Eggs!

We have 3 nest boxes is the yard. Each year the Bluebird pair has a first brood in this same box but this is the first year we have had 6 eggs!

Bluebirds nest of four

Georgia Bluebirds 2017.1

Early bluebirds in the birdhouse out front. Started building their nest in Feb and these fledged by April1

Resting Baby Bluebirds

Small Clutch of Bluebird Eggs

Rosie and Blue feasting on mealworms.s

Mom & Dad (Rosie and Blue) Eastern bluebirds feeding on mealworms when taking a break from the kids.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology